“Home is where the heART is.” And a home boasting wall art is a home with a personality that speaks a universal language.

Every room deserves a focal point; enter wall art ideas! Wall art doesn’t just create a focal point but also adds color and vibrancy to any wall it adorns. Think about it. A bare room without any wall art is like breakfast without coffee or food without flavors, absolutely BORING! Plus, wall art completes the home design you’ve worked so hard to turn from paper to reality.

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Just because you decide to grace your walls with art doesn’t mean spending a hefty sum. There are many easy hacks that are cheap but give an expensive and classy look to your walls. Piqued your interest, haven’t we? It’s your lucky day! We have collected the most inspiring, easy, and DIY art ideas to help you elevate those bare walls. Let’s explore the wall decor one art at a time, shall we?


Antique Mirrors For Mantel

Massive antique mirror on the fireplace mantel

A giant antique mirror cozily sits above this fireplace mantel and exudes drama. Its extra large size immediately grabs attention in this modern, sleek space. But you don’t have to go overboard with your budget; a thrifted mirror can also do the magic!

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Travel Tales: Postcards & Maps

Framed postcards wall art

Wanderlusters assemble; this one’s for you! When you travel, you leave a piece of your heart back in the traveled spots. But how about permanently treasuring a piece of the travel spot in your home? Here are vintage postcards from various traveled places framed together to capture the magic of all the mountainous destinations.

It’s an easy wall art idea that you can also try by framing maps of the places you have been to. So remember, next time you travel, don’t forget to collect postcards and maps to capture the moments and frame them in your house permanently. Report

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Macrame Design Art For Boho Bedroom

Macrame design in bedroom wall art

Add a touch of the eclectic boho style to your personal space with a macrame wall hanging. Each weave tells a story of the artist, and due to their surging popularity, you can easily purchase one.

Here, the macrame artwork doubles as a beautiful headboard flanked by the warm glow of hanging lights. The wooden elements in the room perfectly complement it, while the sole plant adds a slight green contrast to the neutral design.

Lilmzmacrame Report

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Accent Wall With Art Deco Design

Accent wall design with gold parts

Oh, the glamor, the symmetry, and the perfect balance of the nostalgic Art Deco era!

The striking gold paper geometry on the wall pairs perfectly with the geometrical pendant light. The gold-on-black combination drips with flamboyance. And while the Art Deco design teleports you to a Gatsby-esque dream, the crisp white touches pull you back to modernity. Create a similar accent wall in your space and throw parties like The Great Gatsby!

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Spoon Display For Banquette Wall

spoon wall art on the wall

Spoons, yes spoons, create the most interesting piece of art on this banquette wall. The geometric arrangement makes it a magazine-worthy artwork. And the spoon effect is enhanced by the mirror that reflects more, you guessed it, spoons! This way, let the delicacies come at you one by one, and you’ll never run out of spoons!

persephonebakery Report

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DIY Mason Jars Wall Art Decor

Two mason jars on wall with lights and flowers inside

Mason jars and nostalgia go hand in hand. But here, hanging from a wood plank and stuffed with fairy lights and flowers, they create a rom-com atmosphere right inside the house. When you plan a date, try this out and make the most romantic wall art to charm your special one. Report

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DIY Framed Leaf Art

Six framed leaves wall art

The beauty of nature transcends everything else. Here, natural foliage picked from plants is pristinely framed. Its simple charisma speaks louder than any fancy piece of art, while the different foliage creates a wholesome effect.

bestofbharat Report

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A Terrific Tapestry

Yellow linen tapestry in a bright bedroom

A gorgeous bright linen with a mandala design, surrounded by fairy lights, acts as a mesmerizing tapestry on this bedroom wall. It also doubles as a magical headboard in this bright space, creating a unique focal point. It pairs wonderfully with the neon Harry Potter scar and creates a charming haven. You must have a pretty linen somewhere in the house (or ask your grandma!). Hang it as a tapestry and watch the magic unfold!

roombodi Report

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Geometric Art Deco Interior Design

Light blue geometrical wall molding

Not everyone enjoys the glamor of the Art Deco era. Some just prefer the geometrical design that gained prominence in this period. Well, if you are that someone, this one’s for you! This accent wall adds a subdued symmetry to the room, the geometrical wall molding graces the room with sophistication, and the bold color easily makes the wall pop!

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Vintage Plates Wall For Dining Room

vintage plates wall decor in a dining room

Vintage plates create a plate wall in this fresh and welcoming dining room. The intricate designs on the plates are brought to life with the natural light flooding the space. The warm elements like the jute rug, rattan chairs, and wooden pendant lights harmonize with the pale blue cabinet, creating a rustic coastal-ish aura. Time to start a plate wall in your dining nook, too!

theparkerstyle Report

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Paper Wall Art Decor

Colorful framed Paper Wall Art Decor

Create an art using nothing but paper. The bright hexagon pops up against the white background, and the framed art looks absolutely gorgeous next to the cute cactus. If you aren’t yet ready to dive into complicated paper art, you can start with something as simple as cutting a butterfly from paper and framing it!

thehexartist Report

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DIY Double Abstract Art For Living Room

Two abstract art pieces on the wall

What can be better than one abstract art? Two abstract art! Here, two canvases show off simple abstract art created using thick brush strokes, elegantly jazzing up a cream living room. The neutral shades in the paintings harmonize with the pleasant monochromatic room, creating a warm and welcoming vibe. 

And the best part is it’s an easy DIY project that anyone can undertake, even if you aren’t an artist. Two canvases, thick brushes, paint, and a lazy Sunday afternoon are all you need. Plus, you can never go wrong with abstract art!

racheltaggartstudio Report

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Neon Wall Art Decor For Home Bar

Neon sign in a home bar

How do you turn your home bar into a perfectly Instragrammable nook? With a neon sign, of course! Let the sign say whatever you want. Or, let it simply specify the space like in this bar design.

This design also creates a striking contrast with a neon pink sign and neon blue stripes on the shelves, while the wooden ceiling creates a warm environment. As the neon glow cocoons the space, click and gram the most attractive home bar!

BinDipp3r Report

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Art Gallery In Bathroom

Multiple paintings in a white bathroom

When adorning the house with wall art, don’t forget the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom walls also love a makeover, especially how an art gallery resides in this bathroom.

From vintage paintings, drawings, and portraits to a vintage mirror, the bathroom drips with nostalgia, while the vintage cupboard, toilet paper holder, shelves, and a small magazine stand bring alive rustic charm. The look is completed with an ornate rug that adds a soft touch to the pristine bathroom.

houseofbrinson Report

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Wall-To-Wall Murals

Interesting Wall-to-Wall Mural

Unlike paintings or other forms of hung art, murals have an aura of being an eternal, compact part of the space. Their compact charisma hits differently since they’re created directly on the wall. And a wall-to-wall mural is a sight to behold! Its enormity is a pleasurable aesthetic like this mural created using painter’s tape.

The refreshing blue hue and the geometric illusion engulf everything in the space and immediately grab attention. It’s easy to create a mural using tape; just get the tape and let your imagination go wild!

Hard-Hart Report

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DIY Wood Shims Art Idea

Blue framed wood shims in a herringbone pattern wall decor

Wood shims arranged in a herringbone pattern gracefully elevate this space. Cocooned by white walls and a wooden floor, the wood shims stand out naturally. As the light bounces off, the custom-slotted grille over the vent harmonizes with the wall, creating a cohesive finish.

tooladdict Report

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Upcycle Old Books For Reading Nook

Book hung wall art

All the bibliophiles out there, we have the perfect wall art decor for you! We get it; you love to read. So, you go on a book shopping spree every month. No wonder you end up with some really boring books you never read. But, hey, no need to throw them away; just upcycle!

Hours of patience and paper crafting led to this book-ish miracle on the wall. Some are framed, some hang by themselves, while a floating shelf provides a base for the most fascinating design. The two men pushing the star is our personal favorite! You can start with something simple and then grow your own folded book art gallery.

Show some love to your bibliophilic soul and create the most artistic reading nook ever! All that it needs is a cozy reading chair to snuggle up on!

juliannemahler Report

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Beautiful Baskets For Home Decor

wall decorated with different baskets

Enormous thrifted baskets charmingly glam up this minimalistic space. The eclectic collection and the quirky lamp make adorable companions, while the warm wooden baskets collaborate with the wooden floor. Wrapped in white with a soft gray mattress underneath, it easily highlights the baskets, while the lamp stand enunciates the modern rustic vibe.

domainelayne Report

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Cozy Coastal Wall Art Decor

Coastal style wall art in a bright room

Coastal-themed artwork is the highlight of this breezy and bright room. From the crashing waves, adorable seahorse and jellyfish, or the turtle below the mirror, all merge into a refreshing beachy wall. The sound of the waves is the only missing touch!

hobbylobby Report

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DIY Silhouette Wall Art

framed silhouette pictures on the wall

This is an easy hack to create a personal family wall. The cutout silhouettes, enclosed in jet-black frames, effortlessly stand out in the whitewashed room. Flanked by curtains and accompanied by a pretty potted plant, this is the perfect spot to create an artsy family wall.

vanachuppstudio Report

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Origami Wall Art Decor

Colorful origami wall art decor in a modern living room

A jazzy blue, large origami art is encompassed in a glossy golden frame. It uplifts the monochromatic room instantly and creates an intriguing vibe. The fabulous design effortlessly adds theatrical glamor to the wall that it decks. Next time you try your hand at origami, try something unique like this. Who knows, you might create a fabulous artwork to hang on your wall.

orikrit Report

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DIY Family Wall

Multiple family pictures on the wall

Family makes the home complete. And to honor this sacred bond, dedicate a whole wall just for family portraits! Here, the pictures framing the window tell the stories of love and happiness and also create a classic charisma that represents the timeless bond of a family. Maybe you can try it and give a dramatic surprise to your beloved family!

toxicshock999 Report

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Artisanal Gallery Wall For Hallway

Hallway filled with framed art

Hallways are the silent architectural elements of your house that you just pass by. So, you must wonder, do they need to be decorated? But if you want to make every space in the house personal and polished, then it’s a big YES from us. Also, it’s an excellent way to let your house walls show off your unique and original personality!

Just look at how the monochromatic hallway here is the most amazing backdrop to display striking, jaw-dropper canvases! The ceiling lights perfectly accentuate the artwork, creating an art gallery-ish aura. If you are a painter, well and good. If you aren’t, just thrift it. Thrifted art will definitely add an authentic touch to the hallway.

mmlmyart Report

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Jewelry Design Art For Maximalist Bedroom

Vintage jewelry framed picture

Enhance your maximalist decor with vintage jewelry! No, hear us out. An old beaded necklace and wires are enough to play the trick. You can simply frame it. Here, it gleams from a stony surface. We love how the natural elements mingle with the extravagant ones and create a unique finish!

PendantsMyGem Report

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A Polaroid Wall For Master Bedroom

Polaroids hung up on strings on the wall

Like clothes on a line, multiple polaroids create a memory wall in this master bedroom. Arranged symmetrically and flanked by pretty starlights, the effect is quite enchanting. After a tiring day, it’ll definitely bring a smile to your face when you look at a memory and think about the good ol’ times!

Minutes With Mildred Report

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Nail-Heads Design Art

nail wall art map on the wall

Remember how we told you about framing postcards and maps for wall art decor? Well, if you forget to buy the travel destination map, here’s another unique solution. Just nail-head it! DIY a map on the wall using nails and capture the places you’ve traveled to. Hope you nail this easy hack! Report


Shelves Art Idea For Breakfast Nook

Shelves full of greenery in a breakfast nook

The coziest breakfast nook begs you to sit and relax here for a while. As the plants host a pleasant party on the wall-mounted shelves, the small focal lights below the shelves are perfect for midnight thriller reading sessions while devouring hot chocolate!

The leaves cascade from the shelves like a refreshing green waterfall, overlooked by the little hanging plant. And the starburst-style pendant light is the perfect dramatic touch to jazz up the space for parties. So eat, nap, read, or daydream—this shelved green nook is your go-to spot!

spiritualaroma Report

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Coffee Filter Design Art For Kitchen

Coffee filter colorful art design on a wall

“Coffee first, wine later!” We agree! For some people, the days can’t begin without coffee. And with every coffee cup comes a coffee filter. Here, coffee filters have been turned into lotuses, creating exceptional wall art. With this easy DIY hack, are you ready to prettify your kitchen?

cambridgepota Report

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DIY Foliage Canvas Wall

DIY blue Foliage Canvas Wall art

Create a contemporary artwork using leaves as stencils for a pretty wall art idea. The blue and green shades used in this painting stand out against the black backdrop. Get the leaves and start your contemporary painting today.

simon.linardi Report

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Easy Shoebox Design Art For Kid’s Room

Painted show box on the wall

The best thing about art is that it has no rules. And you can upcycle anything, literally ANYTHING, and turn it into art. Even a shoebox! It’s a fun weekend project you can do with your kids. Here, a shoebox has been brought to life by painting a face on it. It cozily sits next to the mirror, funking up the room.

Imagine how thrilled the kids would be to have their own piece of art adorning their room!

thesearethedaysillmiss Report

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DIY Scrabble Stairs

Scrabble tiles hanging on the wall near stairs

Who doesn’t love Scrabble? It’s the perfect family game that can artistically light up your family home. These stained Scrabble tiles don’t just bring a rustic modern farmhouse vibe to the stairway but also spell out the names of family members. Also, it effortlessly adds a familial touch to your home decor. And isn’t that what homes are all about?

Farmhouse Project Report

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String Art For A Retro-Modern Charm

Person made from string art

When we say retro, what pops up in your mind? Our minds always jump to the eye-catching geometrical string art from the swinging sixties or the rock n’ roll seventies. But modern string art transcends the normal. This hypnotizing string art of Chester Bennington, a much-loved singer from the band Linkin Park, adds a passionate and realistic touch to the wall.

Don’t fret even if you aren’t a professional weaver; just take out the yarn and start with something as simple as a shape like a square, triangle, or circle. No matter how amateurish, the hand-made finished product will hold a special place on the wall.

Hlantaart Report

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Mandala Art Design For Bedroom

Mandala art designed painting on the wall

There’s something about mandalas that you can’t put your finger on. The intricate circular design and the mesmerizing patterns coalesce into the most attractive finish. And look how the dark-hued mandala is clearly stealing the show in this rustic setting. Apart from adding a modern, artistic touch to the bedroom design, the intriguing hues also bring alive a moody vibe.

katie_flack_painted_rocks Report

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Simple Paint On The Wall

Spacious grey room and blue doors

This industrial room needed a focal point; enter a striking blue door! The door frame extends on the wall, creating more drama, while framed artwork sets the scene. A chain of tiny bells next to the door, the framed circular mirror with a floating stand, and the adorable little artwork hanging by the window all speak of the eclectic collector’s personality.

cinderkitten11 Report

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Wall Art for the Win!

Your home gives you everything; don’t keep it unadorned. And with the multiple easy DIY artwork options we discussed, you can deck it without spending any money! If you let the art jazz up your walls, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you visit someone with a boring house, share these ideas with them. It would be a subtle way to tell them how badly their home needs art without sounding rude!

FAQs About Art Ideas 

What is the Easiest Art to Do?

Abstract art is the easiest to do. There aren't too many rules as it primarily focuses on shapes and colors, and there’s no clearly defined subject either. You can create any shape with a splash of any color and create your own design.

Check out some more abstract artwork inspired by famous artists!

What Art Style is Popular?

Many art styles are popular; minimalism, street art, graffiti, digital art, and surrealism are just a few of them.

How to Create a Unique Wall Art Design?

Nailhead maps, coffee filter flowers, or paper folding frames are just a few unique wall art designs you can easily create yourself.