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DIY Modern Floating Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom
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DIY Modern Floating Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom


Master bedroom interior design is a canvas where dreams come to life, with colors, textures, and furnishings blending harmoniously to create a sanctuary of personal style and comfort. DIY floating nightstand takes center stage, offering a touch of craftsmanship and innovation, saving space and adding a unique and functional flair to your dreamy haven.

This type of table appears on the side of the bed, attached to the wall, without any visible support. It gives the illusion of floating in the air and creates a minimalist and modern look for the bedroom. A floating bedside table elevates the visual appeal, maximizes your bedroom’s floor space, and provides extra storage solutions. This is a game changer for small apartments!

Moreover, you may also create a harmonious and organized bedroom that reflects your unique taste by DIYing one yourself. If you’re looking for ideas, you better check out these excellent 25 options we’ve prepared for you!

#1 Raw Wooden Floating Nightstand

You can make a wooden floating nightstand from a piece of raw wood that has not been painted, stained, or treated with chemicals. The wood grain, knots, and imperfections are visible and add to the rustic and organic charm of the nightstand. This raw wooden floating nightstand has a simple shelf design. You can choose a piece of wood, depending on your liking. It can be pine, oak, or scrap wood.

#2 Spacious Floating Nightstand for Your Storage

This wall-mounted floating nightstand has a spacious cube design, providing ample space to keep a storage box or basket underneath. It offers an extra storage space for your bedroom essentials, helps you create a clean and clutter-free look for your bedroom, and saves the floor space. 


#3 Floating Nightstand with Brackets

This type of floating nightstand uses metal brackets to support a shelf. It is a space-saving and modern home decor option for your bedroom, as it doesn’t require any floor space and creates a floating illusion. You can hold a lamp, book, or candle on your nightstand to further enhance your interior design.

#4 Floating Nightstand with Drawers

Looking for a practical and stylish solution for your bedroom? A floating nightstand with drawers is perfect for storing belongings and preventing clutter. You can use some plywood, drawer slides, studs, knobs, and paint to make this nightstand. Feel free to create any drawer front design based on your personal preference and the decor of your choice.

#5 Minimalist Floating Nightstand

You may ask, can you use a floating shelf as a nightstand? Yes! You can build a sleek, elegant DIY floating nightstand using a simple shelf with hidden screws. It is a minimalist, space-saving solution for your bedroom, as it doesn’t require any floor space and creates a modern look. Depending on your interior style, you can use a hardboard, lumber, or scrap wood.


#6 DIY Floating Nightstand: IKEA Shelves

Suppose you dig deeper into IKEA tips and hacks. In that case, you will find many versatile furniture pieces over there. You can use them to nail a floating nightstand — IKEA offers minimal LACK shelves, perfect for making one or two shelves for displaying your books, plants, or other items. You can also choose the color and size of LACK shelves, as you will find some different options at IKEA. 

#7 Bamboo Floating Nightstand

Are you sustainably creating your home? You can choose natural materials for building your furniture. Bamboo is one of the renewable and eco-friendly materials. Its resistance to moisture makes it a versatile material that matches different decor styles.

#8 Wooden Wine Box as Floating Nightstand


Build a DIY floating nightstand from an old wooden wine box for a rustic and cozy look. You can also add some hooks or knobs for hanging your accessories.

#9 Japandi Style DIY Floating Nightstand


A Japandi-style DIY floating nightstand is a simple and elegant way to add storage and style to your bedroom. Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design principles emphasizing minimalism, functionality, and natural elements. 

#10 Black Floating Nightstand

A black floating nightstand is a modern and sleek way to add a sense of space, contrast, and sophistication. It can complement any color scheme, especially white, gray, or beige, or create a dramatic contrast with bright and pastel colors. If it matches your bedroom and curtains decorating ideas, consider repainting your existing floating nightstand black.

#11 Floating Nightstand Hanged on Macramé

DIY macramé hanging shelf can serve as a gorgeous floating nightstand. It’s a creative and bohemian way to add style and functionality to your bedroom. This unique nightstand is suspended from the ceiling by a macramé cord, a form of textile art that uses knots to create intricate patterns and shapes. A floating nightstand is crafted using wood pieces, trays, and rope, creating a unique and boho-inspired decor.

#12 Floating Pipe Nightstand


Unlike any other home decor style, industrial design draws inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces, utilizing materials like scrap. You can use metal pipes and fittings to create a sturdy, edgy, industrial-design floating nightstand. You can also adjust the height and width of this nightstand to fit your space. 

#13 Built-In Nightstand

Built-in nightstand differs slightly from the floating ones in that it’s built into the wall. Nonetheless, they share the same feature of keeping the floor space unobstructed. Planning is an essential aspect of the renovation process when building a built-in nightstand. If feasible, incorporate an interior light to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

#14 DIY Concrete Accent Wall and Floating Nightstand

Would you like to transform your bedroom’s interior into a different dimension? Consider creating an accent wall and adding a DIY floating nightstand. This project involves building a textured wall and a floating shelf from concrete panels. The gray color will help create a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance.

#15 Wood & Brass Nightstand With Built-In Light


Transform your living space with a sleek and modern floating shelf made from wood and brass pipes. Take it to the next level by adding a built-in light, which adds a touch of elegance and provides added functionality and convenience to your room.

#16 Double Decker Floating Nightstand

A floating double-decker nightstand is an innovative and practical solution for your bedroom. It offers a few storage levels: you can create a drawer and shelf to showcase stylish home decor items, while the bottom panel also serves as an additional shelf.

#17 Floating Nightstand With a Phone Slot

A floating nightstand with a phone slot is a convenient and minimalist way to add storage and style to your bedroom. Would you like to keep your phone within reach and prevent it from falling off the bed? This floating nightstand is usually made of wood and has a slight groove or slot designed to securely hold your phone.

#18 Sleek Metal Floating Nightstand

Seeking a sense of space, light, and elegance? A metal floating nightstand is extra slim, contemporary, and chic. It can have different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your space and taste. You can choose between a rectangular, square, or round shape. Metal is a durable material and is perfect for reflecting light.

#19 Assembly of Boxes for Extra Storage

We all love sleek and minimal furniture, but what do we choose when we need some extra place for storage? Assemble re-used boxes and create a sustainable DIY floating nightstand. You can use wine boxes (as we already mentioned) or any other wooden boxes. It will serve a lot of storage space without taking up floor space.

#20 Floating Nightstand with Doors

Feeling in love with the clean, tidy, and de-cluttered bedroom? Cabinets with doors solve the problem of messy bedrooms! Consider choosing a floating nightstand with doors as a neat way to add hidden storage. The bottom of the cabinet will also serve as a shelf to keep something beautiful.

#21 Multipurpose Floating Nightstand and Vanity

On the side of the bed, you can install a floating vanity desk that would serve a double purpose. It can be used both as a vanity and a floating nightstand with drawers and shelves. Adapting this idea to small bedrooms would be highly beneficial.

#22 Floating Nightstand Connected to the Headboard

Attaching a floating nightstand to your bed’s headboard can be an easy and fashionable way to provide added storage and style to your bedroom. This simple addition can create a sense of cohesion and balance between your bed and your nightstand, making it a cozy and practical solution.

#23 Marble Floating Nightstand

Consider installing a marble floating nightstand, especially if your bedroom’s interior is contemporary, minimal, and glamorous. Marble details give a luxurious, elegant feeling and a sense of space, sophistication, and beauty. Furthermore, marble is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials.

#24 Rounded Floating Nightstand

Looking for unique and appealing shapes? Why not mount a floating nightstand with rounded corners? This adorable solution adds charm to your room, prevents you from bumping into sharp edges, and creates a sense of space and softness.

#25 Cylindrical Floating Nightstand

Let’s keep exploring nightstands with unique shapes and turn our attention to cylindrical ones. Cylindrical floating nightstands are ideal for small spaces, modern decor, and minimalist style. They can create a sleek, airy look in the bedroom and provide convenient storage and display space. Although their production requires specific tools like woodworking jigs, table saws, and clamps, the final result won’t disappoint you.

Let’s Answer All Your Burning Questions!

If you still have some doubts, we have the last questions answered!

How Do Floating Nightstands Work?

Floating nightstands are stylish side tables that appear to float on the wall. They combine design elements and mounting methods to create the illusion of suspension. The supports or mounting hardware are strategically hidden from view to maintain the illusion of floating. Floating nightstands often feature a minimalist design with a slim profile and simple lines. They are typically compact to save space and maintain a lightweight appearance. 

How Do You Attach a Floating Nightstand?

Installing a floating nightstand can be a relatively straightforward process. Still, it requires some essential tools, careful measurement, and step-by-step instructions on ensuring that a floating shelf is securely mounted to the wall. 

Tools and materials you’ll need:

  • Floating nightstand or shelf
  • Wall anchors or wall brackets
  • Wall screws
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver or power drill (with the appropriate drill bits)
  • Stud finder (optional but helpful in finding wall studs)

Steps to install a floating nightstand:

  • Choose the location. Decide on either side of the bed you want to install the floating nightstand. Ensure it’s at a suitable height for your bed and within easy reach.
  • Use a stud finder (optional). If you want to attach the nightstand to a wall with studs, use a stud finder to locate them first.
  • Measure and mark. Measure the dimensions of your nightstand and mark the desired location on the wall. Use a pencil to mark the top and bottom edges and the horizontal center line where the nightstand will be mounted. 
  • Drill a hole inside the wall and attach wall brackets. Using specific mounting brackets, attach the brackets to the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a level to ensure they are perfectly horizontal.
  • Attach the nightstand. Place your nightstand onto the wall brackets or supports. Ensure it is level and aligned with your pencil marks. If necessary, have a helper hold the nightstand while securing it.
  • Secure the nightstand. Depending on the design of the nightstand, it may have pre-drilled holes for screws. If not, you can attach it by driving screws through the back or underside of the nightstand into the wall brackets. 
  • Check for stability. Once the nightstand is attached, use a level to double-check that it’s perfectly level. Make any necessary adjustments.
  • Load and decorate. After ensuring the nightstand is securely attached, load it with your desired items and decorate it to your liking.

Please keep in mind that if your walls are unsuitable for wall anchors or brackets, you may need to consult a professional or use alternative installation methods. The installation process may vary depending on the design of your floating nightstand, so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance, watch a full tutorial, and learn how to build a floating nightstand properly.

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build Floating Shelves?

Whether it is cheaper to buy or build floating shelves depends on several factors, including your DIY skills, the materials you use, the design complexity, and the quality of the shelves you want. Here are some considerations to help you make a decision.

Buying floating shelves:

  • Convenience. Purchasing pre-made floating shelves is the most convenient option. You can easily find a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes in stores and online, and installation is typically simple.
  • Time-saving. Buying ready-made shelves saves time compared to building them from scratch. You can have them installed quickly without the need for crafting and finishing.
  • Quality. The quality of store-bought shelves varies, but you can often find sturdy and durable options. Higher-quality shelves may be more expensive, but they can be a worthwhile investment.
  • Cost. The cost of buying floating shelves can vary greatly. Essential, mass-produced shelves are more affordable, while customized or high-end options can be expensive.

Building floating shelves:

  • Customization. Building your floating shelves allows you to create a customized solution that perfectly fits your space and design preferences. You have control over the size, shape, and finish.
  • Cost savings. Suppose you have the necessary tools and skills. In that case, you can often build floating shelves cheaper than buying high-quality, custom-made shelves. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Materials. The type of materials you choose can impact the cost. You can save money by using less expensive materials like plywood or MDF or opt for higher-quality hardwoods or other premium materials for a more luxurious look. You will also need wood and pocket hole screws.
  • DIY skills. Building floating shelves requires DIY skills, including measuring, cutting, making pocket holes, and mounting. You can save on labor costs if you have these skills and access to the necessary tools. However, the cost savings may decrease if you need to invest in tools or hire a professional.
  • Finish and detail. Consider the finish and detailing you want for your shelves. If you plan to add intricate designs, multiple coats of finish, or unique features, the cost and complexity of building the shelves may increase.

Buying pre-made floating shelves can be a good choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective and convenient option, especially for basic shelves. However, building your floating shelves can be a more budget-friendly option if you enjoy DIY projects, want to create a custom look, and have the skills and tools necessary.

Are Floating Nightstands Worth it?

Lastly, whether floating nightstands are worth it can be answered with a resounding yes. As we’ve explored various DIY modern floating nightstand ideas for your bedroom, it’s evident that these sleek, space-saving furniture pieces offer both aesthetic and functional benefits.


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Lyone Fein
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4 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

One of the best things about BP is that readers can vote and comment on individual items in each article. But lately there has been a proliferation of these decorating articles that do not allow us to do this. This makes BP more like Buzzfeed. And ya know what? If I wanted to read a Buzzfeed article, I'd go there instead of Bored Panda. Please include voting and comment options on every single item in all BP articles.

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