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Master Bedroom Ideas: 59 Ways to Design Your Place

Master Bedroom Ideas: 59 Ways to Design Your Place

Interview With Expert

Your days begin and end in your master bedroom or primary bedroom. It sees you through good days and bad, joyous moments and teary times, early morning hassles, and late-night phone conversations; it is always there for you. 

Don’t you think that your master bedroom deserves the best design out there to be the relaxation, soothing, or fun zone that your soul needs? Whether small or large, our article is here to help you with your master bedroom design, along with expert insights from interior designer Emilie Schiller, founder of Home Methods.

Image Credit: myrusticmodernhome

How is a Master Bedroom Different from Other Bedrooms?

Emilie says, “The biggest thing that’s different is that it is your primary sleeping space, and you want to make sure that it’s set up in a way that works for you because you are there literally every night.”

“You can and should add things in the room that you want and need, things that might not be necessary in a guest room. For example, this might include blackout curtains to block the light, a rug to soften the landing for your feet every morning, and a shelf for a white noise machine if you need it.”

Image Credit: homeathand

From the layout to the master bedroom decor ideas, everything should culminate to form a whole that is either comfy, classy, trendy, or all three! It can either reflect your personality or create a visual appeal with the decor, furnishings, colors, etc. Or, you can pick a theme and transform it into a rustic retreat or an elegant escape. 


Emilie beautifully points out, “Function is important in the bedroom, but so is what it looks like, and once you know what you need, you should then have some fun with the space because, again, you see it literally every day!”

59 Stunning Master Bedroom Ideas to Design Your Perfect Place

If you want to revamp your master bedroom, there are numerous options to pick from. And we have assembled 58 of the best ones. Whether you have a small master bedroom or a large one, these ideas will help you quirk up the designs into chic ones.

Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Looking to design your small master bedroom? Don’t worry. We have you covered! You can turn your small master bedroom into a pleasant oasis with the help of decor, furniture, and, of course, walls!

Emilie says, “If you’re short on floor space, I always recommend looking at wall space. Taking advantage of wall space will keep the floor and room overall feeling open and less crowded.”

You can utilize the walls in multiple ways for a small master bedroom design. Elements like built-ins, curtains, windows, and color can merge function and character into a small space. Let us explore some ideas to revamp your small master bedroom.

Built-ins for Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: mygrandparentschair

Built-ins are very helpful in maximizing storage in small spaces. It is a charming little architectural element that can be of great help. If you paint the backside of a built-in with contrastive colors, it promptly creates more interest in the master bedroom.


Bunk Bed Experiment

Image Credit: luxolivingau

Using bunk beds is a marvelous technique to save space. You can have fun by choosing rare shapes and unique bunk beds. While the top bunk acts as the sleeping zone, the lower bunk can perform as a cozy nook to relax and unwind.

Painted Headboard

Image Credit: acehbhardware

Headboards instantly bring character into any bedroom. But you can’t always have a headboard when tackling a small space. You can fake a headboard with a DIY hack by painting a rectangle on the wall right behind the bed. And voila, your bedroom has a characteristic makeover!

Mirrors to Bounce Light for Small Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Image Credit: neretos

Bid Adieu to the dark corners by adorning them with mirrors. The mirrors in the corners will bounce more light, creating a bright environment in your charming little master bedroom.

Layers for a Small Master Bedroom Idea


Image Credit: Tim Peters

Emilie advises, “Layering textiles in various throw pillows, blankets, and bedding is a great way to add interest on the bed, the primary focal point of a small bedroom.”

This master bedroom design by Home Methods uses layers to turn the bed into a focal point, along with the velvet headboard. Even the floor mattress adds to the layering and creates a soft and cozy vibe in this small space.

Minimalist Decor for De-cluttering

Image Credit:

Go with minimalist decor for your small master bedroom idea and create a pleasing, de-cluttered atmosphere. Use functional furniture like a bed with storage drawers or wall-mounted wooden nightstands. Throw open the windows and let the natural light flood into your tiny, comfy master bedroom.

Painted Ceiling

Image Credit: alexandragater

The fifth wall of your bedroom, or the ceiling, can play a vital part in the overall impact of the bedroom. Coloring the ceiling differently than the other walls adds a spacious feel to the master bedroom design and gives your small space a unique character.

Towering Windows to Let the Light In

Image Credit: jillhigginson

To keep your small space bright and breezy, let the focus be on the towering windows. The light and air will keep the environment fresh. You can hang soft, sheer curtains that slyly veil the large windows to add a subtle layer to your refreshing little space.

Small and Cozy Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: Susie Soleimani

Emilie says, “I love leaning into the feeling of a small space by painting it a dark color. It makes the space feel cozy and intimate, which is what you want in a bedroom.”

This master bedroom design by Home Methods uses a dark blue hue to create a cozy and intimate place. The white ceiling with an exposed brick wall strip adds a modern touch, while the golden bird decor and bedside lamps bring a dramatic effect to the small space.

High Ceiling Illusion

Image Credit: twopagescurtains

Curtains have the magic to create an illusion of a high ceiling. The trick is to hang them near the ceiling or way above the window top. With ceiling-to-floor curtains, your small space will look like it has a high ceiling, giving it a spacious illusion.

Large Master Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to designing large master bedrooms, the space advantage can create countless alternatives. You can experiment with different architectural and aesthetic elements to zest up your large space.

Emilie enthusiastically adds, “You can truly do anything in a large space! One of the things that’s great about a master bedroom is that even in an open-plan home, the bedroom is usually the place where you have a door to close off the space.”

“The door gives you a lot of flexibility to look at the bedroom as a contained space and treat the design for that room as something different but complementary to the rest of the home. Having that defined enclosure opens up so many possibilities!”

Let’s have a look at all the ideas so you can zero down on one and create a stunning master bedroom design.

All About the Headboards

Image Credit: sarahshermansamuel

An artistic headboard can bring an original charm, while a towering velvet headboard can bring a majestic look to any simple master bedroom. Splash the room with color with radiant headboards, or store your antiques in the headboard storage and give a unique and personal twist to your sleeping spot.

Classy Love Seat

Image Credit: emilymossdesigns 

Create an intimate seating area by placing a classy, upholstered, and vibrantly colored loveseat at the foot of the bed. Layer it with soft cushions for a cozy, romantic setting. 

Room Dividers for Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: bouclair

Partition your large space with the help of creative room dividers. They add a visual appeal, function as a wall, and give you the luxury of a secluded section within your vast master bedroom. So, divide the space and get the privacy you have always wanted.

Romantic Window Nook

Image Credit: thewoodentoolbox

Lose yourself in a rom-com setting with an adorable window nook. Place a comfortable rolled-arms sofa in front of the window. Adorn the window sill with potted plants or blooming flowers in vintage vases and relax your senses. Or, replace the plants and flowers with scented candles and snuggle up with your loved one for a romantic evening together.

Mattress Magic

Image Credit: Tim Peters

In a large master bedroom, you have the luxury to create different focal points other than the bed. For instance, drawing attention to the floor.

This master bedroom design by Home Methods uses a vibrant, textured mattress that instantly attracts the eye. Another focal point is the contrast-colored, upholstered bench at the foot of the bed that glams up the space.

Zones for Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: studioipsa

Emilie advises, “If your space is large enough, designate zones like your sleeping zone, dressing zone, or maybe an office zone if you need it. Ascribing function to each area of the room will ensure you have the right furnishings and tools in each area and that the zone stays as it was intended.”

You can dedicate one corner for the office zone, a four-poster bed for the sleeping zone, and a dressing corner with a rattan divider. You can even create a relaxing zone that is not your bed by placing a cozy armchair in one corner with a pouf to rest your tired feet.

Industrial Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: malelivingspace

Place the large windows in metallic frames and veil them with ceiling-to-floor curtains for an industrial touch. Strategically place wooden furniture around the sleeping area and add a finishing touch with smart lighting.

Unique Ceiling for Master Bedroom

Image Credit: w_designinteriors


Draw attention to the ceiling by painting it with contrastive, cheerful colors like sunset orange, warm yellow, or electric purple in your simple master bedroom. Or go all out and decorate it with crafty wallpapers like a tropical or a floral one. To make a statement with the ceiling, hang a classy chandelier and let your fifth wall steal the show!

Cozy Reading Nook

Image Credit: jessicasaramorris

Step up the comfort game by creating the coziest reading nook for your bibliophilic soul. Grace the corner with a comfy armchair or sofa. Soften it with a layer of cushions and flank it with bookshelves.

Place lamps on either side of the armchair or deck the bookshelves with string lights for a late-night reading fiesta. Let the warm glow help you travel to fictional lands and dreamy places.

Soft Palettes for a Soothing Effect

Image Credit: michaelpavonerealty

Soft palettes like cream, pale yellow, or light peach can create a soothing as well as an inviting ambiance. When paired with wooden decor, the mellow tones create a serene spa-esque aura to lift your spirits.

Rattan for a Refined Look

Image Credit:

Rattan has an eternal appeal that can refine the overall design of any space. You can even create a whole rattan theme with a rattan bed, rattan chairs, rattan swing, and hanging rattan lamps. Use white or beige color for the walls and linen so that the rattan furniture is naturally highlighted.

Rustic Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: livingspaces

Channel the Southern charm in your city home with a charming rustic master bedroom design. Paint the walls with earthy tones for a warm and inviting ambiance. Use a wooden bed with complementary wooden furniture that has a raw charm. Add some rugged elements like wooden ceiling beams and stone or brick accent walls.

Use jute rugs to add texture. Hang vintage lanterns and accessorize the room with pine cones or animal-themed decor. Crown the look with wildlife artwork and create the perfect farmhouse design

Pendant Lights for Master Modern Luxury Bedroom Design

Image Credit: modestus_best_lighting

Hang abstract pendant lights and give a luxurious nod to your modern master bedroom. Let the abstract shape of the pendant lights steal the show, and the soft glow cocoon the space into a luxurious one.

Coastal Master Bedroom

Image Credit: hunterandnomad 

For a serene and sleepy atmosphere, embrace the coastal design. Splash the room with soft colors like beige, pale blue, or seafoam green to evoke the coastal mystique. Place wicker armchairs or a rattan swing and use seashells, coral, or an anchor as decor. Throw open the large windows and let the natural light and air bring serenity.

A Bohemian Touch

Image Credit: danisdomain

Embrace bohemia for an eclectic redecoration of your master bedroom. Hang vibrant colored artwork and use pom pom strings for decoration. Use patterned blankets and mattresses with tasseled edges. Mix and match paisley or geometric printed chair covers or pillowcases. With a no-rule boho design, you can go as wild as possible!

Upcycled Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: upcyclemainehome

Let the authentic charm settle over your upcycled master bedroom design. You can reuse old window frames and convert them into a crafty headboard. Repurpose the glass bottles lying about your house by painting them or placing flowers or fairy lights within them and using them as artistic decor on the shelves or nightstands. 

Vintage Furnishing Magic

Image Credit: amycwhyte

Deck your vast space with vintage furniture and watch as the magic unfurls. Place a rolled-arms, backless sofa at the foot of the bed. Place vintage chairs with no arms and use slipcovers for a refined hint. Top it all off with a vintage ceiling fan that will glam up the space.

Whitewashed and Classy

Image Credit: jdsallabouthome

Nothing screams class like a whitewashed master bedroom. The timeless quality of white color transforms the overall design into one that never goes out of style. From carpets, bedding, furniture, walls, and curtains, play with monochromatic white or explore different white hues and create a relaxing yet refreshing atmosphere.

Bed Platform with Dropped Ceiling

Image Credit: dhvanishahdesignstudio

A simple solution to elegantly segregate your sleeping zone is using a platform bed. Drop the ceiling right above the bed and add character to your bare room. Experiment with an upholstered or velvet platform bed. But if the platform bed is too expensive for you, an economical solution is to layer the floor under the bed with double carpets.

Accent Wall Design

Image Credit: wepitchinteriors

Let an accent wall design be the center of attraction in your master bedroom. Use contrastive colors or bold wallpapers to create an accent wall. It can function as a marvelous backdrop to display art on an open-back shelf. It is also the perfect place to hang the decor. Use bowl pendant lights to highlight the decor for a sophisticated finish.

Artsy Finish for Elegant Master Bedroom Idea

Image Credit: karincutlerart

“If you have the space for it, adding large art is a great touch in the bedroom. With the bed as a large focal point, adding a large piece of art on the wall can balance the weight of the bed in the space and make the room feel balanced. It’s also fantastic to look at!” says Emilie.

You can use vibrant colored artwork for a contrastive, glamorous vibe or dark, monochromatic hues for a somber ambiance. Or you can even create an art wall to hang all the different shaped artwork and turn up the elegance up a notch.

A Green Revival

Image Credit: studio.ruh

Green is your go-to choice if you are looking for a refreshing design. The color reminds us of nature and instantly recharges our senses. Have fun with the different green tints, from light to dark. Create contrast or go monochrome; it’s all up to you!

A Simple Layout Change

Image Credit: madspatial

It is not always necessary to empty your pockets to bring in change. Sometimes, the most economical option is to switch your old layout. Switch up the sleeping zone by moving the bed near the window. Bring the seating zone to a different corner. Lastly, re-position the shelves and table and start fresh with the new look.

Antique Display for Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: stefanisteinla

Antiques and family heirlooms bring in an authenticity that nothing else can. Creating a separate display for antiques can glam up any design within a jiffy. You can even reuse an old table to display the antiques in one corner. Highlight the display with a vintage light, and you have an elegant antique nook at your disposal.

En Suite Bathroom in the Master Bedroom

Image Credit: bathroom_decor

For a touch of convenience, create an ensuite bathroom within the master bedroom. To infuse a southern flourish you can use barn doors for a creative bathroom design. In a large master bedroom, refreshment is just a step away in a light and breezy en suite.

Pink Master Bedroom

Image Credit: once.upon.a.stay

Go trendy with a pink master bedroom design. Let the hot pink bed outshine the raspberry-pink walls. Use pale pink linen that balances the look. Cover the floor with a soft pink carpet and veil the windows with pink ceiling-to-floor sheer curtains. And bingo! Your trendy pink place awaits you.

Quirky Wallpapers for Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: Constance Gauthier

Different wallpapers can easily bring more character into a basic bedroom. This master bedroom design by Home Methods uses quirky wallpaper and a checkered carpet to introduce texture. The white bedding and the black bedside lamps create a visually appealing contrast in this quirky space.

Exposed Brick Wall for a Modern Look

Image Credit: sharkeycustomhomes

An exposed brick wall design can bring a modern twist to your master bedroom. Not only does it add a raw texture, but it also functions as a pleasant backdrop to display artwork or antiques. Let the brick wall grace your space with its timeless charisma.

Grey Wave for Master Bedroom

Image Credit: phylosophydesignstudio

A monochromatic grey master bedroom leaves an aesthetic and soothing impression. To add interest, you can experiment with various grey hues from light to dark and create stunning contrast. Let the grey wave lull over your senses and create a dreamy space.

Wood Paneling for Master Bedroom Idea

Image Credit: matterinteriors

Add depth to your bare master bedroom by wood paneling the walls. As it introduces texture, you can paint the paneling with robust colors for an energized atmosphere or use soft colors for a somber retreat.

Additional Seating for Contemporary Charm

Image Credit: ryansaghian

Fill the spaces in your large master bedroom with additional seating. Bring the contemporary charm by placing swivel chairs or bean bags in the seating zone. Hang a pendant light above the seating zone for visibility and comfort even at night.

Pleasant Spring Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: audreylarter

No matter the weather outside, it can always be spring in your space with a spring-themed design. Sunshine yellow, hyacinth purple, or lively coral; splash the spring colors on the wall. Adorn the window sill, table, or nightstands with floral wreaths or freshly cut blooming florals and bring the pleasantness of a meadow to your space.

Furniture Focused

Image Credit: Cassandra Kapsos

Let the furniture be the star of your eccentric space. In this wonderful master bedroom design by Home Methods, the jet-black ceiling balances the tropical wallpaper, while the upholstered velvet sofa and a chair with a unique and bold pattern steal the show.

The Curtains Magic

Image Credit: crystalsinclairdesigns

Add flavor to your ordinary space with charming bedroom curtain ideas. Want to sleep in during the day? Use blackout curtains. Want to beautify your room? Use floral sheer curtains. Want to add a contemporary hint? Hang ceiling-to-floor curtains. Let the magic of the curtains turn your master bedroom into a bewitching escape.

The Blue Effect

Image Credit: mldesignskc 

Calm your senses with hues of blue for your master bedroom design. Cocoon the space with a pastel blue color. Introduce contrast with midnight blue pillows and crown the look with a royal blue velvet headboard. Soften the floor with a pale blue carpet, creating a dreamy, tranquil space.

Layers for Comfort

Image Credit: lemontreeliving1

To soften a crisp look, go with layering. With throws, pillows, blankets, bedding, comfortable linen, and soft mattresses, there are a lot of options to mix and match. You can have fun with color and size and also infuse additional layering with tablecloths for nightstands. Let the layers give you a warm and cozy hug.

Unique Tables and Nightstands

Image Credit: scoutdesignstudio

Give a rare personality to your master bedroom with unique tables and funky nightstands. Let the table and nightstands collaborate with your bedding and create a cohesive finish. Hang pendant lights above the table or nightstands and turn them into striking focal points. Let the authentic charm glam up your space.

Maximalist Master Bedroom

Image Credit:

Ignite the drama in your master bedroom with maximalism. Go all out with chandeliers, candelabras, or marble fireplace mantel designs. Flair up the curtains with a valance and place a majestic four-poster bed with velvet curtains for a regal touch. Get cozy and live like royalty!

Patterns, Texture, and Symmetry

Image Credit: Constance Gauthier

For the ones with an eccentric soul, texture feels like home. And walls are the best way to introduce texture into your bare master bedroom.

This master bedroom design by Home Methods plays with intriguing patterns on the wall. The checkered mattress also brings a subtle texture. All the textures, including the one on the pillow, culminate into a symmetrical finish, creating a unique design.

Mirrors for Master Bedroom Decorating Idea

Image Credit:

Mirrors have long been associated with fairytale-ish magic. Using oversized floor mirrors can instantly glamorize a space. Use vintage mirrors with ornate gold frames and step up the drama. Not only do they bounce more light in a space, but they are also perfect for aesthetic mirror selfies.

Master Bedroom with a Retro Charm

Image Credit: alittledoseofjen

Throwback to the olden-golden days with a quirky retro master bedroom design. Paint the walls with vibrant colors like mustard yellow or robust orange. Introduce patterns through paisley or polka-dotted linen and crown it with a tufted headboard. Use funky accessories like lava lamps or vinyl record players as decor and get lost in nostalgia.

A Floral Escape

Image Credit: backtothewallnz

Florals have a quaint charm that can prettify any space. You can experiment with floral wallpapers that blend with floral linens, floral headboards, floral seats, or a pleasant floral carpet and turn your master bedroom into an enchanting floral escape.

Minimalist Master Bedroom Design

Image Credit: loakdesigns

For the ones who thrive in simplicity, a minimalist design is where your soul will feel most at home. Use neutral shades for a calming effect and minimal wooden furniture to introduce natural texture. Complete the look with simple pendant lights for a subdued and tranquil vibe.

Color Play

Image Credit: hgtvmagazine

To create a playful environment in your master bedroom, experiment with whimsical color combinations. Pair pink with black, chocolate brown with green, or mint with burgundy. Let the decor also add to the color combinations and transform your simple space into an eccentric one.

Shelves and Shelves

Image Credit: kriszhainterior

You can create a separate enclosure within your vast space with the help of shelves. While they act as walls for seclusion, you can adorn them with plants, books, or your favorite collectibles like Funko Pops

Clawfoot Tub for a Classic Charm

Image Credit: dufflebird_getaways

Worrying about your small bathroom? Calm down; your large master bedroom is here for you. Bring the old-world aesthetic to your master bedroom with the iconic clawfoot tub

The versatile clawfoot tub can infuse its classic charm into any space, whether the bathroom or master bedroom. So, bring out the tub, place it in a corner along with a shower enclosure, and create a majestic master bedroom design.

Plants Party in the Master Bedroom

Image Credit: lucygladewright

Plants function as pretty cool decor, whether outdoors or indoors. You can place large potted plants in the corners or let the small potted plants make the window sill their home. Laze away your days as the plants gently flutter with the breeze and create a fresh environment in your master bedroom.

Bold & Bright

Image Credit:

To energize your master bedroom, splash the walls with vibrant colors like warm yellow, blood orange, fuchsia, or lavender. Enrich the look with bright-colored furniture and bedding. Let the color bash fire up your mundane space.

Canopy Bed for Master Bedroom

Image Credit: by_kydrury

A canopy bed has a certain old-school charm that can wash over the whole room and create a wonderful design. Use an ornate canopy bed and hang curtains for elegance as well as privacy in your large space.

Master Your Bedroom Into a Heavenly One

Be the master of your bedroom design with these multiple ideas and revamp the look and the vibe that you desire in your master bedroom. Large or small, don’t let the space limit you from creating the most stunning design possible. Now that you have all the designs at your disposal, what are you waiting for? Get ready and transform your space!

FAQs About Master Bedroom Ideas

How Can I Make My Master Bedroom Beautiful?

You can make your master bedroom beautiful by adorning it with artwork or displaying antiques.

Speaking of beautiful bedrooms, these are 30 of the best ones.

What Should You Have in the Master Bedroom?

Apart from the bed, you can have extra seating, shelves, or nightstands in your master bedroom. The decision is yours!

How Do You Start Decorating a Master Bedroom?

An easy way to start decorating your master bedroom is by re-arranging your furniture and creating a whole new look. You can also start by hanging artwork or decorating the walls. It’s all up to you!

What to Have in a Luxury Master Bedroom?

Pendant lights, floor mirrors, or comfortable armchairs are just a few things that you can have in a luxury master bedroom.

What Makes a Good Master Bedroom Design?

Going with a rustic, coastal, or modern theme can make a good master bedroom design. However, there are other ways that we have mentioned above, like additional seating, window nooks, curtains, etc., that can also make a good master bedroom design.

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