With some ancient history on its back, room dividers are old inventions that add a creative and unique flavor to your open floor plan. Room dividers are also powerful enough to transform a studio apartment into an extraordinary haven while creating different zones within a simple, defined space.

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You can let your imagination run wild when creating clever room dividers. Customize an intricate metalwork divider to save space, lose yourself in the beautiful patterns of a charming macrame divider, or go for a cheap solution and DIY a unique partition. Create a cozy nook, home office, or recreational zone; the room is yours to be divided!

These 19 stylish and clever partition ideas are just what your room is waiting for! With some elegant and easy-to-make room dividers, let’s get familiar with the ideas and start partitioning for peace, privacy, or beauty.

Create Zones in Your Home with These Creative Room Divider Ideas and Tips

1. Rolling Doors Room Divider

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Get rolling with the rolling doors room divider and infuse a modern touch into your simple living space. Paint the rolling doors with vibrant colors like sunset orange and turn your partitioned areas into warm retreats.

2. IKEA Folding Wood Room Divider

Image credits: Julia Treutiger/IKEA

RISÖR, the wooden room divider by IKEA, is a simple and elegant way to divide your room while letting the light in. You can coordinate the white-black room divider with the soft palettes of your room. Stretch it to divide a room, or fold it slightly and place it to add elegance to your room. So, to fold or not to fold? That is the question.

3. Room Divider Curtains

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Extra large curtains work as great room dividers. You can hang ceiling-to-floor curtains that puddle up on the floor, creating a classic partition or a curtain room. You can create various sections using curtains within a space; a sleeping zone around your bed, a cozy reading nook around a bookshelf, or a comfy sitting nook around a large window.

You can use thick velvet curtains for privacy or gauze curtains to light up the partitions. If you want to indulge in bohemia and turn the charisma of your room up a notch, say yes to beaded curtains to divide your room. Along with alluring and colorful beads, you can also welcome the light in your divided space.


4. Textured Room Divider Panels

Image credits: Bimago 

Textured room divider panels can be the perfect solution to introduce additional texture to embolden the room design. Along with sanctioning a dressing corner or a recreational zone, it will also crown the room design. From a funky, colorful texture to a symmetrical monotonous texture, pick the one that best expresses your room.

5. DIY Room Divider

Image credits: Mark Montano

You can design a wallet-friendly DIY room divider with fairy lights. Create an enchanting effect by hanging the fairy lights within an old frame. Paint the frame pale gold and turn it into a glamorous divider for a romantic escape.

Another option is to hang beautiful, vintage linen fabrics. They are perfect for implementing an artistic segment in the room without blocking the light or consuming too much of your beloved space.

6. Barn Door Divider

Image credits: Richelieu

Jump up on the barn door trend and creatively divide your space. It is the ultimate solution to create a room within a room. You can experiment with sliding barn doors for complete separation and to block light. Pick a palette that enriches your room and paint the barn doors. Or, you can add a little flair to your neutral bedroom and paint it boldly.


7. Rattan Wood Divider Screen


Rattan wood is a timeless, valuable, and classy element that always stays in style. You can create a relaxing zone with a rattan floor-to-ceiling folding screen. Place it around a rattan hanging swing that overlooks the window, and you have the perfect corner for reading a book, drinking a hot cup of coffee, or just scrolling through memes.

8. Shelf Room Divider Wall

Image credits: Elite Home Repair

Divide and conquer by saving storage space with a floor-to-ceiling shelf. You can reuse an old one or customize this multipurpose room divider to suit the layout. You can turn it into a unique room divider wall by using it as a bookcase, positioning plants, or displaying antiques. 

Add a refined touch by painting the shelf to match the room’s color, or keep it simple by using a wooden shelf for a rustic look. Either way, you can decorate it as you like and enjoy the extra storage and divided space.

9. Headboard Room Divider


Image credits: IKEA

With headboard supremacy ringing about, you might as well use it as a room divider. Upholstered extra-large headboards with fascinating textures or royal velvet patterns can be exquisite dividers. A headboard room divider with bold patterns can splash elegance in your family room.

10. Upcycled Window Frame Room Divider

Image credits: snazzylittlethings

If you have old window frames lying about, upcycle them into airy room dividers. You can suspend or integrate them from the ceiling to form a screen. While you bring them back to life, they will perform a double duty of partitioning and keeping the room light and airy.

11. Customized Metal Room Divider

Image credits: hammerwell_metalcraft

Partitioning small living rooms can be tricky as the divider shouldn’t consume too much space. Enter metalwork! You can create beautiful and intricate designs when you customize the metalwork. It takes up minimal space, allowing light to pass through easily. 

It functions as a room divider and an artistic element within the room. This custom room divider transforms a simple space into an aesthetic treat!

12. Floating Art Room Divider


Image credits: Shai Gil

Pick an oversized artwork and suspend it from the ceiling to create a floating art room divider. You can pick a vibrant colored artwork to energize your room or a soft colored artwork to match your monochromatic room. 

You can hang ceiling-to-floor curtains behind the artwork for a total segregation effect. You only need artwork and curtains to create a sleep zone around your bed. This divider is particularly helpful for small spaces and adds an artsy touch to your room. 

13. Mirror Room Divider

You can suspend oversized vintage mirrors from the ceiling and create an enchanting partition. Ornate frames with intricate designs and a touch of gold will bring forth a fairytale-ish vibe around the partition in your chamber.

You can also consider a mirrored folding screen that will bounce more light and give a spacious feel to your space. Not only will it be a perfect room divider, but it will also be an ideal spot for mirror selfies. So, divide and gram!

14. Rope Wall Room Divider

For the ones who love a symmetric room with a perfect geometric finish, a rope wall is the patterned room divider of your dreams. Hang the ropes from ceiling to floor with symmetrical gaps in between to let the light through.


You can choose the rope’s color that will perfectly harmonize with the room’s walls, creating a natural flow. Or, create a gapless jute rope room divider for a little more privacy.

15. Macrame Room Divider

Image credits: Têa Ateliê

With each design uniquely handcrafted, macrame room dividers can turn a room theatrically glamorous. If you are a knitting fanatic, this divider is yours to split the space.

“We create real designs that capture and adapt to the project’s soul. The beauty of each divider is its unique essence, expressed in each knot and each creative choice,” say Taís Jardim and Danilo Frota, founders and textile artists at Têa Ateliê.

Their mesmerizing macrame room dividers are designed to complement a room perfectly. Closed patterns for privacy, patterns to let in the light, or even patterns for children’s rooms for protection and visibility to the caregiver, their art creates unique spaces with handcrafted charm. 

16. Multifunctional Room Divider Chicken Wire Screen

Image credits: Home Road

Let your rustic soul lose itself in the countryside with a chicken wire screen. The honeycomb wire pattern will enhance the character of your room. You can hang pictures or artwork on the wire and create a unique screen room divider to complement your room. While the chicken wire screen multitasks, you can enjoy your divided space.

17. Hanging Succulents Room Divider

Image credits: leroymerlin

Bring the outside into your space using a succulents room divider. Please your biophilic soul by hanging beautiful little succulents to partition the space. Breathe nature in your divided space as the air and light infiltrate through the succulent divider. 

To give it a dramatic effect, you can use golden or silver containers for hanging the succulents. For a natural result, use wooden containers. Let nature take over your partition and refresh your space.

18. Chinoiserie Room Divider

A Chinoiserie room divider will create a glamorous divided space. You can use it for an enthralling effect to create a vintage nook in your room. Set the scene by displaying antiques or heirlooms that complement the Chinoiserie divider. Add a vintage open-back, rolled-arms sofa to sit and relax in your vintage nook.

19. Louver Room Divider Screen

Image credits: bulldogliquidatorsvalencia

Are you considering creating a home office zone? A louver screen is the perfect room divider to set the mood. Add the finishing touches by painting it chalk white or pale gray. A louver screen will emphasize the geometrical patterns of your open room. 

You can also create a separate play zone for children with louver screens. Use vibrant colors to energize the partitioned space. The screen will flood the area with light and give you visibility to look after the kids even as you do your work.

Your Room is Waiting to be Divided!

Partitioning a room has never been more exciting. With multiple ideas and creative ways to choose from, splash your room with creativity with a beaded divider, add a touch of magic with a fairy lights divider, or get that private space you have always yearned for with a classy barn door. Take your pick from these clever room divider ideas and start partitioning!


What is the cheapest way to partition a room?

Using old linen fabrics or window frames to create a divider is the cheapest way to partition a room.

How can I divide a room without walls?

You can use an oversized mirror, a floor-to-ceiling shelf, an extra-large headboard, or a sliding door to divide a room without walls.

What is the easiest way to divide a room?

Large curtains or towering bookcases are the easiest ways to divide a room.

How do I make a homemade room divider?

You can hang fairy lights or linen fabric from the ceiling to create a homemade room divider.

How do you create a partition in a large room?

Using floor-to-ceiling shelves or correctly positioning a rattan wood divider are charming ways to create a partition in a large room.