Funko Pops are small figurines known for having oversized eyes, exaggerated features, and large heads. Pop collectors love showing off their collections since they depict popular characters from leading franchises. There have also been Funko Pops created for good causes like the Bushfire Heroes Pop.

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Whether you’re displaying your Funko Pops in boxes or creating an arrangement with all the characters, it is guaranteed to add magic to any setting. It’s also a fun way to enjoy your hobbies and have fun with your interests.

The only way to become a pro collector is to have a great Funko Pop collection that stands out. You will do a disservice by letting them lay around with no order. Finding a way to show off the Funko Pops creatively is essential so others can enjoy it.

There are many ways you can do this, either by using stands, display cases, shelving units, and glass cabinets. If you set up frames for Funko Pops, there are excellent custom lighting options that can give your collection that ‘WoW’ factor. To help you find the best shelves for Funko Pops that suit your personality and collection, we have put together a list of 10 unique options.

It’s time to showcase your Funko Pops in the way they deserve. Before picking display shelves for Funko Pops, check out these essential tips.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Funko Pop Shelf

You might think a shelf is just a shelf, and there isn’t much to choose from, right? When it comes to pops, the possibilities are endless and highly fascinating. There are so many Funko Pop shelf ideas out there; each is designed differently with unique features. That’s why it’s essential to pick one that suits you.

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1. The Design of Your Space

Whether you’ve picked the perfect shelf or not, it still has to seamlessly fit into your house’s design and decor. It will not be aesthetically appealing if your shelf has an entirely different design and your house has another. Before picking wall shelves for Funko Pops, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What is the room’s color?
  • What type of home decor style am I looking to match?
  • How much space am I willing to use in the room?
  • Where would the shelves be placed according to the room’s layout?

2. The Shelf Dimensions

The next thing you must consider is the shelf weight, capacity, width, and height. If the shelving unit is too heavy, it might be challenging to install in the room. A long and wide display ledge may take up too much space and look displeasing to the eye.

It is essential to take measurements so that you know exactly what you want and how the unit will fit in your room. It’s best not to rush these decisions. Here’s what you should consider:

  • What is the maximum shelf weight I can install on the wall?
  • How wide should the display cabinet be?
  • How long should the case be, and how many pops do I need to fit on it?

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3. The Size of Your Funko Collection

Now, here’s the main thing you need to consider. The shelf needs to be big enough to fit all your Funko Pops. Otherwise, what’s the use? If you need a lot of space, zigzag shelves work best, small collections can sit on floating shelves, and standing shelves are used for an ordered set of pops. Here are some questions you can ask to determine how much space you need:

  • How many Funko Pops do I want to display?
  • Is there a specific order I want to follow when showcasing my collection?

Now that you are prepared with the specifications to look out for, it’s time to pick the shelf that will work best for your collection. We have compiled a comprehensive list of Funko Pop display ideas for this exact purpose.

10 Unique Funko Pop Shelves

To help make this process easier, the shelves are categorized based on whether they can accommodate small or big collections.

Shelves for Small Collections

With small shelves that are either 21–45 inches, you can fit up to 6 Funko Pops, either boxed or unboxed.

1. Floating Shelf

Floating shelves for Funko Pops display figurines in a precise order. These traditional display units can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically to stand out. They come in different sizes but are mainly used for smaller collections due to their width and length. Some people install ring lights that can create a focused effect on the Funko Pops.


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Where It Works Best

They work best in areas with natural direct lighting so that all the Funko Pops can be seen clearly. You can set it up near a window or the room’s entrance.


  • It draws equal focus to all the Funko Pops
  • It is easy to install
  • It does not take up much space
  • It can match many interior decor designs


  • It is a traditional shelf and does not have any unique features
  • It can only fit 4–6 Funko Pops at once

2. Ledge Shelf

This type of display shelving unit is similar to floating shelves. It comes in different designs and sizes, and you can pick unique ledge shelves to match your room. The best part of the ledge shelf is that it is a minimalist piece and won’t take away the focus from your Funko Pops. You can neatly arrange your figures on it and show them off.

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Where It Works Best

It looks best in between cabinets or over a desk. Its minimalist design fits in well with any type of home setup.


  • Minimalist design that suits many decor choices
  • Trendy and eye-catching designs


  • It won’t be able to fit many Funko Pops

3. Three-Tier Half Moon Shelf

This is a fancy shelving unit with an excellent design and smooth curves. It is a premium display option that you can use when you want to place only a few Funko Pops on the stand. Some half-moon shelves can fit many pops, but those require ample room space and can be costly. These shelves look great with lower LED lights or backlighting.


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Where It Works Best

They should be installed on the upper half of your main room wall. This will give it the best effect and make your shelf and figurine collection stand out awesomely.


  • Fancy and eye-catching design
  • Easy set-up process
  • It makes the pops stand out


  • Due to the shape, it can fit only a few Funko Pops at once
  • It might not go along with the room decor

4. Pastry Cabinet Display

These cabinets are used to display tasty pastries, but you can also use them to place your best Funko Pops. It is a perfect option to keep a few unboxed pops and can make them stand out. Pastry shelves have an aesthetic appeal for Funko fanatics.

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Where It Works Best

This display case is best set up near a doorway so people can see the pops when they walk in.


  • You can display your favorite unboxed Funko Pops
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple to fix and install


  • It may not stand out as much in your room
  • It can only fit a few of your favorite pops

5. Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinets are a fancy and minimalist way to display your Funko pop collection. It is the best way to protect an unboxed figurine collection and keep dust or dirt away. Glass cabinets can come in varying shapes and sizes, but they are perfect for a small collection so that each pop displayed can be viewed easily.


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Where It Works Best

Since glass cabinets are delicate and light, they can be displayed in the center of the room or near pieces of decor that are heavy.


  • It protects the Funko Pops from dust
  • It looks fancy and engaging
  • Installation is easy


  • It can break easily

Shelves for Big Collections

These shelves start at a length of 48 inches and can fit a minimum of 10 Funk Pops. They work best for extensive collections so that every figurine can be viewed easily.

1. Zigzag Shelf

This is a creative and effective means to display your Funko collection. It can help you maximize the space in your room and showcase many pops at once. These display shelves can be customized to make varying patterns.

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Where It Works Best

Zigzag shelves work best in the corner of rooms because it takes up less space but can fit many pops at once.


  • It maximizes space
  • You can fit many Funko Pops on it at one time
  • It has a unique design
  • Helps utilize corner spaces


  • It may not suit your room’s decor
  • Fixing it on the wall might take longer

2. Acrylic Stand Display Shelf

These display stands can make your Funko Pops look more organized and highlight the entire collection effectively. You will get a 360-degree view of each figurine which can bring out every minute detail. Whether you choose tiered or elevated acrylic shelves it is an effective strategy to show off an extensive collection.


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Where It Works Best

These shelves work well on the central wall of the room at mid-height. This can help to draw focus to the entirety of the collection. It is best to keep your figurines out of the box when using this type of case.


  • It looks fancy
  • People will get to see a 360-view of each Funko Pop
  • Minimizes reflection and glare
  • Smooth edges that don’t get scratched or damaged quickly


  • It works better if the pops are unboxed
  • It is prone to getting dirty and collecting fingerprint marks

3. Stackable Shelf

Regarding Funko Pop shelf ideas, stackable shelves best store many pops at once. They can be arranged however you want and don’t take up much space in rooms. Since they require some assembly it might be better to plan where you would like to set them up.

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Where It Works Best

You can set up the stackable shelf near a desk or bed so to create a unique break in the room decor.


  • You can fit more than 15 pops on these shelves
  • They are expandable
  • Easily customizable


  • They require some assembly and may be hard to put together

4. Bookshelf

Setting up your Funko Pops on a bookshelf is lovely and quaint. You can repurpose an old bookshelf to set up your collection. It is better to place the display bookshelf in a prominent location so people can view it easily. Make the shelf eye-catching by adding plants in the corners. You can even arrange your pops according to popularity or size with smaller ones placed at eye level and the bigger ones on top.

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Where It Works Best

It needs to be set up in the center of the room so that your other decor pieces can complement the design. This large shelf will take up most of the space in the room.


  • It can fit many Funko Pops and works best for a massive collection
  • It can match many decor pieces and settings
  • You can arrange the pops from least to most favorite


  • It might take up a lot of space in the room
  • Requires more installation
  • It may pull focus from other pieces in a room

5. Baseball Bat Shelf

Have you ever considered displaying your Funko Pops in a baseball bat display case? It’s a unique and simple way to use the short and expansive space. These display cases can help you organize the pops easily and keep them safe. Some people even install LED lights inside to give it an ambient look.

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Where It Works Best

It works well when positioned on the upper reaches of your wall or above a desk. Since it is short and wide it looks best placed horizontally across a long cabinet or desk.


  • It can store many boxed figurines
  • It does not take up much space in the room
  • The display case is easy to install


  • It is pretty simple and does not have a unique quality or look

Funko Pop collections are the most fun way to express your love and interest in shows and franchises. No wonder people want to grab the best display case and show off their favorite pops. Once you pick your shelf from this list, you’re bound to get a ton of compliments. You can customize your collection just like this German artist who transforms collectibles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Funko Pops

1. How to Enhance the Funko Pop Display Shelf?

Most collectors install LED lights or soft ambient lighting that can enhance the beauty of their collection. Posters and stickers from the franchise can be put up nearby to give some context.

2. Is It Easy to DIY Shelves for Pops?

Yes, it’s very easy to create a homemade shelf for Funko Pops. You can start by checking a shelf-building tutorial on YouTube and creating one quickly.

3. What’s the Best Way to Display Funko Pops on Walls?

You can install a shelf or display case that brings attention to your Funko pops and lets you show your entire collection. Check our list to pick from shelves for big or small collections.

4. What is a cheap way to display Funko Pops?

The cheapest and most straightforward way to display your Funko collection is to repurpose an old bookshelf or baseball bat display case.

5. How to display Funko Pops in boxes?

Glass cases are the best option when displaying boxed Funko Pops. This is because the glass helps keep the boxes dust free and the boxes intact.