Even if you’re not a fan of Funko pop figures, you might be interested in buying their newest one. By teaming up with Popcultcha, the company has created a ‘Bushfire Heroes’ figure, which features an Australian firefighter cuddling a koala. However, the brand new toy wasn’t made just for you to put it on your shelf and be reminded of the devastating bushfires that have been blazing through Australia. In fact, it was created not only to honor the heroic firefighters who have been fighting against the disaster, but also as part of a fundraiser.

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Recently, Funko introduced a new figure to help raise funds for Australian wildlife impacted by the bushfire crisis

Upon releasing the figure, Popcultcha announced that they are joining the cause to support the Australian wildlife devastated by the bushfire crisis.


The company said that all profits from the new vinyl figure, which retails for around $19.99 Australian dollars, will be donated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ National Bushfire Appeal.

Experts estimate that around 1 billion animals have been killed in Australia’s unprecedented bushfires, with many others left injured and starving due to the destruction of their habitat.

“The RSPCA are working alongside government and emergency agencies, veterinarians and local authorities to provide much-needed equipment and supplies, emergency care and identifying and assessing injured animals in need of assistance. Their work will continue for months after the fires have ceased,” Popcultcha wrote in a Facebook post.

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Pre-orders for the figurine are now open, with delivery expected in June. However, if you’re not a fan of figures, but still interested in supporting the cause, you can donate directly to the RSPCA here.


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