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How To Create A Cozy & Chic Home With Farmhouse Design Ideas

How To Create A Cozy & Chic Home With Farmhouse Design Ideas


Once a small building used mostly as a shelter on a farm, now it’s a popular style in interior design. We’re referring to the timeless charm of a farmhouse style. 

If you need to decide whether farmhouse design fits your space and needs, read further. Get inspired by our favorite farmhouse décoration ideas to make every room in your house feel modern, rustic or a little bit of both. 

What makes a design a farmhouse? 

Farmhouse décor is a unique interior design that originates from the rustic charm of rural living in the 1800s. This country-inspired style provides a sense of simplicity and comfort with natural materials. Hence, the farmhouse-style furnishing is often made with locally sourced wood.

Image credits: Photography by Lisa Marie Ann Claborn

Farmhouse Design Color Palette

The color palette of classy farmhouse design varies mostly in earthy and neutral tones. In modern days, its palette ranges from muted white and soft creams to warm browns and gentle grays. This aligns with the design’s aim of creating a peaceful and contemporary living space.

Farmhouse Design Decorations

One of the defining elements of farmhouse design is its “messy” elegance. Decorations within a farmhouse-themed space tend to be both messy and minimalistic, focusing on practicality and functionality rather than excessive décor. For example, displaying ceramic adornments, hanging antique art, and old frames are just a few farmhouse decorating ideas to keep in mind. 


Image credits: Photography by Christine Melin

As we mentioned above, the chosen décor elements are purposeful. They often reflect a blend of vintage and contemporary pieces. What sets this design apart is its ability to stop time in a few square meters. When you enter a room with a farmhouse design, you will feel its history through carefully selected furniture, accessories, and accents.  

Why is farmhouse design so popular?

There are several factors why farmhouse design always stays in style and why so many people love it. Here are a few of them:

Inviting & Pleasing home

In a farmhouse vibe, you can feel the warmth and coziness that instantly make the room feel like home. A rustic wall décor, natural materials, and earthy colors foster a sense of comfort for homeowners and guests.

Image credits: Photography by Sandra Herzog

Compatibility with other décor ideas

One of the strengths of this interior style is its remarkable compatibility. Farmhouse style can seamlessly blend with other interior spaces, whether paired with the sleek lines of modern design or the rugged aesthetics of industrial décor. 

Farmhouse living room with rusty décor paintings and furniture

Image credits: Photography by Amber Lewis


Being practical is what makes a farmhouse décor appealing for families. It is a well-suited interior design for everyday living. Durable furniture and a comfortable space create an environment where kids and pets can easily play around without damaging delicate or expensive pieces.


Farmhouse kids room with toy tent carpet and bed

Image credits: Photography by Jana Heinemann

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Farmhouse design often encourages repurposed and reclaimed materials. This is perfect for individuals who opt for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. It resonates with homeowners who focus on environmentally conscious choices and appreciate the authenticity of using antique items.

Farmhouse kitchen with flowers and sink

Image credits: Photography by Pia Olsbo

Nostalgia & Character

Farmhouse design taps into nostalgia, evoking memories of simpler times with country-like design elements. Classic aged furniture and vintage accessories add to a space’s character and induce a sense of history. This makes the room feel more lived-in and charming.

Image credits: Photography by Emily Baker


The style of the farmhouse opts toward repurposing old furniture. This is a cost-effective solution for those who want to remodel their house interiors at minimal costs.

Farmhouse bedroom with rope-based flying bed with striped sheets

Image credits: Photography by Sandra M Cavallo

Is farmhouse style going out?

Not anytime soon! Not as far as homeowners want to transform their houses into heartfelt homes with a country touch. With a farmhouse style, we can blend past and present and still look stylish in the future. Its sense of comfort and authenticity resonates with every generation.  


Farmhouse living room with sofa paintings and cupboard

Image credits: Photography by Kimberly Jacobs Farmstead

Discover Key Elements for Farmhouse Design

What seems like one specific style has evolved in many sub-designs due to homeowners’ different preferences and lifestyles. To make it easier for our audience, we have categorized farmhouses into two distinctive yet charming groups — traditional and modern. We will give you a general overview of traditional and modern farmhouse vibes, décor elements, and current style trends that will likely continue into the following year.

Wooden farmhouse room with billiard sofa and carpet

Image credits: Photography by Jolene Hardy

The Key Elements of Traditional Farmhouse Design

A classic farmhouse look captures the essence of rustic simplicity and practicality. It gives the vibes of countryside living even in city life. This style is characterized by weathered wood and vintage accents, which evoke nostalgia and warmth. 

Image credits: Photography by Francesca Tosolini

Here’s a list of 15 typical features of a classy, simple farmhouse décor:

1. All about rustic & raw elements (hand-hewn beams, handmade tables)


Image credits: Photography by Nina

2. Natural materials like brick & wood (fireplace)

Image credits: Photography by Joan Kennedy

3. Imperfect furniture (irregular shapes of tables and chairs)

Image credits: Photography by franzi

4. Antique items (antique stoneware and dishes, porcelain embellishments)

Image credits: Photography by Roberta

Image credits: Photography by Picture Hanging Pros

6. Animal wall art

Image credits: Photography by Catherine Kolomа́n Ukraine

7. A neutral color palette (earthy tones or all creamy colors)

Image credits: Photography by Collov Home Design

8. Plants and greenery as accents 


Image credits: Photography by Collov Home Design

9. As wooden as possible/reclaimed wood (butcher block for countertops, plank wooden floors, beamed ceilings, shiplap paneling, wooden stairs, barn doors)

Image credits: Photography by Farmhouse Interior

10. Repurposed items (old chairs and tables, recycled bottles)

Image credits: Photography by Antique Farm House

11. Open shelving (open cabinets in kitchen islands, wall shelves)

Image credits: Photography by Edgar Castrejon

12. Ample cabinetry (best in soft-colored wood)

Image credits: Photography by Chastity Cortijo

13. Apron sinks (porcelain preferred in classic décor)

Image credits: Photography by Sidekix Media

14. Vintage-inspired lighting (low light and old lamps)

Image credits: Photography by Elizabeth | Home & Decor

15. Traditional décorative fabrics (floral, paisley, slipcovers)

Image credits: Photography by Antique Farm House

The Key Elements of Modern Farmhouse Style

In contrast, the modern farmhouse style décor integrates new contemporary elements while maintaining its country-themed heart. It preserves its rural origins through reclaimed materials, cozy textures, clean lines, and neutral color palettes.

Here’s a list of 10 typical elements for a modern farmhouse feel:

1. Neutral colors palette (black & wood tones, white & black, cream, beige, silver)

Image credits: Photography by Reconstructed 1890 farmhouse

2. Vintage pieces (ornaments, rugs, ceramic hangings, paintings)

Image credits: Photography by Reconstructed 1890 farmhouse

3. Marble & quartz furnishing (turned table legs and rounded tables)

Image credits: Photography by Liz Joseph

4. Simple patterns (one color or pastel walls)

Image credits: Photography by Ali Henrie Design

5. DIY textures

Image credits: Photography by Farmhouse Is My Style

6. Leather furniture

Image credits: Photography by Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen

7. Traditional décorative fabrics (floral, paisley, slipcovers)

Image credits: Photography by Amber Lewis

8. Antique items (an old clock, a gramophone, porcelain dolls)

Image credits: Photography by Kandas | The Tedesco Farm

9. Mix & Match (old furniture with new elements)

Image credits: Photography by Jenn Todryk

10. Plants and greenery in house’s corners 

Image credits: Photography by Courtney Affrunti

Going too rustic makes your house look traditional. Opting for old antique ornaments makes your space too vintage. Maybe you’ll also feel a little bit old-fashioned. However, too many contemporary elements might be pricey and ruin that special country touch.  

The thing is, there’s no best farmhouse for each one of us. What your house will look like is your personal call. You decide where you want to relax after your office hours. You decide what kind of room helps you work from home. 

Image credits: Photography by JULIA MARCUM

The farmhouse style holds practicality at its core. But it’s up to you to decide what makes your house feel cozy and functional.

What we can define in this section are the key elements that farmhouse interior design incorporates, whether it leans more on traditional or modern vibes. 

Traditional farmhouse décor differs from rustic because it offers a smoother feeling of wildness. Rustic décor also enhances the rawness of surfaces. A modern farmhouse style tends to add greenery and a more minimalistic design.

Image credits: Photography by Kelly. DIY. Decor. Humor. Life.

Types & Farmhouse Design Ideas 

We already mentioned the existence of various farmhouse styles as the interior trends have changed. Let’s take a look at the 7 types of farmhouse design one by one.

The “Man Cave” (Industrial)

The industrial farmhouse style holds a more masculine vibe. Its furnishings with blackened iron structures transmit from the past and the heavy machinery used in farms. You can spot an industrial farmhouse if it has the following: 

  • Cool metals
  • Natural wood
  • Exposed beams
  • Neutral to a cold color palette
  • Black and off-white accents
  • Thick rustic wood accents
  • Industrial lighting and hardware
  • Blackened steel furnishings

Image credits: Photography by Kara Childress – Interior Atelier

The Farmhouse by the Beach (Coastal)

A farmhouse will keep its rural core even built on a coast. So, the only thing that makes this farmhouse a coastal escape is the blue-green palette with primarily white furniture. Main elements to expect in a coastal farmhouse: 

  • Wooden furniture
  • Blue & green coastal accent
  • Brass and gold preferred as metals
  • White flooring, ceiling, and furniture
  • Starfish décor seashells and anchors
  • Nickel or chrome hardware on furniture

Image credits: Photography by Maria | Inredning | Höga Kusten

The Bare Minimum (Scandinavian)

Putting in the bare minimum of effort is sometimes a good thing. Scandinavian farmhouses embrace minimalism, which results in an uncluttered and modest home. For a Scandinavian farmhouse, you would need to use the following:

  • Natural wood and stone materials 
  • Clean-lined pieces of furniture
  • Neutral palette leaning on black or gray accents
  • Light wood flooring, doors, counter spaces, and cabinetry

Image credits: Photography by Adam Winger

Contemporary Take on a Farmhouse (Modern)

In comparison to the previous types, you can give your farmhouse a modern upgrade with the following: 

  • A few porcelain ornaments
  • Contemporary oversized pendants
  • Leather sofa, cushions or other piece of furniture
  • Bright light walls and low lighting for a modern touch
  • Black furniture on the corner or a good combination with wood

Image credits: Photography by Collov Home Design

Rawness in the House (Rustic)

A rustic space embraces raw materials in décor and furnishing. It’s a perfect style for people who repurpose their items and shop at flea markets. It’s easy to understand and recreate by using: 

  • Handmade ornaments and old furniture
  • Open shelving with vintage décor accessories 
  • Galvanized metal and industrial materials
  • Warm-to-gray wood doors and floors 
  • Neutral palette with white walls and an earthy design

Image credits: Photography by Hans Isaacson

Country People in the City (Country)

When you hear the word “farmhouse,” you might envision the traditional French country farmhouse. That’s because it’s one of the most popular versions of the farmhouse style. Here are some elements that contribute to country farmhouse interior design:

  • Antique accents
  • Off-white cotton fabrics
  • Lots of ornaments (more than usual)
  • Wood floors & ceiling with a rustic texture 
  • Color palettes from cool grays to cream-to-white
  • Marble material for countertops, and kitchen furniture

Image credits: Photography by Kara Childress – Interior Atelier

Back in colonial times (Traditional)

Decorating your home with a classic farmhouse style is like bringing history into your house. It’s somehow harder to differentiate from the rustic type, but here are some key elements of the colony farmhouse: 

  • Old books on open shelves
  • Use of stone and primitive wood beams
  • Brick fireplaces, and wooden ceiling
  • Muted, natural color palette and wood-paneled walls
  • Antique items and textiles used for lighting, and décor

Image credits: Photography by Camylla Battani

What farmhouse type is the most popular?

To see which farmhouse type is the most popular, we looked at data from Google Trends to see which type was the most searched for since August 2022. Our findings revealed that homeowners worldwide generally search the web for modern farmhouse ideas. 

Here’s a general overview of farmhouse types trending worldwide for the past 12 months:

Here are also results for preferred farmhouse types in the US, Canada, and Australia:

10 Inexpensive Farmhouse Design Ideas & Tips

Thanks to its rural charm, adaptable textures, materials, and versatile color palettes, farmhouse design is easy to integrate in various separated rooms or an entire house. 

In this section, we’ve gathered creative and practical suggestions that showcase the art of achieving a farmhouse-inspired aesthetic while being mindful of your budget. Here are 10 tips to consider:

1. Add wooden tones and DIY ornaments (handmade items)

Image credits: Photography by Joanna & Andrzej

2. Add baskets for storage, décor, and cozy texture

Image credits: Photography by Toa Heftiba

3. Shop at second-hand stores for furniture and ornaments

Image credits: Photography by Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

4. Adorn the space with open bookshelves, wine bottles, pottery, or old vases

Image credits: Photography by Brosa Design

5. Check for antique cupboards or tables sold by farmhouse owners

Image credits: Photography by Simone

6. Paint walls in a neutral color palette

Image credits: Photography by Kara Childress – Interior Atelier

7. Keep original wood flooring and use natural materials on flooring and walls

Image credits: Photography by Eva Helena Hedkvist

8. Decorate with thrifted ceramic plates, baskets, mirrors, and anything antique

Image credits: Photography by Patti-rememberyesterdayantique

9. Repurpose old items or furniture such as tables, chairs, drawers, or mirrors

Image credits: Photography by Kandas | The Tedesco Farm

10. Use vintage embroidery to create vintage-looking pillow covers or blankets

Image credits: Photography by sweckerfarm

Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas for Separate Rooms

This section will show you how to apply a farmhouse theme into separate rooms. From the warmth of a farmhouse kitchen to the serenity of a farmhouse bedroom, we will provide you with many creative and practical tips. These ideas will help you transform each room into a haven of comfort and style. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas 

Step into the heart of rustic yet modern farmhouse décor with our curated selection of living room décor ideas. Equipped with the ideas below, transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style. 

1. Bring the outdoors in

Image credits: Photography by hartley_home

2. Use industrial accents

Image credits: Photography by Kara Childress – Interior Atelier

3. Make it all white, or use a neutral color palette

Image credits: Photography by Collov Home Design

4. Use leather sofa or covers

Image credits: Photography by Zach & Hugh

5. Display antique finds or paintings

Image credits: Photography by Danielle Lea

6. Add something blue

Image credits: Photography by Sarah West & Associates

7. Use shiplap and rustic textures 

Image credits: Photography by 2nesov

8. Go Boho as much as you want

Image credits: Photography by goldenhourabode

9. Go Scandinavian if you live in the city 

Image credits: Photography by Tamara Groethe

10. Leave space for frequent design changes

Image credits: Photography by Bree Mason

Whether you seek a modern farmhouse look or miss that countryside feeling, these ideas can help you create a modern living room that captures the essence of simpler times.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

A meal with the same ingredients can taste different when prepared by a different person. Well, it can also taste different when prepared in a different kitchen. And you really can’t go wrong with a farmhouse kitchen to prepare a delicious meal.

It will feel “fresh, organic and delicious”! Below, you’ll find farmhouse kitchen décor ideas that will help you create the cooking space of your dreams.

1. Swap for barn doors

Image credits: Photography by ALICIA | DIYER | OWNER BUILDER

2. Use wooden cabinets & marble kitchen tops

Image credits: Photography by Carl GARTMAN

3. Add plants and greenery 

Image credits: Photography by NEAT Method

4. Add rustic accents 

Image credits: Photography by Kara Childress – Interior Atelier

5. Place an open wine bottle rack 

Image credits: Photography by my_cosy_pretty_home

6. Hang old ceramic plates or wooden spoons 

Image credits: Photography by Thriftedhomestyle

7. Consider getting a porcelain sink

Image credits: Photography by deVOL Kitchens

8. Add a space for pets 

Image credits: Photography by howdensjoinery

9. Use baskets for extra storage and aesthetics

Image credits: Photography by Lauren Magnus

10. Play with the cabinetry design and wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Remedy Design Firm

Whether you’re drawn to traditional simplicity with wooden cabinetry or seeking a blend of old-world charm and modern efficiency, these concepts are the right guide. Create a kitchen that serves as the heart of your home, both functional and beautiful. 

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

We bet you loved those fresh mornings in a rustic farmhouse bedroom if you grew up in the countryside. Now, look at you, wanting to recreate the serenity of rural living right within your own bedroom! 

A bedroom is all about creating your own world. The biggest advantage of designing your room based on a farmhouse style is the flexibility in customizing it however you like. These 10 tips can help you transform your room into a classy, contemporary farmhouse space:

1. Use books as wall art

Image credits: Photography by theloveofwordss

2. Add rugs and rustic furniture

Image credits: Photography by odegarden_1917

3. Convert the attic into a bedroom

Image credits: Photography by Bridleway Barn

4. Go heavy on warm, earthy tones

Image credits: Photography by Emma Gustavsson

5. Add a big mirror and antique ornaments 

Image credits: Photography by Ashley | Our Rustic Paradise

6. Decorate with items from your childhood

Image credits: Photography by Morgan Ford

7. Play with the wallpaper or paint the ceiling

Image credits: Photography by Sarah West & Associates

8. Add low lighting

Image credits: Photography by Cristiano Grandi Simonyi

9. Spruce up your fireplace

Image credits: Photography by Amber Koogler

10. Add a wood and marble top desk 

Image credits: Photography by Clay Banks

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Sometimes, we neglect the bathroom design, but that’s a nice place to add an eye-catching rustic element or bring different wall décor ideas to life. Here are a few ideas on how to give your bathroom some rustic charm:  

1. Hang artsy mirrors 

Image credits: Photography by CarsonSpeer Builders

2. Enhance existing quirks architecture

Image credits: Photography by Kara Childress – Interior Atelier

3. Use natural wood-look tiles

Image credits: Photography by Kelly. DIY. Decor. Humor. Life.

4. Add plants (weird, but yes!)

Image credits: Photography by overton_renovation_

5. Consider installing a schoolhouse sink

Image credits: Photography by Heidi Caillier

6. Consider a rustic tile wallpaper mural

Image credits: Photography by Amy Lamb Interior Design & Editorial Photographer

7. Use vintage rugs

Image credits: Photography by James Coviello

8. Consider dark walls for larger bathrooms

Image credits: Photography by James Coviello

9. Hang a fluted glass sconce for instant rustic charm

Image credits: Photography by Kathy Kuo Homer

10. Add a rustic wood wall storage cabinet  

Image credits: Photography by ericaann60

Farmhouse design is a choice of timeless décor

Farmhouse design’s popularity can be attributed to its ability to create a welcoming and adaptable environment that resonates with diverse preferences and lifestyles. Whether integrated into separate rooms or the entire house, the farmhouse style fosters a sense of history and comfort throughout the living space. Its blend of comfort, versatility, and practicality, coupled with a nod to nostalgia and sustainability, makes it a timeless and appealing choice for interior décor. Hence, go ahead and welcome farmhouse style to your dwelling!


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7 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Seriously, BP, I hate these interiour design articles that lately popped up (kitchen islandss, room dividers...) 🙄🙄🙄 I'm here to be entertained not to read some advertisments for crappy live love laugh home designs.

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