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The Guide to Stunning Accent Wall Ideas: From Style to Step by Step
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The Guide to Stunning Accent Wall Ideas: From Style to Step by Step


Navigating the blank canvas of an apartment’s design, home decoration ideas can feel like wandering through a maze with the challenge of bringing life to the space without charm, leaving us feeling like painters without a palette. 

If you are looking for design solutions, adding an accent to your walls can quickly and easily infuse color and character into your living space. It involves creating a wall distinct from the others in color or design, creating a central piece or a contrast. 

This design strategy can change the vibe of a room, making it more inviting, sophisticated, or playful. If you’re considering incorporating a feature wall into your home decor, let’s explore whether this trend is still relevant today.

Are Accent Walls in Style 2023? Interior Trends Guide

In ancient times, accent walls were often adorned with decorative materials like tapestries, wall paintings, or intricate carvings to showcase wealth and status. During the Renaissance, opulent fabrics and ornate wallpapers adorned walls in grand palaces. In the mid-20th century, modernist architects highlighted architectural features using contrasting paint or materials. 

Today, feature walls are still a relevant design tool, allowing individuals to express creativity and add visual significance to every room while emphasizing specific architectural elements. You can create an accent wall using paint, wallpaper, wood, stone, tile, fabric, or even art that suits your style and taste. You can also choose to have one wall as an accent or mix and match different walls in different rooms. The possibilities are endless!

To help you find the perfect accent wall design for your home, we have compiled a list of some of the latest trends. We have something for you whether you want to create a central piece in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or bathroom. Check out these amazing design ideas and get inspired!


Artistic Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Journey through our collection and indulge in a world of bedroom accent wall ideas. These ideas include stunning photographic murals that create a sense of escape, optical illusion art that plays with perspective, and bohemian tapestries that radiate warmth. A masterfully designed backsplash behind the headboard can enhance the cohesive ambiance, creating an accent that inspires conversation and creativity. 

Photographic Wall Mural

Image credits: katieswallpaper

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary with stunning photographic murals. Choose from beautiful beaches, lush forests, or other tranquil scenes to add depth and create a captivating central piece. These exceptional feature walls blend art and serenity, making your bedroom a calming nook.

Optical Illusion Art

Image credits: Tiptop Home Decor

You can make your bedroom’s appearance with optical illusion art. The playful patterns and visual tricks create an eye-catching feature wall that adds depth and intrigue, making the interior appear more dynamic. This unique design element transforms your bed chamber into an artful haven where you can effortlessly unwind and relax.

Bohemian Tapestry Accent


Image credits: Society6/anipani

Add a boho tapestry to your bedroom for a warm, artistic accent wall design. Its colors and textures will add personality, creating a cozy haven. The tapestry’s intricate patterns and free-spirited vibe will transform your daily routine into a stylish experience, becoming the centerpiece of your bedroom interior.

Mirrored Magic

Create an enchanting bedroom with a ceiling to floor mirror as your feature wall. Mirrors amplify light, making the space feel more open and airy. They reflect your room’s beauty from every angle, adding elegance and extra capacity for small spaces. Mirrored walls create a captivating illusion that enhances both style and functionality.

Exclusive Accent Wall Ideas for the Living Room

Looking for wall decor ideas for the living room? Create a focal point, add contrast, or enhance the mood of your space. We will explore some exclusive ideas for the living room that will make your home more stylish and unique. Whether you prefer a cozy, modern, or artistic look, here you will find an idea that suits your taste.

Vertical Garden

Image credits: livinggreenwalls

You can elevate your living room’s charm with a vertical garden accent wall design. The backdrop of nature blends seamlessly with lush moss cascading from wall-mounted planters, infusing fresh air and vibrant hues. This greenery masterpiece invigorates the room with a calming oasis. It transforms your space into a lively and captivating haven, redefining the concept of a traditional feature wall.


3D Wall

Image credits: 3D Wall Panels

An exquisite 3D wall is a perfect way to add a striking accent that gives your living room an elegant touch of character. These panels are crafted to create a remarkable sense of depth and tactility, transforming your dull walls into a captivating masterpiece. The interplay of shadows and highlights adds a dynamic focal point that radiates modern sophistication, creating an inviting and thought-provoking space. 

Neon Glow

Add interest to the room with a neon glow and a striking accent that adds vibrant and electric energy. Neon lights effortlessly infuse the space with a modern edge, casting an enchanting glow that transforms the atmosphere after dark. This unconventional approach creates a lively central piece bound to make a bold statement and captivate all who enter.

Avant-Garde Fabric Wall


Living room with light brown fabric wall panels, large sofa and wooden table

Image credits: Mille Couleurs London

You can elevate your interior sophistication with excellently styled avant-garde details. The living room’s wall is covered with luxurious fabrics that tell a story, transforming the space into a cozy sanctuary. The fabric’s tactile richness and artistic depth create a barrier that exudes elegance and uniqueness, which can be additionally stylized with curtains.


Wood Accent Wall Ideas for Workroom

A workroom is a place where you can focus on your tasks, projects, or hobbies. It should be comfortable, functional, and inspiring. Whether you want a rustic, modern, or eclectic look, you will find wood accent wall ideas that match your vision and personality. Find out how to create a stunning wood centerpiece for your workroom.

Minimal Geometric Shapes

Image credits: thewoodveneerhubusa

Do you feel noiseless interior suits your taste the best, so looking for minimalist decor ideas? Wood paneling with geometric shapes will elevate your workroom. These clean, precise lines create a sleek, organized background that stimulates focus and creativity. The simplicity of the geometric design enhances the noiseless aesthetic, adding visual interest without overwhelming the space, making it an ideal setting for productive work.

Wood Brick for an Industrial Look

Image credits: Cancork

You can make your minimalist workroom with a wood brick wall, channeling an industrial edge. The textured, rustic charm of the brick wall adds depth and character, creating a raw yet sophisticated backdrop. This design choice infuses the space with an authentic industrial vibe, merging aesthetics with functionality for a unique and inspiring work environment.


Vertical Statement

Image credits:

Transform your workroom into a stunning space by incorporating a vertical statement wall crafted from wood. The steep wooden stripes create an illusion of height, adding a touch of architectural elegance that draws the eyes upwards. This design choice adds visual interest and enhances the room’s spatial perception, making your workroom feel more open and inspiring.

Raw Beauty of Live-Edge Wood

Image credits: taraceafurniture

You can make your minimalist workspace by incorporating a live-edge wooden feature wall. The unrefined, natural edges of the wood bring the great outdoors inside, infusing the space with warmth and authenticity. It masterfully blends minimalism’s simplicity with nature’s richness, creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere perfect for focused work.

Bathroom Concrete Finish Accent Wall

One of the ways to create a unique and modern vibe in your home is to use a concrete finish. It can add character and style to your bathroom, especially if you choose a neutral color that creates a monochromatic effect that enhances the sense of space and simplicity. The concrete finish can serve as a neutral backdrop for adding pops of color or patterns with towels, rugs, plants, or artwork. 

Textured Concrete

Image credits: Homedit

Add texture to your bathroom’s aesthetic with an exceptional surface concrete finish, infusing your bathroom with character. The tactile richness of rough concrete creates a sensory experience, adding depth to your space. This choice merges contemporary elegance with an earthy touch, redefining your bathroom as a zone of relaxation and tranquility.

Polished Concrete with Lighting

Image credits: Vipp

The reflective surface of polished concrete, in tandem with the interplay of light and shadow, generates an alluring visual effect, imparting depth and class to your interior. This design encompasses the essence of contemporary industrial aesthetics, imbuing your sanctuary with a dynamic and stylish ambiance.

Concrete Tiles

Make sure to revamp your bathroom perfectly with the subtle allure of concrete tiles adorning your feature wall. These feature intricate geometric designs and versatile patterns that emanate a refined yet warm industrial-chic ambiance. Achieve the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, transforming your bath space into a sanctuary of ingenuity.

Embedded Objects

Image credits: wetdogtileco

Add texture to your bathroom’s concrete finish with pebbles, seashells, or glass fragments to spruce up your space. This unique combination of materials adds depth and visual interest, creating a stylish and innovative oasis for you.

Paint and Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas for Dining Room

Create a unique feature wall using paint or wallpaper in a dining room where you enjoy your meals and share conversations with your loved ones. It’s a perfect and easy way to add color, pattern, and interest to your space. You can choose a wall color that contrasts or complements your interior or use wallpaper and some art pieces to add flair and personality to your wall.

Chalkboard Wall

Image credits: Bright Star Kids

While the rest of the space consists of white walls, one dark wall as a pop of color will transform your dining room. The entire wall as a chalkboard acts like a functional and fun twist to your space, inspiring personalization and artistic expression. From daily menus to motivational quotes, this versatile accent adds a dynamic touch to your dining area.

Stenciled Patterns in a Modern Design

Image credits: royalstencils

You can make DIY a floral accent wall with stencils and create modern wall art in your dining area. This accent effortlessly transforms your dining area into a captivating centerpiece that resonates with contemporary elegance and creativity by adding depth and a touch of personalized style.

Ombre Gradient with Transitioning Colors

Image credits: Chelsea Cavanaugh

This stunning accent wall technique seamlessly blends hues to create a visually captivating and immersive experience. The gradual color shift adds depth and dimension, transforming your dining area into an inviting space that sparks lively conversations. You can even make a big statement wall using bold colors and creating a gradient piece of art. 

Wallpaper with Metallic Accents

Image credits: bien.duvarkagidi

You can add to your dining room’s ambiance by incorporating wallpaper featuring metallic elements. The combination of light and shimmer creates a mesmerizing display, lending your space an air of sophistication and glamour. This choice of feature wall effortlessly blends modernity and elegance, elevating your dining experience to a new level.

How do you build an accent wall? Step-by-step guide

As we would like to help you get started, we suggest you do the feature wall steps. Follow these steps to create a stunning piece of art that transforms any space.

1. Choose the Wall.

Select a wall that’s a focal point or complements the room’s design.

2. Pick the Material.

Opt for wood, paint, wallpaper, or other textures for your accent.

3. Prep the Wall.

Clean, patch, and sand the surface for a smooth base.

4. Measure and Mark.

Use a level and tape to ensure accurate placement.

5. Apply Adhesive or Paint.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the materials.

6. Arrange the Design.

Lay out your pattern, aligning edges and corners.

7. Secure or Paint.

Attach wood panels, hang wallpaper, or paint the design.

8. Final Touches.

Add finishing touches like lighting or decor to enhance the accent.

If you have a particular project in mind, remember that the internet is chock-full of tutorials, so you’ll come across the technique you need for your design. You can look at the complete DIY guide for the geometric accent walls we mentioned to get a step-by-step breakdown.

Unlocking Best Accent Wall Ideas: Your Questions Answered!

Here, we delve into the enigma of accent walls, answering common questions. We’ve got your back whether you’re curious about rules or designs.

What is the rule for accent walls? 

The rule for feature walls is to select a single wall in a room and use a contrasting color or pattern to make it stand out from the surrounding walls.

  • Select a single wall in a room.
  • Use a contrasting color, pattern, or texture to stand out from the surrounding walls.
  • Pick a color that matches the room’s decor.
  • Have fun and experiment with different materials and decorations.

Which wall should be the accent color wall?

The wall that should be the accent color wall depends on your personal preference and style. Still, some general guidelines can help you choose. 

  • Choose a wall with a feature to highlight, like a fireplace or accent wall behind the bed.
  • Avoid walls that are uneven or have openings.
  • Consider the room’s size and shape.

What accent wall makes a room look bigger?

An accent wall can create a focal point, add contrast, enhance the mood of the small space, or make a room look bigger, depending on its use. 

  • Light colors can make a room appear bigger by standing against the darker walls and creating a brighter space.
  • A feature wall with patterns or texture can create the illusion of more space by adding depth and reflecting light.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirror walls amplify light, making the area more open, airy, and spacious.



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Community Member
5 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

You cannot be serious... You did that on purpose, didn't you? Now we have kitchen Islands, room dividers, modern farmhouse and now we are here... I told you in one of my last comments that accent walls are a point of no return... You finally disqualified yourself from contemporary interior design...

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Community Member
5 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I have an accent wall in my lounge. I hate it, was here when we moved in, think twice before doing this c**p. (It's going soon)

arik_1 avatar
Community Member
5 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

You cannot be serious... You did that on purpose, didn't you? Now we have kitchen Islands, room dividers, modern farmhouse and now we are here... I told you in one of my last comments that accent walls are a point of no return... You finally disqualified yourself from contemporary interior design...

moyamcbride avatar
Community Member
5 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I have an accent wall in my lounge. I hate it, was here when we moved in, think twice before doing this c**p. (It's going soon)

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