Hello again Cutting Edge Stencil friends! Dark florals are super trendy and look amazing in a bedroom or on a back splash in a kitchen. This DIY stencil project is simple but elegant and the finished accent wall looks like a professional did it.

Let’s get stenciling!

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The stencil used for this DIY floral accent wall is the Morning Glory Border Stencil. The paints used were Benjamin Moore Navajo White and Midnight Navy. We suggest using a 4” stencil roller and then a professional stencil brush near the baseboard. A clip-on stencil level is essential for this project to keep your stencil rows straight every time.

Follow the process to achieve the elegant floral wall

With blue painter’s tape secure your stencil to the wall. The goal is to have the bottom of the stencil as close to the baseboard as possible. Make sure the bubble in the stencil level rests in the center so your stencil is straight.

With your 4” roller you can now start stenciling! Make sure to offload any excess paint from your stencil roller onto a paper towel before stenciling the wall. If the color you chose doesn’t look deep enough at first, wait for the paint to dry completely then add a second coat. When you apply thin layers of paint, the paint should dry in no time!

Peel your stencil to reveal this gorgeous floral pattern! The dark blue really contrasts the white background.

This next part is completely optional and totally up to personal preference. We decided to flip the stencil so that the flowers faced up instead of down. If you decide to do this, remember to remove the clip-on stencil level and re-position it at the new top of the stencil. Place your stencil next to the previously stenciled pattern allowing for some space between the baseboard and the other stencil pattern. This allows the finished product to look more organic.

Repeat the same process as before. Your accent wall is going to look superb!

For the bottom portions near the baseboard simply align the stencil with the previously stenciled parts. Don’t be afraid to bend the stencil so that it fits perfectly into the crease of the baseboard.

Using a professional stencil brush, pounce the paint down towards the baseboard. This will help achieve a crisp line once the blue painter’s tape is later removed.
Peel back the stencil to reveal the finished bottom half of this gorgeous Morning Glory vine. Repeat the process until the bottom section of your floral accent wall is complete.

Now that your wall is finished, you can remove the painter’s tape from the baseboard. Look at those crisp lines!

Detailed video