My name is Bebe and I am an art director and content creator. #myheritageandi is a photo series I conceived and made last year, taking inspiration from iconic portraits of famous people with their families, pets included. I used the original vintage photos (8 in total) as a starting point and I carefully chose the models, the costumes, and the locations that were fit for giving a contemporary adaptation of the portrait. The idea was to tell playful family heritage stories: all the characters are styled with witty humor in unusual and often irreverent postures, to show that a certain ‘Joie de Vivre’ brings together, despite time lapses and generational gaps.

The picture of famous Italian actress Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere with her dog, Arturo, was inspired by iconic old photos of Hollywood divas from the 50s portrayed with their pets. All photos were shot by talented photographer Filippo Avandero.

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Herbert Tobias with his cat, 1962 by Peter h. Fürst | Carolina, socialite, with Pancita

Shirley MacLaine with Sachi Parker, 1959 by Allan Grant | Berengere, jewellery designer, with Lou

Paul McCartney with baby Stella, 1960 by Linda Mccartney | Alessandro, yuppie, with baby Bernardo

Bebe Buell and daughter Liv Tyler, 1980 | Roberto, artist, with Nina

Buster Keaton with sons Robert and James, 1924 | Angelo, Farmer Charming, with Matilde and Margherita

Heather McCartney with Martha, 1971 ca, by Linda McCartney | Nora, cutie, with Ned

Brigitte Nielsen and son,1990 by Alice Springs | Bebe, lifestyler, with baby Bernardo

Ivy Nicholson and dog, 1954 by Henry Clark | Lucrezia, actress, with Arturo