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20 Innovative Breakfast Nook Ideas to Pick From

20 Innovative Breakfast Nook Ideas to Pick From


A breakfast nook is a cozy spot in your house where you can enjoy your morning coffee and eat a meal. These beautiful spaces are functional and add style to any kitchen or living area. They first became popular in the 1920s and 1930s and have since developed with new styles and designs.


Image credits: Spacejoy.

Breakfast nook dining sets create an aesthetic and inviting atmosphere in your home. They can help enhance the kitchen area using well-thought-out furniture and seating arrangements. You should consider a couple of things before delving into these breakfast nook ideas:

  • The location is essential because you will need enough space for all your family members to be comfortable.
  • The lighting makes a difference. You can opt for natural light by setting up the breakfast nook near a window or using artificial lighting.
  • The type and design of the furniture can affect the vibe of your breakfast nook.
  • The room’s decor should work in tandem with the nook’s design so that you don’t have two contrasting elements.
  • The comfort and feel of the breakfast nook is a crucial factor. Everyone should feel at ease in this space.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 cozy breakfast nook ideas to help you create the perfect morning spot for your family.

20 Diverse Breakfast Nook Ideas to Fit Any Home

With so many options, choosing just one might take a lot of work. Take your time and pick a design that fills your heart with joy.

1. Black Finish

Image credits: Billy Jo Catbagan.

You can build a breakfast nook set with a glossy black-tiled aesthetic. A dark background helps other elements stand out perfectly. You can put colorful paintings on the walls and add cute accessories to the breakfast table.

Black tile or dark wallpapers help keep the space neat and compact. The bonus point of having a dark-themed breakfast nook is that you can be a messy eater without many consequences.

2. Monochromatic Style


Image credits: Stephan Louis.

If you have a favorite color, it makes sense to use it to design a stylish breakfast nook. You can pick a bright color like yellow and choose furniture in varying shades of that color. The most popular color scheme that people choose for breakfast nooks is grey. Combined with contemporary art pieces, these classic monochromatic styles balance edgy and understated.

3. Bold Design

Image credits: Beazy.

A splash of color and a dash of whimsy is precisely what you need to create an exciting breakfast nook. What better way to start your day than to be surrounded by many bright colors? You can pick coral tones for the chairs, bright blue for the tablecloth, floral prints for the walls, and place green plants everywhere. There is no end to how bold and bright you can be with your breakfast spot.

4. Nature-Infused

Image credits: Kenjica.

If you’ve got a green thumb, it makes sense that you’d want to add some plants to your breakfast nook bench. Plants can liven up a room better than wallpaper and accessories. Once you add some fresh greenery, you might never want to get up from the nook.


You can add elements of nature by hanging small pots and draping the vines around any latticework. There are many creative ways to pair pots and plants that can enhance your space. Adding dark brown furniture can complement the greens of the plants. All of these elements will give your kitchen a relaxed and earthy feel.

5. Minimalist Design

Image credits: Andrea Davis.

Sometimes simplicity is best, and that’s precisely what you get with minimalism. A minimalist breakfast nook might be the best way to enjoy simple pleasures without overcomplicating them. You can set up a minimalist breakfast nook using exposed brick, concrete floors, and monochromatic colors.

It is important to lean into the room’s architectural style and find pieces that complement it. You can take inspiration from other minimalist decor ideas to find elegant pieces that will fit this space.

6. Enclosed Nook


Image credits: studiomcgee.

An enclosed breakfast nook can instantly create a cozy home environment. You can use any corner in your kitchen or a smaller room to set up this space. The small breakfast nook can make everything feel intimate and inviting. The closed corners of the nook can help define space within an open-plan home. They also don’t require much furniture to set up.


7. Create a Gallery Wall


Image credits: Chastity Cortijo.

You can make the most of your wall space and animate your breakfast nook by adding eclectic art pieces. A bold and colorful DIY breakfast nook isn’t just a product of furniture. It is also based on the surrounding environment. You can choose personal art pieces to put on the wall or visit a gallery and purchase art you enjoy. The best way to make these pieces stand out is by setting up soft lights to accentuate them.

8. Shrink It Down

Image credits: virginhotelsnola.

You can still create a fabulous breakfast nook with a small apartment. You only need two chairs, a slim bistro stand, or a tulip table. Add a vase of flowers to the breakfast nook table to pull the look together.

If you want more color, maximize the wall space by adding pictures. Pendant lights or standing lamps can provide a rosy soft glow to the room. Another way to use a small space wisely is to slide a bench against a wall and add a small table in front of it.

9. Storage Space


Image credits: Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

Your breakfast nook can serve multiple purposes. You can also use it to incorporate storage which will help you save space in other areas of your house. Add open shelves near the breakfast table if you need extra kitchen storage space. These shelving units can be used to keep glasses, utensils, dish towels, and other kitchen accessories.

10. Window Facing

Image credits: cardinalescrow.

Once you place a breakfast nook near a window, you will start your day joyously. You will be able to get fresh air, and enough vitamin D. A wall of windows will keep you occupied with the lush greenery and the beautiful sounds of nature. The whole family can come together and experience a sense of bliss. The window-facing breakfast nook designs work best when they are L-shaped so everyone can look outside.

11. Retro Style

Image credits: mammothwheat.

Retro-style breakfast nooks can transport you back to simpler times. They create a playful and casual ambiance through natural lighting, wooden furniture, and simple accessories. For retro styles, white walls and accentuated windows may provide a calm background for the breakfast nook.

It is also essential to balance the homely and unpretentious rustic feel with some modern statement pieces. For example, you can pair warm wood with industrial solid black lines.


12. Modern Style

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles.

Modern breakfast nooks often have splashes of color and vibrance that the rustic look does not have. You can add many metallic furniture pieces and accessories. The breakfast nook light fixtures should be bold to tie the room together. Many modern nooks have rectangular furniture with more substantial edges to create a sharp and clean look. You can use sleek and neutral colors in this type of breakfast nook. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this list of 50 modern designs and styles.

13. Wallpaper Nook

Image credits: royalroulotte.

A breakfast nook is the best place to begin experimenting with bold wallpapers. Since a breakfast nook isn’t as formal as a dining room, you can also choose to display your playful side with the wallpaper. You can make it your space by picking bright patterns, colorful designs, and bold hues. There are so many exciting wallpaper designs to choose from that can complement the breakfast nook’s flow. Choose muted furniture to let the wallpaper do the talking.

14. Round Table

Image credits: carpendaughter.

Most breakfast tables come with rectangular shapes and straight edges. A round breakfast nook can create a softer look for the room and provide a feeling of warmth. You can also reinforce this look by adding rounded accent pieces. Round tables allow everyone to make eye contact and enjoy a pleasant meal together. The best part about such tables is that they use space efficiently.

15. Contrasting Shades

Image credits: lucindabuford.

Sticking to the same colors and patterns when decorating is interesting, but it’s even more fun to create contrast. Try mixing bright whites with dark accents or shiny metallics with rich reds. A little bit of contrast in the breakfast nook can add a touch of elegance and creativity to the decor. You can even pick from multiple of your favorite styles and mix them.

16. Outdoorsy

Image credits: GEORGE DESIPRIS.

Breakfast should be a joyous affair, and what better way to enjoy it than to sit outside? Set up your breakfast nook outside if you live in a warm climate. Use wooden chairs and a wooden table to help create an earthy environment.

You can add plants or small decorative pieces that will help you connect with nature. A sunshade would be an excellent investment for the breakfast nook to protect you during hotter days.

17. Banquette Seating

Image credits: williamssonomahome.

A banquette seat is designed to fit in smaller or cramped spaces. It is a fixed seating arrangement and usually involves a bench constructed along a wall. You can set up this corner breakfast nook in your kitchen or near a storage area. It will help maximize space and create a cozy connection spot with your loved ones. A round table can work well to build connections between all family members. Banquette seats also have long pillows that people can lean on for added comfort.

18. Lighting-Focused

Image credits: thehangmanaz.

The light fixtures you set up around your breakfast nook can dramatically affect its overall look. If you choose soft lighting, it can create an informal atmosphere. A bright white light can throw shadows and make the room feel more formal and moody. You might only need a few light fixtures if you get a lot of natural lighting. Consider the type of lights you want to install beforehand. To get creative, you can DIY lamps and chandeliers from everyday objects.

Image credits: thesummerlinhome.

There are many farmhouse breakfast nook ideas to pick from. You need to keep in mind that these styles follow a rustic and traditional set-up. You can choose natural wood grain to build the tables and chairs. A picnic bench setup also works perfectly. These simple pieces provide a warm and homely feel that makes breakfast special.

20. Convertible Breakfast Nook

Image credits: like_noah_.

You can create a breakfast nook with multiple functions. This kind of multi-functional furniture can serve many purposes. You can use it to create ample storage at home. Some people use folding chairs that can be placed under the table later on so they don’t take up much space. You will find many folding chair and table options for your breakfast nook.

What to Do After Finding the Perfect Breakfast Nook

Finding your ideal breakfast nook can be life-changing. After all, if you start the day on a great note, you’re more likely to end it well, too. A breakfast nook can do many things for your home, such as:

  • Become a place for guests and family to congregate
  • Create additional space for dining
  • Define the function of an area in an open-plan house
  • Provide comfort and a sense of calm in the morning

With all these fantastic features, it’s no wonder you’d want to design the perfect breakfast nook. Apart from this breakfast spot, you can design many other spaces in your house. Regarding decor, we all want our homes to look fantastic and feel amazing. To help make that happen, you can check out this list of other home decor ideas people use to improve their lives!

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