There’s something really satisfying about creating a useful object with your own two hands, especially if you make it with recycled materials. If helping the environment while realizing creative ideas and making crafty items appeals to you, here are some excellent DIY ideas for light fixtures like desk lamps or chandeliers that will literally brighten your day.

DIY room decor projects that also use recycled materials are becoming more and more popular with people all over the world because they give us a tangible, real way to make a small difference in our waste imprint as a species. Granted, not all of these ideas are genuinely recycling-oriented, but they can still save you a heck of a lot of money. If you’re good with your hands in any way, there’s probably a DIY chandelier project or two here that you could try out at home. And if not – check out our other DIY recycling post for more ideas! Only a few of the projects on this list require special or unusual tools.

There are tons of DIY light fixture projects out there to choose from if you’re interested – these are just some of our favorite unique chandeliers. DIY lamp projects are a great way to get started with because they are absolutely beautiful and make a very noticeable impact in your home – they’re highly visible and lovely if they are compatible with your home decor. Once you make a beautiful crystal chandelier out of leftover plastic bottles or spoons, using potential waste in other creative ways won’t seem so far-fetched.

The possibilities are endless!

1. DIY Recycled TetraBox Lamp


Designed by Ed Chew

2. Plastic Spoon Lamp


Designed by Yaroslav Olenev

3. Hanger Lights


Image credits: Natalie Sampson

4. Gummy Bear Chandelier


Designed by Kevin Champeny (NOTE: These are acrylic gummy bears. Don’t use real ones or they might melt!)

5. Chandeliers That Turn A Room Into A Forest

Designed by Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz

6. Drum Chandelier

Designed by ludwigmetals

7. Old Bike Parts Turned Into A Chandelier


Designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

8. Carved African Gourd (Calabash) Lamps

Designed by Calabarte

9. Hat Lamps

Designed by Jeeves & Wooster

10. Paper Orb Lights


Image credits:

11. Grater Lights

Image credits:

12. Doily Lamp

Designed by Isabelle Mcallister

13. Silverware Lights

Designed by Francois Legault

14. Cloud Night Lights

Designed by sheharzad

15. Globe Lights

Designed by Benoît Vieubled


16. Cup Lights

Designed by Gregory Bonasera

17. DIY Yarn Lampshade

Image credits: unknown

18. Pop Top Lampshade

Image credits:

19. Paper Starburst Pendant Light

Image credits: Gabrielle Guy |

20. Wine Bottle Lights

Designed by Chris Weylandt

21. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Image credits: