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45 DIY Headboard Ideas You Can Easily Make At Home

45 DIY Headboard Ideas You Can Easily Make At Home


The headboard may seem like the most boring piece of furniture, but that’s the story of the past. With so many designs and DIY headboard ideas floating around, you can choose from a variety of styles and have something that fits your aesthetics.  

Having a headboard on your bed might be a personal choice. However, it does provide a lot of benefits. It keeps the wall behind your bed from inevitable wear and tear and prevents you from banging your head against the wall during your sleep. And while it’s not necessary for the mattress, a good headboard does keep your pillows in place. On top of that, a stylish headboard can immediately elevate your bedroom design.    

Three brown pillows on the bed

Image credits: Izzy Hardy

If your bed frame comes without a headboard or you think it doesn’t match your style, you can always create your own headboard design from almost any material or item. This process is fairly easy and doesn’t require special craftsmanship skills. And since you’ll be using mostly things you already have at home, creating your own stylish headboard is very affordable.

So, if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your bedroom, take a look at the collection of headboard ideas that we’ve compiled for you.

1. Barn Door

Big bed in the center of the farmhouse style room 

Image credits: Anne Nygård 

If you designed your bedroom in rustic or farmhouse style, a barn door headboard will take it a notch further. The texture adds coziness, and you can paint it any color you like. 


2. Paint It on the Wall

Bed with white linen and pillows

Image credits: i_cant_even654

Your headboard doesn’t always have to be a physical object. Choose any shape and color and proceed to paint it behind your bed to create a modern headboard design.

How to: Measure the outline of your headboard depending on the size of your bed. Stick painter’s tape around the defined area. If you want your headboard to be any shape other than a rectangle or square, you may have to hand draw it on the wall with a pencil or a piece of chalk first. Now that your canvas is ready, take your favorite color paint and start painting. Once you’re done, let the paint dry, then carefully remove the painter’s tape. Your painted headboard is ready!   

3. Curtain Call

White bed near grey curtains

Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Install a curtain rod above your bed and hang curtains. You can go for drapes that either match or complement the curtains on the window

4. Your Favorite Art Piece

Two beds with white linen ii the center of the room

Image credits: Quang Nguyen Vinh

It can be abstract or traditional, created by a famous artist, or your own masterpiece. The only requirement for using an art piece as a bed headboard design is that it has to be large enough to cover the space behind your bed and add instant chic.


5. Minimalist Frame

bed with a wood headboard near a dark green wall

Image credits: kineticsauce

Sometimes, the minimal design draws more attention to itself than the most elaborate piece. A minimalist bed frame with a cutout headboard will help put other elements in your room in focus.

6. Beach Vibes

Pillows near the wall with photo frames

Image credits: Jess Loiterton

If you want to have permanent coastal summer vibes in your bedroom, create a headboard design for bed using recycled oars or even driftwood. Match it with azure bed linen and sea-themed room decor.

7. Cover It With a Blanket


Pillows on the bed with a blanket on the headboard

Image credits: janettelaneblog

If your bed already has a headboard, but it’s too dull for your taste, cover it with a blanket. It will add a pop of color to your room and instantly freshen it up. 

8. Built-In Elements

Pictures hanging on the wall in a white bedroom

Image credits: Monica Silvestre

If your bedroom wall has a built-in nook or shelf just above your bed, turn it into a DIY headboard by decorating it with simple decor pieces. 


9. Mural Headboard Design

big bed near the wall with mural

Image credits: saynihay

The easiest way to turn your headboard design into the focal point of the room is to create a custom mural. Choose any theme and color to go with the rest of the room.  

10. Pegboard DIY Headboard Ideas 

Two pillows and laptop on the bed

Image credits: natasaurus_rex

Pegboards are a great way to keep things organized. They also give you the opportunity to decorate your room and change the layout without much hassle. You can install one as a headboard that doubles as a storage facility. 

11. Canopy

White bed with white bed linen and canopy

Image credits: Nese Dolan

Ever wondered why all the princes and princesses in fairy tales slept with a canopy above their heads? Not only is a canopy a whimsical element of decor, but it also creates a visual division in the room.

12. Macrame Decor

Bed with wooden head board and ropes hanging

Image credits: Rachel Claire

If you’re looking to add more texture to the room, macrame headboard ideas will definitely help you with that. You can proudly display your own masterpiece above your head or buy something you like from a local artist. 


13. Statement Wallpaper

Big bed with light green and yellow colors cover

Image credits: Vecislavas Popa

The idea of putting wallpaper in the entire room might seem daunting, but using it as a DIY headboard is very manageable. If you’re not ready to commit to one particular color or pattern, the variety of peel-and-stick solutions will help you out. 

14. Classic Tufted Headboard

Big bed with light linens near a green wall

Image credits: etm96

Give your bedroom a touch of elegance with a classic tufted headboard. With so many detailed tutorials out there, doing this DIY project will be as easy as buying one in a shop.

15. Wood Paneling

Wooden headboard

Image credits: Polina Kovaleva 

A wood headboard doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to your bed. It can also come in the form of wood paneling that adds depth and makes things more interesting. 

16. Transform Your Space With Wainscoting

big bed with pillows and a beige cover

Image credits: homeonthehill28

Take a leaf from the book of 18th-century homeowners and install a wainscoting panel. This decorative element instantly upgrades your bedroom and serves as a perfect headboard.


17. Cheap DIY Headboard From a Shipping Pallet 

Orange cover on the bed with headboard made of pallets

Image credits: Marcelo Chagas

This is probably one of the easiest DIY headboard ideas. Choose pallets to the size of your bed, then paint, stain, or even hand-draw a design of your choice for an original upcycled headboard.  

How to:

  • Collect several pallets, wash them, and let them dry.
  • Measure the width of your desired headboard. 
  • Attach several pallets with a plank and studs on the backside to match the width. 
  • Paint the pallets with a brush, stain, or draw a custom design across the entire headboard.

18. Wire Design

Bed with a white linens

Image credits: melaniepatterson_

Modern art makes use of all sorts of materials. A headboard made of intricate wire design will add texture and give your bedroom a contemporary vibe.

19. Decorate a Shelf

Pillows on the bed near the wall with a big shelf

Image credits: TsuDohNihmh

Make a shelf that runs the length of your bed and decorate it with your favorite trinkets, collectibles, a small houseplant, or a lamp. 

20. Drape It

Bed near the lamp with blue and white linen 

Image credits: Jaycee300s

Does your bed come with bedposts? Then you should definitely try draping headboard ideas. Besides making a beautiful headboard and shielding you from the morning sun, they are also a great way to create movement in the room. 

21. Raise the Flag

Flag hanging on the wall near the bed

Image credit: himandhishome

Whether you go for a sports theme, nautical theme, or even traveler theme in your bedroom, a collection of flags and pennants as a headboard design for bed is one of the easiest ways to give your bed a fun yet sophisticated look. 

22. Garden Lattice

White bedframe in a bedroom

Image credits: Curtis Adams

Another easy and fun option from upcycled headboard ideas is a garden lattice. Whitewash it to give your bedroom an airy and playful look.

23. Customize Your Headboard Design With Fabric

Bright cover on the bed near the wall with pictures

Image credits: judyschachner

While a fabric headboard will instantly elevate your room, it can be quite pricey to order one. Luckily, you can turn it into an easy DIY project. Cut a fabric of your choice to size, cover the headboard, and secure it in place with matching ribbons. 

24. Messages on the Chalkboard

Kid’s bed near the chalkboard wall

Image credits: hunter_and_seeker

If you paint the bedroom wall behind your bed with chalk paint, you can have unlimited headboard design ideas. From drawings to motivating messages, get creative and change them every day, depending on your mood.

Tip: For this idea, we highly recommend using liquid chalk markers. Unlike traditional chalk, liquid chalk markers don’t produce chalk dust. This can be a concern, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

25. Headboard Ideas Using Rugs

Big bed with rug headboard

Image credits: Curtis Adams

Break the stereotype that rugs only belong on the floor. You can go for neutral colors or something very colorful based on your interior.  

26. Wall Decal

Big bed with white and brown linens near the wall with sticks

Image credits: KEREM KSLR 

Peel and stick wall decals are a perfect way to create a faux headboard that works great both for a rented place and if you have a small bedroom. With the variety of designs and options out there, you can always find one to your liking.  

27. Custom Shelving

Bed with colorful linens near the shelves

Image credit:

Custom built-in shelves serve a variety of functions. You can use it as a bedtime reading bookcase, a decorative element in the room, and, of course, as a creative DIY headboard. By the way, modern floating nightstands are hot right now!

28. Folding Screens Headboard Ideas

Pillows on the bed with a folding screen headboard

Image credits: hunnieluv43

Folding screens bring in visual interest regardless of their placement in the room. Get creative, and instead of using this design element as a room divider, turn it into a personalized headboard.  

29. Rattan Headboard

Pillows on the bed with rattan headboard

Image credits: Taryn Elliott

A rattan headboard is a perfect way to bring some balance to a room that is full of colors. You can use one large piece or connect several smaller pieces for this headboard project.

30. Room Partition 

Folding screen near the bed

Image credits: debra.allthingspretty

Turn an old room partition into an eye-catching wooden headboard by staining the wood. Its intricate design will provide added chic to your bedroom.

31. Through the Looking Glass

Bed with a mirror headboard

Image credits: Picas Joe

Installing a mirror as a headboard alternative adds light to the room and gives you a statement-making piece of decor at the same time. 

32. Layered Effect 

Beige bed near the wall with a green leaves wallpapers

Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

There is no rule saying you can only have one headboard for your bed. By layering different style headboards, you can make your bedroom look more interesting and add depth to it. 

33. Wood Trim Minimalist Headboard

Bed neat the wall with little windows

Image credits: Jean van der Meulen

Think outside the box and bring in materials that aren’t usually associated with headboards. For example, you can use door wood trims to create a custom headboard design.

How to:

  • Cut the ends of the casing trim at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Paint half of the trims white or any other color of your choice. You can skip this step if you want your headboard to have a natural look.
  • Arrange the trims on a piece of plywood that is the same width as your bed. You can create patterns with unfinished and painted pieces. 
  • Glue the pieces to the plywood with wood glue. Make a frame with flat trim around the sides and the top.
  • Secure the headboard on the wall behind your bed with wall studs. 

34. Hang Tapestry

Cat sleeping on the bed with striped linen

Image credits: bunnyrabbit91

Go full boho and hang a colorful tapestry for an inspired DIY headboard. You can even decorate the rod with matching ribbons or hang some pot plants on both sides.  

35. Cutout Headboard

Cutout headboard

Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

A cheap DIY headboard can be as simple as a piece of plywood cut to the size of your bed. Using a drill, create a cutout pattern of your own design.

36. Woven Cane Headboard

Bed with grey linens and woven cane headboard

Image credits: dougeasy789

Making your own woven headboard from binder cane can be a fun weekend activity. You can make several small panels or one that covers the entire width of your bed. 

37. Rope It In

Table with watch and candlesticks 

Image credits: kiaremon

There is literally no limit to the number of DIY headboard ideas you can make with some rope and a curtain rod. From just letting it hang down to braiding the rope to creating intricate woven patterns, this beginner-friendly headboard project will keep you entertained.

38. Penny Tiles

Big bed with white linens near the table with a vase

Image credits: Kampus Production

Give your bed frame a boost by attaching penny tiles to the surface of your wooden headboard. You can create an eye-catching modern headboard design that is either monochromatic or has a pattern. 

39. Magic Flying Carpet

Big bed near the wall with a carpet

Image credits: Andrea Davis

Give floor carpeting a new purpose by creating a stunning bed headboard design. Get crafty and cut it in as fancy a shape as you like before attaching it to the wall. You can also decorate it with metal embellishments. 

40. Oars, Skateboards, Surfboards 

skateboards headboard 

Image credits: bearpawhealer

If you enjoy extreme sports, show it in your headboard design style. Old oars, surfboards, or skateboards make for a funky headboard full of personality. Paint them a fresh color or even leave them as is for added texture. 

41. Industrial Meets Farmhouse

Bed with floral bed linens

Image credits: Samantha Foster

With a bit of creativity, even the most unexpected materials can turn into a modern headboard design. A sheet of corrugated metal roofing cut to your custom design will look great both in an industrial-style bedroom and against the farmhouse wooden paneling.   

42. Upholster Your Headboard

Headboard with a floral pattern

Image credits: upcyclemystuff

From re-upholstering the headboard you already have to creating a new one, you can have so much fun trying different options with upholstery. Your DIY upholstered headboard design can even consist of several smaller pieces, each covered in a different fabric, to create a boho-inspired pattern.

43. Doors & Windows

Big bed with headboard made of old doors

Image credits: Işıl

A pair of vintage doors or a salvaged window frame can become an original headboard. Whether you choose to leave the old door in its original condition or upcycle it, it will add an unmistakable uniqueness to your bed.   

44. Moulding Headboard Design for Bed

White and grey bed linen on the bed

Image credits: Curtis Adams

Moulding is a great way to add style to your walls, but it can also double as a DIY headboard. Picture frame moulding works the best, but you can experiment with different styles to find the one you like.

45. Cozy Lights

Bed with pillows near the wall with a heart shaped photo collage 

Image credits: Kristyna

Add coziness to your bedroom by installing some lights over your bed. And while store-bought neon signs can be fun, you can design something custom. It can be as simple as wrapping fairy lights around a picture frame or as intricate as your imagination decides to make it. 

Before You Start DIYing 

Whether you choose to have a painted headboard or one made from an old jute rug, implementing one of your DIY headboard ideas is sure to elevate your bedroom style and give it a one-of-a-kind look. It takes less time than you probably imagine and is definitely worth the effort. 

Bed with white linen and wooden bench nearby

Image credits: MyFaceOnTheInternet

Have More Questions?

If you’re still hesitant to start your own DIY headboard project, here are some questions you might be interested in. 

What Can I Substitute for a Headboard?

As you can see from our collection of DIY headboard ideas, there is a variety of materials and items you can use to substitute for a traditional headboard. Everything depends on your creativity and what you have at hand. 

What Wood to Use for a DIY Headboard?

Experts usually recommend using hardwoods, like cherry or mahogany, for a bed frame, including a headboard. However, if your headboard isn’t attached to the rest of the frame, plywood might work just as well.  

Bed with wooden headboard

Image credits: Cup of Couple

Is It Better to Sleep With or Without a Headboard?

The choice is totally yours. A headboard doesn’t affect the mattress, so it’s not crucial for healthy sleep. But it does provide some additional benefits, like preventing you from bumping your head on the wall, holding your pillows in place, and giving your bedroom a finished look.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Your Own Headboard?

Costs will vary depending on what materials you use. It’s also possible that you already have things you’ll need to make your own DIY headboard at home, so that also significantly reduces your costs.


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