With Valentine’s Day just one week away, it’s time to start wading through the fluffy bears and love hearts to find the perfect gift – but if you’re a gay couple, this can be hard to find.

Until now, many same-sex couples have had to improvise with gift that make no suggestion of gender, but graphic designer from Russia is about to change all that. Marat offers the couples to exchange the presents in the shape of hearts fixed in the frame. The idea is original not only because of the present itself, but also due to the fact that the couples will spend fun time together assembling the meaningful present for each other with their own hands on such a wonderful day.

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is a personal and sentimental experience, which is why we’re pleased to offer new same-sex paper hearts and give all of our love-stricken customers the ability to choose the gift that’s right for them.

Frame size 25×25 cm. Assembly instructions included.

More info: Etsy