Tattoos have always been a thing. Whether they're small and minimal or big and bold - new people keep on getting them everyday. Some even have so many of them it would be impossible to count! Then there are those people that would love to have a tattoo, but can't think of the design... If you're one of them, rejoice! Bored Panda has compiled a list of the best tiny foot tattoo ideas. Take a look, vote for favorites and be inspired!

Do you have a tiny foot tattoo yourself? Add a picture of it to this list!



tattooist_flower Report

wakolayo 2 years ago

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Tiny Foot Tattoo

soltattoo Report

Heather 2 years ago

Wow! That's so beautiful. Does it react to black light?

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Tiny Foot Tattoo

tattooist_silo Report

Rhonda Eicher 2 years ago

So nice!

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east_ssc Report

Sarah Mark Cleverley 2 years ago


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Tiny Foot Tattoo

dreamed_dream Report

jacluckycat 2 years ago

I love the whimsy of this one. I love the bold black lines; hopefully this piece retains that vibrancy.

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Tiny Foot Tattoo

Seoeon Report

Jeannie Carle 2 years ago


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Tiny Foot Tattoo

Yentl Report


Tiny Foot Tattoo

tattooist_doy Report


Tiny Foot Tattoo

Ivy Saruzi Report

Jeannie Carle 2 years ago