The weather outside should never hinder your ability to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors. Wouldn’t you agree too? A quaint little window seat is the perfect solution to enjoy nature even while you are indoors. Imagine this: it’s a super hot day, and you can’t step out in the heat. Just lounge on your window seat under the fan! And you can still enjoy nature through the window.

Or, it’s a cold, windy day. You wanna soak in the sun, but it’s too cold to step outside. Window seat to your rescue! You can enjoy the sunlight through the window while relaxing in the warm room. Trust us, this special seat is a total gem that you should definitely have in your house! 

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Window seats have been around for quite a while. But their versatility is such that they are still amongst the reigning champions of architectural elements. They can be placed in almost any space with a window. And they can easily perk up the dead areas in your house. 

Their ultra-functional ability to create an exquisite extra seating space with a view and extra storage makes them truly special. With the right cushioning and pillows, they can be the masters of creating a hygge atmosphere and chic vibe. 

Are you dreaming of having this exact vibe in your house that will also provide utility? Well, we have a list of the most unique and stylish window seat ideas to choose from. Isn’t this great? From simple DIY to stretchy and luxurious, let’s check them out one seat at a time!


Bare & Minimalist

Cozy and minimalist window seat

As it gets cold outside, even a low-profile and minimalist window seat can become a cozy, homey, and calming retreat for your seasonal hibernation. Set a sunny scene by leaving the windows bare and unadorned without curtains, letting the natural light flood in. Place simple plush pillows to match the cushioning, and tuck into comfort.

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    Cozy Window Seat Cushions

    Cozy and warm window seat with cushions

    Add life to your hallway or staircase landing by introducing a charming window seat. Bump up the comfort level by adorning the seat with double layers of cushions that are so inviting that you will want to snuggle up and never leave. With convenient storage beneath the seat, you can beautifully utilize what was once wasted space.

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    Simple Shelves For Playroom

    Playful green and white window seat

    Give a dreamy addition to a playroom with a window seat flanked by floor-to-ceiling shelves. You can also have a shelf below the seat and keep all the shelves open. Kids can never have enough toys, and this seat-and-shelf combination is the perfect solution for storage. The open shelves will make it easy for the kids to grab their toys whenever they want to play.

    The seat itself will be the perfect spot for kids' imaginations to go wild as they stare out at the wild. It can also be a comfortable sitting spot for storytime, or you can perch yourself on the seat and read your favorite novel while you supervise the kids.

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    Window Seat For Kitchen

    Cozy Kitchen window seat

    A window seat in the kitchen will double as a banquette and easily accommodate more guests at family gatherings or parties. Build the seat to chair height. Use a tufted cushion to add interest and guard against sagging. Lastly, place a table in front of it, and voila, you have the coziest breakfast nook to enjoy the most delectable meals.

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    Outstanding use of a Kitchen Enc. Saved this oine. You never kniow.


    Bunked Window Seat For Master Bedroom

    Cozy and bright bunked window seat

    Are you considering adding a window seat to elevate your master bedroom design? How about a bunk bed? Hear us out! The top bunk can be the sleeping zone, while the lower bunk will function as a roomy and snug window seat. Accessorize the seat with comfy cushions and pillows that echo the colors of the wall. A peaceful place for journaling is ready at your disposal!

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    Modern Window Seat Idea For Living Room

    Modern living room window seat

    Create a conversation corner using a polished wood window bench seat in your industrial living room. The open storage beneath the bench will give a nod to the modern style, and it can pair perfectly with your brick wall design. The wooden effect will create a warm, cozy aura and add a rustic touch. So, relax and lose yourself in the rustic charm.

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    DIY Window Seat Idea For Bedroom

    DIY pillow window seat in bedroom

    Are you looking for a place beside your bed to perch your tired limbs? We think that a window seat would be a great decision.

    No carpentry is necessary; there's a DIY option! All you have to do is pile up large, eccentric-hued, and oh-so-cozy tufted cushions. Place them so they hug the wall below the window. Throw in some patterned pillows and a soft blanket to snuggle into. This piled comfort will easily dramatize your bedroom design.

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    Reminds me of “The Days and Nights of Cannabis”. As Archie said, "Those were the days”.


    Artistic Window Seat Idea

    Artsy window seat with a view

    A little creativity never hurt nobody, right? So, get creative with your window seat idea and make an art gallery on the walls flanking the seat! It will be your creative corner to produce arts and crafts alone or with your kids. Also, you will have a picture-perfect, Instagrammable, and stylish window seat.

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    Lit Comfort

    Well lit and bright window seat

    You can let your window seat function as a reading nook even when it gets dark! Hang a vintage lantern or lamp above the seat, or opt for a modern look with a fancy wall scone or hanging pendant light, whatever suits the room design. Use bouclé fabric for the cushion and throw in a few pillows to rest your back against. Snug in and turn your nights into late-night comfy reading sessions.

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    Naturally Stunning In Neutral Colors

    Naturally lit and bright window nook

    Nestled in neutral colors, the window seat will be an absolute marvel. Pair the cushions with the walls and add a round table with wooden chairs. Complete the look with a gorgeous pendant lamp, and let the neutrals cast their magic.

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    Nature-Themed Window Nook

    Window nook filled with plants

    Engulfed in nature, let your window nook hum with green energy. All you have to do is let the plants grow wild all around the seat, and voila, your nature-themed gazing spot is ready!

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    Window/Reading Nook With A View

    Cozy window nook with a view

    Hunt for the window with the best view in your house and DIY a window seat right there. Just place a wooden seat, adorn it with cozy cushioning, and practice your artistic skills by painting the best view in the house!

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    Give me a lake front, fishing pole, a six-pack aneda can of wormy things and ready to go.


    Warm Window Nook

    Warm window nook

    Let warm colors take over your house and the warmest window seat give you the tightest hug! Add pillows and blankets and snuggle in with your pets!

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    A Wallpapered Wonder

    Colorful and vibrant window seat

    Let your window seat create an accent wall using wallpaper. You can pair the cushioning with the wallpaper pattern or colors. Go with removable wallpaper so you can have a new look or a new accent wall every season. From floral to tropical, the options are limitless to create a welcoming seat that urges you to sit, relax for a while, and just gaze outside.

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    Mini Library For Home Office

    Cozy mini library

    Having a home office where you are only surrounded by walls can get really dull after a while. And if you are a permanent work-from-home employee, then it will definitely affect you. But how about using a window seat as your home office? You can place a table in front of the sunny seat flanked by small shelves.

    Stash your favorite books on the shelves and create a mini library. You can sneak in quick breaks from work; either grab a novel, gaze out the window and relax your all-day screen-exposed eyes, or take a short power nap. Small breaks will definitely improve your productivity.

    Note: Ensure the wall near the window seat has electrical outlets to plug in your laptop and phone.

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    Coziest Window Nook

    Sleeping dog in a cozy window nook

    Framed within shelves and adorned with curtains and pillows, create the perfect snoozing spot for you and your pet, too!

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    Bright And Breezy Window Nook

    Farm style bright window nook

    A window nook in a whitewashed space is all you need for cozy reading sessions or scrolling through memes on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Pair it with soft rugs, add some plants, and complete the look with a lamp to continue reading even after sunsets.

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    Magic Of The Pillows

    Colorful and bright window nook

    Introduce color and texture into your bare space with pillows. Colorful, striped, or upholstered, it’s all up to you!

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    Spacious And Big Window Seat

    Cat sitting on a big window nook

    Let your window seat stretch from wall to wall so that you can have the most stretchy naps. A spacious window seat will also be a big help in parties or playing with your pets!

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    Tiny, Cozy, And Artsy Window Nook

    Dog laying in a small and comfy window nook

    An artsy table with a sculpture will be a perfect companion for your tiny and cozy window seat. It will also be the most ideal spot to place your hot chocolate mug while you snuggle up in winter.

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    Colorful And Vibrant Window Nook

    Colorful window nook with a pretty view

    Create a vibrant spot in your house with colorful window cushions. Pair it with a patterned curtain and let the hues create a stylish nook.

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    Gray Window Nook

    Grey and simple window nook

     Paint it all gray and get the space to while away as you watch the rain hammering against the window. Add a thick blanket, and it can double as your favorite winter spot!

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    DIY Window Bench Seat For Bathroom

    Window bench seat in a bright bathroom

    Cheer up your bathroom design with a window bench seat. No, you don't have to part with a huge chunk of money for custom carpentry. We have a DIY solution with a custom carpentry-like outcome.

    Just paint a wooden bench the same color as the walls or bathroom tiles and place it below the window. Deck it with accent cushions. You can use the space below to store toiletries. After a refreshing bath, you can sit here lotioning your body or painting your toenails.

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    There is another type of multi-functional seat for a bath room.


    Color Pop

    Colorful vibrant window seat

    Let your sunny window seat create a charming focal point in your home. It will be fun to incorporate colorful patterns and create a quirky space. Use bold-colored upholstered cushioning like hot pink, lime green, blood orange, electric blue, or fuchsia.

    Crown the look with vibrant-hued, woven pillowcases to outshine the house decor. Let the colorful seat be the star of the house and steal all the praises from your guests.

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    A Blended Window Seat

    Monochromatic color schemed window seat

    When modeling a window seat, you can style it to suit the rest of the room. Stick to the monochromatic color scheme (like gray or taupe) and let the seat blend into the wall so that it is there when you need it but not the focal point. It will be an ideal toned-down spot to spend lazy Sundays or practice your guitar skills.

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    Choose the Right Window Seat for Your Space

    Window seats can easily add value to your space as they embody comfort and functionality wrapped in a quaint charm. So, if you are pondering whether you should add this marvelous architectural element to your house, we suggest you go for it! Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the perfect window seat.

    • Firstly, go around your house and decide the spot that will look or function better with a window seat. A lonely bay window, a bathroom window flanked by vanities with a space in between, or a desolate entryway; pick the spot that would definitely glam up with the presence of a window seat.
    • Once you have finalized the spot, you can locate the window seat 6 inches below the window. This height is ideal considering safety. However, some window seats are also placed at the exact height of the window. You can decide how you like it. 
    • For ultra-comfort, let the window seat height be 16-18 inches from the bottom. This way, your feet will touch the floor instead of hanging uncomfortably in the air.
    • Place a 3-inch cushion on the seat. Or, if you want extra softness, consider a 6-inch cushion.
    • Ensure that you use weather-resistant cushioning and pillow covers. Sitting by the window all day long and getting exposed to direct sunlight and wind might dim their color. 
    • If you have the luxury of space, the ideal width of your window seat should be between 32-48 inches, and the depth should be between 12-24 inches. But you might not get this space in a tiny house, so having a tiny seat is fine. It will be the ideal spot for some ‘me time.’
    • If you are constructing a built-in window seat while remodeling, don’t forget to add storage space in the form of drawers, door shelves, or even open shelves. 
    • Lastly, trim or decorate your window seat based on your interior design. You can decorate it to stand out or blend it; it’s all up to you!

    A Space within a Space

    If you think practically, a window seat has a maximum number of pros. Extra and comfy seating, extra storage space, utilizing dead spaces, glamming up the house, an extra bed if guests come over to sleep; quite a long and beneficial list, wouldn’t you say? What else do you need to be convinced that you just need this miracle in your house? 

    Well, we’ll leave the decision up to you. But we definitely know what we would’ve chosen. If you do go ahead and gift your house a window seat, let us know in the comments which idea from our article inspired you!

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    Window Seat FAQ

    What is the Best Use of a Window Seat?

    A window seat can be used as a perfect spot to hang out with your family, snuggle up with a book, or just zone out while checking the outdoors. It can also be used as extra space for storage. 

    How Much Would It Cost to Build a Window Seat?

    A simple 3-foot-long DIY window seat would cost around $300. But if you hire a pro, the starting rate would be $500 (plus $300 to $500 for a cushion), and it could go as high as $3000 (plus $300 to $500 for a cushion), depending upon your customization and preferences. 

    How to Build a Window Seat?

    Build a window seat only if you have previous experience in woodwork. Else, you can hire a pro. If you have the experience, here are the steps to build a window seat.

    • Choose a window that has ample space around it.
    • Measure the window and buy two floating cabinets as per the measurements. 
    • Use a crowbar to get rid of the baseboards on the wall below the window.
    • Take boards to create a measured, rectangular frame (called a toe-kick) wherein you will fit the cabinets.
    • Fasten the boards of the toe-kick first to each other and then to the wall using wood screws.
    • Carefully place the cabinets inside the toe-kick.
    • Fix the cabinets to the frame using drywall screws.
    • To hide the toe-kick, attach molding to it.
    • Your seat is ready. But if you want it to blend or stand out in your space, you can apply a fresh coat of paint that suits the room’s design. 
    • Lastly, let the seat dry, and then place cozy and snug cushions and pillows on it and snooze your days away!

    How to Decorate a Window Seat?

    You can decorate a window seat using cushions, throw pillows, blankets, or overhead lights.