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A Comprehensive Guide to Use the Color Taupe – 20 Inspiring Taupe Color Ideas

A Comprehensive Guide to Use the Color Taupe – 20 Inspiring Taupe Color Ideas


Taupe, the sassy middle child between dark brown and gray, always knows how to steal the show wherever it’s placed. It’s the Neverland of hues, refusing to be boxed into a single tone. This charming palette forms the ultimate chameleon of colors. It’s adaptable, timeless, and always in style. 

living room with couch and coffee table and tvImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

A taupe enthusiast tends to lean towards the dependable, classic type of home decor. These homeowners know how to keep it real with down-to-earth shades. A warm shade of taupe is best for an earthy design in homes, offices, or restaurants.

So, if you’re looking for home decorating ideas, taupe is your trusty sidekick. Let’s show you why and how the color of taupe is one-of-a-kind color.

What Color is Taupe? – Best Taupe Paint Colors from Top Brands

Taupe is a neutral color somewhere between gray and brown tints. Taupe is often considered the key paint color that always stays in style in home decor. 

apartment with kitchen and stylish living zoneImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

What sets this versatile color apart is its timeless appeal. Taupe’s shades are often used interchangeably and can adapt to any interior design. Warm or cool taupe tones blend easily into traditional and contemporary spaces. 

Let’s list how top paint brands define different shades of taupe.

Warm or Cool Taupe Shades from Benjamin Moore

Our 5 Favorite Taupe Hues from Behr


favorite taupe colors from Behr

5 Greige & Earthy Taupe Picks from Sherwin-Williams

How did the Shade Of Taupe Come to Light?

In French vocabulary, taupe means mole, as to moleskin. Nowadays, taupe is an entire color palette of warm and cold brownish gray shades. In 2016, The Pantone Color Trend Reports featured warm tones of taupe. 

mole in the earthImage credits: Beeki

Why is Taupe a Unique Color? 

Taupe is adaptable and used in various aspects of art and design, including home decor, business branding, and fashion design. The variations of taupe offer a unique blend of brown and gray undertone that allows various other colors to easily match the rest of the design. 

minimalist photography of two white ceramic vases

Image credits: WARION Taipei

Thus, it brings many benefits as a color that can be used in warm and cool modern homes. Here are 5 reasons why taupe is a go-to choice for homeowners looking to take on taupe and transform their living spaces.


Universal, Classic Neutral Color

A light taupe color provides an ideal backdrop for any decor style. It effortlessly blends in with a variety of colors and materials, making it a universal choice in home decor.  

lounge room with soft furnitureImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Timeless & Cost-Effective

Unlike trend-centric colors, taupe is a classic choice regardless of what year we’re living in. A taupe decor is long-lasting and cost-effective for homeowners.

grey ornaments on white wooden desk inside living roomImage credits: Vecislavas Popa

Adaptable To Use For Furniture

Taupe’s adaptability extends beyond being the perfect color to paint the walls. It’s an excellent color to use for furnishings, too. You can easily mix and match colors between wall paints and pieces of furniture. Taupe can also be a perfect neutral color to merge two warm and cool areas within a house. 

Tv hanging on wall in front of soft couch and dining table Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Balance & Harmony

Taupe’s lighter shades and warm earth tones bring a sense of calmness within a space. This makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas that should feel calming and sophisticated.


bedroom interior with parquet floor and comfy bed Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy


Natural Sunlight

Neutrals like taupe have a unique ability to reflect and amplify natural light from outside into the room. This brightens up spaces, making them feel more open and inviting.

big beige sofa in the middle of the room in taupe colorsImage credits: homebymaddy

5 Practical Tips to add Taupe Color to a Home Makeover

How can colors like taupe easily blend with the existing furniture in a new home paint? What color goes with taupe? 

Let’s look at practical tips for combining taupe with other colors into your home. 

Check Outside Before “Taupe-ing” Inside.

When using taupe in interior decor, the first thing that will help you decide the correct shade is the natural light that comes in from the outside. The brighter the room, the more spacious it will look with light taupe and cream colors. One of the lightest shades of the taupe palette is Benjamin Moore White Dove

peach paper on beige wallImage credits: Anna Nekrashevich

Add Taupe Walls Painted in The House

You can create a fantastic, flowing look by combining the right taupe tints in the wall paints. Choose brownish, reddish or purple undertones when painting the walls with warm taupe shades. Opt for a blue and gray taupe color wheel for cool shades of taupe. 

furniture in minimalist interior designImage credits: Thới Nam Cao


Add Bold Taupe-Colored Accents 

Fortunately, taupe is perfect for an accent color. It provides a wide variety of shades. And in addition to this, it also blends in with other vibrant colors. The best bet is adding a colored accent. It can be a nice painting or a mix of frames on the walls.

Add daring pieces of furniture, such as kitchen cabinets or a sofa, to create a dynamic contrast. For example, a blue art painting with a dark gray sofa would fit perfectly in a modern taupe living room. 

living room with modern art paintingImage credits: DokaRyan

Opt for Monochromatic Rooms 

If you want a chic look, pick a taupe tone. It’s the best palette to create monochrome rooms. Choose the shade based on your room size and go bold with one unique taupe color in your bedroom, bathroom, hall, kitchen, living room, farmhouse, or wherever you decide that monochromatic decor fits your preferences. 

Image credits:  Max Rahubovskiy

Try Taupe Curtains & Furnishings

Taupe can turn the tables for your decor by literally painting those tables. What we mean is that taupe is a perfect color combination for furniture and decorative accessories. Curtains are a favored element to easily create a lovely focal point.


Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

20 Inspiring Taupe-tastic Decor Ideas for a Cozy House 

At this point, you probably expect 20 inspiring ideas about painting and decorating your space of interest with such a gem. Yes, the taupe palette is a real gem. 

In this curated collection, we list 20 taupe-tastic decor ideas that will transform your living spaces into modern-looking comfortable places. 

Freely Create a Mix Of Tones

Create a contemporary living space with a mix of cool taupe tones. Start with a foundation of soft gray taupe wall color for a calm backdrop. Then, add furnishings in varying shades of dark grayish taupe. 

Feel free to throw pillows of different colors that blend with a minimalist design, such as turquoise, mauve, and black. Accent the room with metallic chairs and frames for a touch of heavy luxury or to simply add some industrial vibes. 

cozy sofa and table with chairs in contemporary living room Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Splash Vibrant Colors Over Taupe

Vibrant colors might get you close to a bohemian style. If that’s not your go-to decor, you should focus on establishing a taupe-themed set for a neutral background and splashing the vibrant colors on the overall space. 

By splashing vibrant colors, we mean adding bold decor items like colorful artwork, rugs, pillows, curtains, and vibrant accent furniture. 

Opt for eye-catching colors such as deep blue, fiery red, fuschia, pink undertones, orange, or lush green to create attractive spots within the room. This is a stylish way to make your decor pop and add a playful touch to your space.

 Image credits: Get Lost Mike

Try Cool & Minimalist Interior Decor With Grayish Tones

In a minimalist set, you should design the room with a good blending of cold-toned colors instead of many luxurious furnishings. The elegance of grayish tones is ideal for a minimalist decor. You can start with a palette of muted gray for walls and flooring, creating a nice, neutral setting.

modern spacious lounge with soft sofa and tvImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Furnish the space with pieces of furniture that have clean lines and simple shapes painted in dark gray. Opt for accessories in complementary cool tones, such as pale blues or soft greens, without overcoming the space. 

spacious living room with furnitureImage credits:  Max Rahubovskiy

Add texture with dark rugs and textiles. In addition, you can try to add metallic accents like stainless steel chairs or even a brushed nickel sink. This design will create a sleek, modern space that looks soothing and minimalistic. 

living room interior with brown sectional couch and round center tableImage credits: dada _design

Feel the Country Vibes with Brownish & Warm Shade of Taupe

A country set in space is all about natural wood materials, a brownish-taupe palette, and white walls. Adding brown and warm tones of taupe is ideal in country-themed interior decor. 

You can combine white paint for maximum brightness with a soft, creamy taupe for small spaces. These bright, warm tones are suitable for painting big surfaces. Rich, brown furniture pieces like wooden dining tables or dark chocolate leather sofas are the best to add in these rooms. 

country themed interior decorImage credits: brindilles_et_nid_douillet

Complete the decor with a plush taupe rug, an antique brass, a bronze chandelier, or other rustic decor pieces like woven baskets, vintage ceramics, and flower pots. These details can efficiently complete the country-inspired look. 

woven basket in rustic decorImage credits: brindilles_et_nid_douillet

Get Taupe in the Furnishings (Living Room & Bedroom)

Consider taupe-ish furniture to combine both classic decor and modern design in your space. If you have a neutral base set, taupe is excellent for your key pieces of furniture, like sofas, armchairs, and bedding. 

Opt for varying shades of taupe when choosing the throw pillows, blankets, and the curtains. Ensure that everything harmonizes between the different taupe tones. 

bedroom with table under lamps near bedImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Get Creative for a Comfy Bathroom

The taupe palette is your bathroom-savior. Opt for tiles in the taupe palette for endless mixtures. To add a touch of creativity and luxury, try gold accents. Add these golden glimpses thanks to faucets, cabinets, bathtubs, or the shower. 

Choose taupe and gold-patterned towels, shower curtains, and bath mats to tie the color scheme together. Other additions are a plush taupe rug for extra comfort, a marble countertop for a touch of luxury, and white-framed mirrors for a perfect look. 

interior of a bathroomImage credits: Curtis Adams

Let your Creativity Out with Taupe-Themed Accents

Taupe-ish accents are extra details that make a difference in the overall design. It’s best to start with a neutral taupe setting to smooth the contrast effect of accents. Taupe-themed accents will only add depth and personality to your room. 

By taupe accents, we mean adding decorative pillows, rugs, curtains, frames, mirrors, paintings, artwork, sculptures, decorative vases, and every extra element in various shades of taupe. And no. Accents don’t necessarily need to match the overall design. They’re usually added to break the pattern.

photo of brown and white photo frames hang in wall

Image credits: heather bozman

Find the Old Soul in You with a Dose of Vintage Taupe 

A vintage taupe-themed decor in your home is a captured scene from a lifetime movie. The past of home decor is mirrored in the present and meant to live in the future thanks to vintage-themed spaces. 

Vintage is a classic home-style due to its timeless charm and warm-toned taupe colors. Start by choosing a warm-toned palette for the backdrop and opt for traditional, well-crafted furniture pieces with particular details that evoke a sense of old-world elegance.

an interior of a living roomImage credits: Curtis Adams

Consider a taupe-colored sofa with plush cushions for the living room and pair it with accent chairs. Focus on adding only vintage-inspired accessories like mirrors, framed prints, and delicate porcelain figurines.

shelf with vinyl records collection in vintage styled roomImage credits: Charlotte May

Create a romantic set for your bedroom design. Choose dark brown taupe tones for the bedding, curtains, and accent pieces. Opt for soft, luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk to enhance the coziness in the room. Install low lighting with vintage-style chandeliers or elegant bedside lamps with warm, soft bulbs to create a more intimate feel.

Image credits: visualsofdana

Transform your Kitchen with Taupe Cabinets

Taupe is the most suitable palette for painting your kitchen. It offers a wide range of tones to choose from. Plus, most of its dark tones can easily “hide” potential stains in the kitchen. 

kitchen interior with dining zoneImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Another idea for transforming your kitchen is adding taupe-colored cabinets or a kitchen island for extra stylish storage. Beige-ish countertops, multicolored rugs, and natural elements like greenery and wood accents will add texture to your kitchen.

taupe kitchen with greeneryImage credits: inside_number56

Create a Breathtaking Taupe-ish Entrance 

Creating a breathtaking taupe-ish entrance in your home, will define your interior style and impress whoever walks in. Add a few decorative objects like wainscoting, coat rack, mirrors, faux greenery, or a plush area rug in a slightly darker taupe for a beautiful and practical entrance. 

entrance with big mirror on the wallImage credits:

Consider a grandiose chandelier to enhance the entrance. Install a stylish pendant with wall sconces for cozier vibes. Family photos or artwork that resonate with the taupe theme are a great way to add a personal touch to your home.

big entrance with modern artworkImage credits: PIRO4D

Combine In & Out Design 

Blending taupe in your interiors and exteriors creates a harmonious and flowing transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Select a taupe tone for exterior elements like doors, gates, and porches. A beige-ish taupe is an easy neutral tone to blend in various architectural styles and natural surroundings.

modern apartment hallway with creative mirrorImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Carry the taupe theme inside by using similar tones for your interior design. This continuity blurs the boundaries between the two spaces and creates a sense of unity.

outdoor designImage credits: mygreeenworld

Play with natural materials like stone, wood, or even taupe-colored tiles to connect indoor and outdoor flooring. Use large windows or glass doors to allow natural daylight to flood both areas. Accessorize with plants, both indoors and outdoors. 

a brown couch inside the living roomImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Try Taupe-Colored Staircase

A taupe-colored staircase can serve as a stunning focal point in your home. That’s because it adds a touch of classic beauty to your space. Moreover, designing a taupe-colored staircase can help you facilitate the rest of your decor.

spiral staircase in modern houseImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Start by painting the stairs in a soft taupe tone that complements the overall scheme of your space. Consider using a durable and easy-to-clean paint for the steps. Use a slightly darker tone of taupe for the handrail and balusters. 

view of a home interiorImage credits: Curtis Adams

Create a contrasting look with a vibrant, decorative runner. This kind of contrast can highlight the architectural details of the staircase and make it look better.

living room and stairs in homeImage credits: Curtis Adams

Enrich a Monochromatic Look by adding Faux Greenery 

If taupe can provide smooth, plain decor, you should get creative and break the monochrome design. Enhance a taupe-themed decor with vibrant flowers, faux greenery and plants. Pick a range of leafy plants and colorful flowers to create a visual mini garden inside.

mini garden on the shelvesImage credits: noneo

Consider using decorative planters or pots. Hanging decorative, artificial plants can create a captivating visual effect and draw attention upward. This will make the room look more spacious.

house with flowers and modern furnitureImage credits: Jonathan Borba

Opt for large, leafy plants to make a statement in the house. Place the plants in the room’s corners, ensuring they receive the right amount of sunlight. Miniature plants like cacti can be arranged on shelves, side tables, or window sills for a natural touch. 

wooden bench and stools in a cozy roomImage credits: Catherine Augustin

Try Exterior Taupe House Color Combinations

Using a taupe palette externally involves applying the taupe palette to the outdoors of a living space. Taupe is the best for external design. It offers different textures and tones. For instance, use taupe-colored stones or bricks for a rich and modern look.

rectangular brown wooden tableImage credits: Blank Space

Pair the taupe palette with natural elements to enhance the pattern outdoors. For example, you can use taupe-colored wood for decks or fences. Moreover, if you have a pergola, you can easily paint it in a taupe palette. Plus, choose outdoor furnishings and the outdoors decor in alignment with the palette to tie up the entire look. 

terrace of villa with swimming poolImage credits: Milada Vigerova

Choose Taupe for your Kids Bedroom 

If you think taupe is dull, you will be surprised how it can beautifully create a vibrant kid’s bedroom. It is excellent for painting key elements like bedding and curtains to establish the color theme. Plus, it creates a neutral set to hang digitally printed images.

white bed linen on bedImage credits: Huynguyen_pch 

Choose functional and adaptable furniture pieces in creamy tones and break the pattern with dark brownish shelves, drawers, and bins.

baby room in light colorsImage credits: e1ifim_

Add playful decor items like colorful accents, a themed rug, toys, or a cozy reading nook with bean bags and floor cushions to protect and entertain the kids.

light children room with colorful accentsImage credits: fromsoofwithlove

What You Need to Remember About Taupe Colors Combinations

Taupe is a versatile color that falls between gray and brown. It is popular for its adaptability and timeless appeal in interior design. 

The term “taupe” originated from the French word for mole, reflecting its warm and cool brownish-gray shades.

Top paint brands offer a range of warm and cool taupe shades, providing flexibility for different design preferences. 

Taupe’s unique blend of brown and gray undertones allows it to complement various colors in a design. It offers several benefits, including its ability to create a sense of calmness and balance in a space and its capacity to enhance natural light.

We have provided practical tips for incorporating taupe into interior design. In these tips, we suggest considering natural light, the right shade for walls, and adding taupe colored accents and furnishings. 

Additionally, we have offered creative decor ideas for using taupe. These ideas lead to creating taupe-themed decor by mixing tones, adding vibrant accents, creating a minimalist look, achieving a country-themed set, mixing vintage elements, and using taupe outdoors and in children’s bedrooms.

FAQs address common questions about taupe, such as its undertone compatibility with gray, beige, and brown. 


What color is in taupe?

Taupe used to describe the mole’s color. It represents the first choice of interior designers in both traditional and modern decor. It represents its color palette of neutral hues with a wide range of undertones between gray and brown tints. 

Is taupe gray or beige?

Taupe is a little bit of both! Beige is a taupe’s undertone, closer to a lighter brown. Gray is more of a “mum color” for cool tones of taupe. 

Does taupe go with gray?

Many taupe’s colors arise from gray. Therefore, all gray and blue tints that lead to cool colors go with taupe. 

Is taupe lighter than brown?

A few taupe shades, like creamy tones, are lighter than brown but not taupe itself. It’s not a specific color. 

How do you mix the color taupe?

First, define your overall design when walking in your room, office, home, or wherever you plan to decorate and paint. 

Secondly, choose the tone that fits you best. Opt for gray pastel tones for a cool taupe design. On the other hand, it’s best to choose creamy and brownish tones for a warm taupe design. 

What color is taupe vs. beige?

When you think of beige, you think of sand. That’s the undertone of it, a pale yellow tint. Taupe comes up with new tones of this sandy color in warm tints.


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Ima Manimal
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2 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

It’s a nice, neutral color, but when used exclusively without color accents, it presents as incredibly boring.

imamanimal avatar
Ima Manimal
Community Member
2 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

It’s a nice, neutral color, but when used exclusively without color accents, it presents as incredibly boring.

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