Paper paper on the wall, what’s the best kitchen wallpaper of them all?

Yes, the Queen Grimhilde within us can curiously arise when seeking perfection for our interior designs. Now, would a Queen wallpaper her kitchen? Definitely, yes! An Evil Queen like Grimhilde would prefer Victorian wallpaper with arsenic in it. Hence, we at Bored Panda encourage modern queens and kings to seek kitchen wallpapers that speak to YOU.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the most favored and warm space for us. Hence, we want it to look beautiful, customized to our taste, and practical for our lifestyle. Therefore, we created an awesome collection of 20 cool kitchen wallpaper ideas. To answer all the questions you may have, we went for a few short informative sections at the end of the article to ease your decision in finding the best kitchen wallpaper.

Kitchen with flower pattern wallpaper and white cupboardsImage credits: Sidekix Media.

20 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas to Rock Your Culinary Space

Materials, textures, and patterns play pivotal roles in selecting the perfect wallpaper. So, whether you’re exploring the latest trends or just needing a burst of inspiration, you’re under the right tree. Now, let’s hop into 20 kitchen wallpaper designs that can be real game-changers.


Create A Vibrant Fruit-themed Wallpaper

Kitchen wallpaper with strawberries

Revitalize your kitchen with vibrant fruit-themed wallpaper. ‘Strawberry Is My Jam’ Wallpaper by Nathan Turner displays small red strawberries and offers backgrounds in different colors (yellow, white, blue sky, pink, and peach). Another design we highly suggest is the Peel and Stick Strawberry Wall Decal from the Epakh brand. This delightful design adds color and energy to your culinary space, making it a visually enchanting haven. Report

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Matte Peel & Stick Marble Wallpaper

Kitchen with marble wallpaper countertop

This veined wallpaper mimics the look of marble countertops and effectively brings the elegance and luxury of real marble into the space. The result is a stylish and contemporary design. Report

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Subtle Damask Patterns

Kitchen with gray flower wallpaper

Damask patterns bring a timeless elegance to the room, offering a quiet luxury that exudes sophistication. Moreover, it’s easy to add in various spaces. The example below shows a gray patterned damask wallpaper with flowers and leaves as a kitchen backsplash. Report

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Floral Kitchen Wallpaper

Kitchen with colorful flower wallpaper

Transform your kitchen into a fresh and inviting space with Eucalyptus Leaf Wallpaper made of durable vinyl material. The soft green hues and leaf patterns bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a serene and stylish accent wall. Report

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Floral Wallpaper With Wildflowers

Kitchen with colorful floral wallpaper and creamy color cupboards

Another pretty decor idea we suggest is a floral wallpaper pattern with wildflowers used as a kitchen backsplash. It fits perfectly with rural and vintage kitchen decor and wooden furniture. Report

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Geometric Kitchen Wallpaper Design

Kitchen with geometric wallpaper and chairs

Geometric patterns are always impactful whether you go for a light background or a dark one. This white and silver geometric kitchen wallpaper design can be placed on the walls, on the cabinets, or in other areas to create a visual break in the overall decor. Report

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Gold And Black Geometric Wallpaper

Room with gold and black geometric wallpaper painting and pillows

On the other hand, gold and black geometric wallpaper draws attention and also covers imperfections. This geometric pattern on vinyl wallpaper turns this breakfast nook into a cozy and stylish spot in the house. Report

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Vintage Style For Old Souls

Room with blue vintage style wallpapers and blue sofa near fireplace

If you’re an old soul, opt for classic floral patterns and beige or taupe colors that evoke nostalgia. Specific green and blue shades also bring in a vintage vibe. Pair it with rustic elements like wooden cabinets, antique kitchenware, and an open pantry to create a cohesive and timeless aesthetic. Report

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Botanical & Tropical Pattern

Kitchen with botanical and tropical pattern wallpaper and blue cupboards

Botanical and tropical patterned wallpapers are ideal for kitchen backsplash. This vibrant choice brings the outdoors in, infusing your culinary space with the freshness of nature. Report

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Metallic Checkerboard Tile Backsplash

Kitchen with metallic checkerboard tile backsplash and cupboards

One of the most favored kitchen wallpaper variations mimics tiles perfectly and is budget-friendly. This metallic checkerboard tile backsplash wallpaper is a high-impact design to add timeless appeal to your culinary space. The metallic accents add a modern touch and make a bold statement. Report

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Basketweave Peel & Stick Tile Backsplash

Kitchen with basketweave peel wallpaper and wooden countertop

The Basketweave Peel & Stick Tile Backsplash wallpaper blends smoothly with the kitchen’s overall decor. This easy-to-apply wallpaper effortlessly blends classic design with modern days, creating a chic and sophisticated culinary space. Report

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Minimalist Wallpaper Design

Kitchen with white minimalist square pattern wallpaper

This minimalist tile backsplash creates an illusion, making it seem like the tiles are connected with tiny diamond-shaped dots. Report

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Granite Wallpaper

Kitchen with granite looking wallpaper and white countertop

Faux granite wallpaper for the kitchen is another ideal choice to add a touch of timeless elegance and luxury to your cooking space without breaking the bank. Report

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Natural Stone Wallpaper

Kitchen with natural stone wallpaper and white cupboards

Bring rustic vibes to your kitchen by decorating it with kitchen wallpaper mimicking a stone pattern. This texture adds a natural elegance, effortlessly blending modern design with old country kitchens for a cozy culinary space. Report

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Farmhouse Style Floral Wallpaper

Kitchen with flower wallpaper and white shelves with spices

Farmhouse design will always be the go-to decor option for culinary spaces. Combining wooden elements and delicate flowers with a light sandy background is a sure way to create a harmonious and sweet ambiance. Report

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Colorful Tile Backsplash

Kitchen with colorful mosaic tile wallpaper and green cupboards with flowers

A traditional, colorful tile backsplash is ideal for bringing an extra touch of vibrancy and personality into the heart of your home—the kitchen. Whether a bold mosaic or a playful pattern, a colorful tile backsplash effortlessly transforms the space. Report

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Renaissance Kitchen Wallpaper Design

Kitchen with black renaissance flower wallpaper and white cupboards

Renaissance art is perfect for bedecking a large living room or a corner in a spacious kitchen. We suggest this Gothic peel-and-stick wallpaper for a dark, dramatic look that makes you feel like cooking in a Victorian kitchen. Report

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Chic Striped Wallpaper Patterns

Room with white and gray chic stripped wallpaper and white cupboard

This durable and waterproof option is both practical and stylish. A horizontal striped pattern also makes the ceiling appear higher. It’s an ideal design to stick on an entire wall or a special corner. Report

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Modern Polka Dots Kitchen Wallpaper

Kitchen with modern yellow polka dots wallpaper and white shelves

Polka dots are always a sweet and playful design choice. This yellow and white polka dot wallpaper easily blends with the rest of the elements in this vintage-inspired kitchen. Report

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Dalmat-looking Self-adhesive Mural

Room with dalmant looking self adhesive mural wallpaper and chair

If you’re a fan of bigger dots and Dalmat-looking walls, we suggest taking a closer look at the next example. This beautiful self-adhesive mural makes this accent wall unique thanks to its special design of brushed black dots on a white background. Report

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Chalkboard Kitchen Wallpaper

Room with chalkboard and table

Chalkboard wallpaper is a popular choice in many places, yet it’s especially favored in kitchens. It’s versatile, fitting in everywhere from schools to restaurants to our own homes. Report

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Moroccan-patterned Wallpaper

Room with Moroccan patterned wallpaper gray sofa and table

Moroccan style is the best pattern to create a centerpiece in the room. No matter what you choose for paint colors or furniture, a Moroccan backsplash is always the first to draw attention.This is a classic example of a Moroccan-style kitchen wallpaper in black and white. Report

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Colorful Moroccan Design

Kitchen with green Moroccan wallpaper with green and white cupboards

This is a more complex Moroccan design than the example above. This one features various geometric shapes in soft shades of green and white. Report

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Flooring With Moroccan-patterned Wallpaper

Room with Moroccan patterned floor wallpaper

Moroccan designs vary in style and often have more vibrant colors than the previous ones. Our last recommendation for Moroccan-patterned wallpaper (or, in this case, floor paper) is to use it for the flooring. Report

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Classic Checkered Patterns

Kitchen with checkered pattern wallpaper and white cupboards

Play checkmate with your black and white kitchen decor. The perfect combination of crisp white and black squares adds a touch of classic elegance and a timeless design to your culinary space. , Zac Gudakov Report

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Black Crocodile Skin Wallpaper

Room with dark crocodile skin wallpaper and black table with chairs

Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen by decorating one specific corner with black crocodile-skin-themed wallpaper. This bold choice exudes sophistication, creating a captivating focal point with a hint of glamorous texture and style. Report

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Abstract Wallpaper Decorations

Room with dark geometrical with purple lines wallpaper and table with drinks and chairs

Abstract design wallpaper isn’t the easiest to blend with the rest of the decor. It’s best to consider it only in large kitchen areas, such as in restaurants, indoor banquettes, or bars. The example below is an abstract design with geometric shapes, black background, and purple lines. Report

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Mouse Hole Wall Sticker For The Gags

Mouse hole on the purple wall with home sweet home sign

If you want to create an optic illusion and add a fun little detail to your kitchen, get creative with this peeking mouse sticker. Imagine guests walking in and seeing it on your cabinets. Cue the gasps! Report

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Kitchen Wallpaper Market in 2024

According to the latest Data Bridge Market Research reportthe global wallpaper market is projected to increase at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 3.89% from 2023 to 2030, with “Vinyl” dominating both residential and commercial use. That’s due to a surge in demand in the DIY home renovation market. 

Future Market Insights, however, suggests getting ready for a peel-and-stick revolution. The removable wallpaper market is set to rock a strong growth of 3.5% CAGR by 2032. Homeowners and renters love removable wallpapers because they eliminate the mess. They are easy to remove, preserve the paint, and leave no sticky residue on the surface. The hype is real: just peel, stick, and you’re good to go! 

What Kitchen Wallpaper Designs Will Be Trending in 2024?

Wallpapers are here to stay, marking a notable trend in home decor for 2024. Hovia, a top wallpaper brand, spills the tea on the hottest wallpaper trends for 2024. We can expect four dominating styles:


“More Is More”

Kitchen with blue cupboards and marble table

In 2024, maximalism, known as the “more is more” design style, will hit the charts. This trend brings vibrant and clashing colors like cobalt blues, oranges, pinks, and greens into play. Maximalist kitchen wallpaper designs will feature geometric retro patterns and motifs.

Murat Demircan Report

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Modern Farmhouse

Room with gray flower wallpaper mirror and cupboard

In 2024, we will witness the growth of the Modern Farmhouse style (highly preferred in the US), blending Scandinavian and Japanese elements. Warm neutral tones and playful patterns, like floral and gingham, will be present through wallpapers and furnishings. Report

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New Spirituality

Room with colorful boho style wallpaper and white sofa with empty bowls near

New spirituality, the third trend, is reminiscent of Boho decor. It brings symbols of spiritualism, celestial motifs, and earthy tones into home interiors. The color palette will feature calming, earthy neutrals and deep greens and blues. Report

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Wallpaper Lines Design

Room with gray line wallpaper and white chair with rug

The last trend to expect, based on Hovia’s analysis, is wallpapers with linear forms. This trend promotes hand-crafted design with lines featuring earthy neutrals, soft greens, and warm browns. Report

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Wallpaper

Are you considering kitchen wallpaper, but you're still unsure how to pick the right one? We’ve got the ultimate checklist to guide you through the process. So, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or seeking professional installation, this checklist covers it all.

  • Lighting: Check how your wallpaper looks with natural and artificial light.
  • Ease of Installation: If you choose to DIY, choose easy-to-install wallpaper.
  • Balance: Choose patterns that complement your kitchen’s colors.
  • Samples: Order samples to test how the wallpaper looks in a real setting.
  • Costs: Set a realistic budget that covers purchase and maintenance.
  • Material: Opt for washable and durable materials like vinyl and woven. 
  • Resistance: Opt for moist-resistant and easy-to-wipe-clean wallpapers.
  • Maintenance: Choose an easy-to-maintain wallpaper for lasting vibrancy.
  • Longevity: Invest in durable, long-lasting wallpaper for high-traffic kitchens.
  • Theme: Select a design that reflects your style and you’d love to see every day.

Image credits: Vitaliy Zamedyanskiy.

Pros and Cons of Using Wallpaper for the Kitchen Walls

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of having wallpaper in your kitchen.


  • Multiple color and design options will suit any kitchen.
  • Conceals wall imperfections and creates a polished surface.
  • Wallpapers accentuate areas you want to showcase.
  • Peel-and-stick options allow switching up designs in the future.
  • Wallpaper elevates decor by adding patterns and texture.


  • Quality wallpaper can be pricey.
  • Following trends may lead to a dated look, needing frequent updates.
  • Traditional wallpaper isn't moisture-resistant, not ideal for kitchens.
  • Traditional wallpaper removal is time-consuming and may damage walls.
  • Some wallpapers are hard to install and need lots of precision.

Bottom Line

We have done our part, now, it’s your turn! Comment below your favorite design and share this article with friends ready to spice up their kitchens with style!

Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy.


Should You Have Wallpaper in Your Kitchen?

This is a matter of personal preferences. Installing wallpaper in the kitchen can be a game-changer in your space. Just be mindful of choosing a practical alternative in the long term. With the right choices, wallpaper can elevate your kitchen decor and make a lasting impression. 

What Type of Wallpaper is Best for Kitchens?

Opt for washable and durable wallpaper materials like vinyl or woven polyester. These wallpapers are the best for a high-traffic space that needs frequent cleaning. Consider peel-and-stick options for easy application and removal. Consider your style preferences. The best kitchen wallpaper is one that you find aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Is Peel and Stick Wallpaper Good for Kitchen Backsplash?

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash. It’s not only easy to install but also allows for hassle-free removal and adjustments. Look for durable and washable peel-and-stick options. This choice will help you follow the interior design trends and update your kitchen backsplash more frequently.