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Diana Lopetaitė Verified new

Diana Lopetaitė

Hey there, Pandas! My name is Diana (though some prefer to refer...

Aelita Senvaitytė Verified new

Aelita Senvaitytė

BoredPanda Staff

My name is Aelita and I have been an Editor for Bored...

Gabrielė Malukaitė Verified new

Gabrielė Malukaitė

Hi there! I'm Gabrielė, but you can also catch me responding to...

Rokas Laurinavičius Verified new

Rokas Laurinavičius

BoredPanda Staff

Rokas is a writer at Bored Panda with a BA in Communication....

Jonas Grinevičius Verified new

Jonas Grinevičius

BoredPanda Staff

Storytelling, journalism, and art are a core part of who I am....

Ilona Baliūnaitė Verified new

Ilona Baliūnaitė

I'm a Visual Editor at Bored Panda since 2017. I've searched through...

Violeta Draseikaitė Verified new

Violeta Draseikaitė

BoredPanda Staff

My name is Violeta and I am an editor here at Bored...

Mindaugas Balčiauskas Verified new

Mindaugas Balčiauskas

BoredPanda Staff

I'm a visual editor at Bored Panda. I kickstart my day with...

Ieva Midveryte Verified new

Ieva Midveryte

Hello Pandas! My name is Ieva, though it's often mistaken for the...

Justinas Keturka Verified new

Justinas Keturka

I'm the Visual Editor at Bored Panda, responsible for ensuring that everything...

Monika Pašukonytė Verified new

Monika Pašukonytė

BoredPanda Staff

I am a visual editor here. In my free time I enjoy...

Mantas Kačerauskas Verified new

Mantas Kačerauskas

BoredPanda Staff

As a Visual Editor at Bored Panda, I indulge in the joy...

Gabriela Zagórska Verified new

Gabriela Zagórska

BoredPanda Staff

My name is Gabriela, and I’m a Community Manager at Bored Panda....

Adelaide Ross Verified new

Adelaide Ross

Howdy, I'm Adelaide! I'm originally from Texas, but after graduating from university...

Greta Jaruševičiūtė Verified new

Greta Jaruševičiūtė

BoredPanda Staff

Greta is a Photo Editor-in-Chief at Bored Panda with a BA in...

Kotryna Br Verified new

Kotryna Br

Kotryna is a Photo Editor at Bored Panda with a BA in...

Jurgita Dominauskaitė Verified new

Jurgita Dominauskaitė

BoredPanda Staff

Having started as a content creator that made articles for Bored Panda...

Justin Sandberg Verified new

Justin Sandberg

BoredPanda Staff

I am a writer at Bored Panda. Despite being born in the...

Gabija Palšytė Verified new

Gabija Palšytė

BoredPanda Staff

Gabija is a photo editor at Bored Panda. Before joining the team,...

Oleg Tarasenko Verified new

Oleg Tarasenko

BoredPanda Staff

After many years of working as sports journalist and trivia game author...

Justė Barkauskienė Verified new

Justė Barkauskienė

BoredPanda Staff

Justė is a copywriter here at Bored Panda, and though her studies...

Andréa Oldereide Verified new

Andréa Oldereide

Hey, my name is Andréa and some people call me "Dré". I...

Indrė Lukošiūtė Verified new

Indrė Lukošiūtė

I am a Visual editor at Bored Panda, I'm determined to find...

Viktorija Ošikaitė Verified new

Viktorija Ošikaitė

BoredPanda Staff

I'm a visual editor here at Bored Panda and I enjoy a...

Miglė Miliūtė Verified new

Miglė Miliūtė

BoredPanda Staff

A writer here at Bored Panda, I am a lover of good...

Lina Davidavičiūtė Verified new

Lina Davidavičiūtė

BoredPanda Staff
Gabija Saveiskytė Verified new

Gabija Saveiskytė

BoredPanda Staff

Hi there! I am a Visual Editor at Bored Panda. My job...

Ieva Pečiulytė Verified new

Ieva Pečiulytė

BoredPanda Staff

I'm a Visual Editor for Bored Panda. I’m also an analog collage...

Eglė Radžiūtė Verified new

Eglė Radžiūtė

BoredPanda Staff

Hi, I'm Egle! If you made it onto this page, you may...

Julija Nėjė Verified new

Julija Nėjė

BoredPanda Staff

I joined Bored Panda as an image editor back in 2014, during...

Donata Leskauskaite Verified new

Donata Leskauskaite

BoredPanda Staff

Hey there! I'm a Visual Editor in News team. My responsibility is...

Akvilė Petraitytė Verified new

Akvilė Petraitytė

BoredPanda Staff

I’m a “one-man orchestra” both in life and here at Bored Panda,...

Karina Babenok Verified new

Karina Babenok

BoredPanda Staff

As a visual editor in the News team, I look for the...

Denis Krotovas Verified new

Denis Krotovas

BoredPanda Staff

I am a Visual Editor at Bored Panda. While studying at Vilnius...

Eligijus Sinkunas Verified new

Eligijus Sinkunas

BoredPanda Staff

I’m a visual editor for Bored Panda, trying to find and...

Dominyka Proškėnaitė Verified new

Dominyka Proškėnaitė

BoredPanda Staff

I'm a Visual Editor at Bored Panda, crafting captivating visual content to...

Rugilė Žemaitytė Verified new

Rugilė Žemaitytė

BoredPanda Staff

As a Visual Editor at Bored Panda, my favorite part of the...

Austėja Bliujūtė Verified new

Austėja Bliujūtė

BoredPanda Staff

Hey there! I'm Austeja, a writer with a knack for capturing everything...

Vėja Elkimavičiūtė Verified new

Vėja Elkimavičiūtė

BoredPanda Staff

I'm a visual editor at Bored Panda. Looking at pets and memes...

Binitha Jacob Verified new

Binitha Jacob

BoredPanda Staff

Working as a writer for Bored Panda offers an added layer of...

Marina Urman Verified new

Marina Urman

Marina is a journalist at Bored Panda. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,...

Kornelija Viečaitė Verified new

Kornelija Viečaitė

Hi there, fellow pandas! As a person (over)educated both in social sciences...

Neilas Šurkus Verified new

Neilas Šurkus

BoredPanda Staff

I'm Neilas, Content Production Manager for Bored Panda in the Home &...

Justina Čiapaitė Verified new

Justina Čiapaitė

BoredPanda Staff
Larsas Jaseliūnas Verified new

Larsas Jaseliūnas

BoredPanda Staff

I started as a writer, but time came when I wanted more,...

Ugnė Bulotaitė Verified new

Ugnė Bulotaitė

I am a writer at Bored Panda. I have loved creating and...

Dominykas Remeika Verified new

Dominykas Remeika

BoredPanda Staff
Austeja Zokaite Verified new

Austeja Zokaite

Hi, glad you swung by! My name is Austėja, and I’m a...

Margo Butautaite Verified new

Margo Butautaite

BoredPanda Staff

Sometimes the world can be a dark place but you just how...

Simona Kinderytė Verified new

Simona Kinderytė

BoredPanda Staff

I'm a visual editor at Bored Panda. Before joining the team, I...

Ugnė Lazauskaitė Verified new

Ugnė Lazauskaitė

I am employed as a Visual Editor in the news team. I...

Dominykas Zukas Verified new

Dominykas Zukas

Hey! I’m Dominykas, and I come from Lithuania. According to my diploma,...

Karolina Kondratavičiūtė Verified new

Karolina Kondratavičiūtė

I am a content creator for the Shopping category here at Bored...

Beverly Noronha Verified new

Beverly Noronha

You can call me Bev! I'm a writer who mainly creates content...

Lilien Hester Verified new

Lilien Hester

BoredPanda Staff

Lili ended up in Vilnius, Lithuania out of her curiosity for studying...

Marija Bernatonytė Verified new

Marija Bernatonytė

BoredPanda Staff
Natallia Pisarenka Verified new

Natallia Pisarenka

BoredPanda Staff

I work as a visual editor at Bored Panda and my main...

Rutuja Dumbre Verified new

Rutuja Dumbre

BoredPanda Staff

Hey, am Rutuja! A storyteller at heart and a writer at Bored...

Eglė Bliabaitė Verified new

Eglė Bliabaitė

BoredPanda Staff

Hi, I'm Eglė, and I am a visual editor at Bored Panda...

Evelina Šiukšterytė Verified new

Evelina Šiukšterytė

BoredPanda Staff

Photo Editor Assistant at Bored Panda.
In 2023, Evelina graduated from the Photography...

Obinna Mbajunwa Verified new

Obinna Mbajunwa

My name is Obinna often shortened to Obi (like Kenobi without the...

Donata Ruzgaitė Verified new

Donata Ruzgaitė

BoredPanda Staff

I work as a visual editor at Bored Panda. I start my...

Laura Lokkie Verified new

Laura Lokkie

BoredPanda Staff

Not a bored panda... I'm an angry turtle! :P

Eglė Tenikytė Verified new

Eglė Tenikytė

Photographer and creative content creator with 10 years of experience, currently living...

Marija Baranauskaitė Verified new

Marija Baranauskaitė

BoredPanda Staff
Viktorija Strelciunaite Verified new

Viktorija Strelciunaite

King Panda Verified new

King Panda

BoredPanda Staff
Coral Drake

Coral Drake


As a certified dog lover with nearly a decade of experience, I...

Christian Monson Verified new

Christian Monson

Christian Monson is a professional writer originally from Arkansas. In addition to...