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Mindaugas Balčiauskas Verified new

Mindaugas Balčiauskas

BoredPanda Staff

Shaping stories with captivating imagery


  • BA in Audiovisual Art and Photography in Vilnius Design College

Activity & Interests

  • Managed to capture detailed photos of bugs so close up, they could practically ask for a modeling contract
  • Embarked on countless adventures only to discover that the scenic route they chose led to a dead end or someone's backyard
  • Successfully completed games by relentlessly mashing buttons with the precision of a caffeinated octopus
  • Known for rocking the latest Muay Thai shorts with flashy designs that blind opponents with style before delivering the knockout blow
  • Experimented with filters and editing apps to the point where photos no longer resembled reality
  • Successfully procrastinated on tasks so long they became irrelevant


I'm a visual editor at Bored Panda. I kickstart my day with a mug of coffee bigger than my head, ready to tackle Photoshop. I navigate through the digital jungle with finesse, fueled by bamboo breaks and caffeine kicks. When the workday winds down, you might catch me devouring bamboo snacks while binging on the latest TV show, gaming or I could be out in nature, soaking up the tranquility and communing with my inner panda.