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Adelaide Ross Verified new

Adelaide Ross

BoredPanda Staff

Connoisseur of art, memes and adorable animal content.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Oklahoma City University

Activity & Interests

  • Have been to 19 countries and lived in 4
  • Obsessed with fitness classes including boxing, barre and tennis
  • Run a vegan Instagram account featuring all of my delicious eats
  • Dedicated second hand shopper who can find a fabulous outfit in any thrift store
  • Can sleep through anything including earthquakes and breaking my arm
  • Passionate about sustainability and saving the planet
  • Master at improvising new songs to serenade my cat with


Howdy, I'm Adelaide! I'm originally from Texas, but after graduating from university with an acting degree, I relocated to sunny Los Angeles for a while. I then got a serious bite from the travel bug and found myself moving to Sweden and England before settling in Lithuania about two years ago. I'm passionate about animal welfare, sustainability and eating delicious food. But as you can see, I cover a wide range of topics including drama, internet trends and hilarious memes. I can easily be won over with a Seinfeld reference, vegan pastry or glass of fresh cold brew. And during my free time, I can usually be seen strolling through a park, playing tennis or baking something tasty.