When it comes to a kitchen makeover, we often focus on elements like the island, backsplash, or wallpaper. However, the choice of color for our kitchen cabinets can have the most significant impact.

Take blue kitchen cabinets, for example. Using various shades of blue allows you to create the exact mood you desire, ranging from calming to bold. To dive into the realm of possibilities, let’s take a closer look at some real-life examples.

Below, you’ll find 17 modern kitchen designs with blue kitchen cabinets as their focal points. These ideas can guide you to redesign your current kitchen or draw inspiration for styling blue cabinets—even if you plan to repaint your existing ones blue!


Add Brass Accents To Highlight Navy Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets with brass accents

Navy is a deep, rich color that can lend an air of sophistication and elegance to a kitchen space. Make your navy blue shaker cabinets look even more elegant by adding brass or gold details. Whether it’s handles or entire appliances, shiny details like these will infuse your kitchen with timeless appeal and make a bold statement.

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Enlarge The Kitchen With Light Blue Cabinets

Light blue kitchen cabinets with gray tiles

Make your kitchen feel more spacious by choosing light blue cabinets. Light-colored cabinets are great for small kitchens. They create a sense of openness in a cramped space. Take advantage of this imagined extra space by adding some decorative touches. Consider placing houseplants around the kitchen to enhance the atmosphere.

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Grandma Inspired Kitchen

Light blue kitchen cabinets with mozaic tiles

These cabinets, painted in Azure Water by Benjamin Moore, pair well with a black and white tile backsplash. Every detail contributes to achieving the atmosphere of a Grandma-inspired kitchen, the kind we all envision having or, at the very least, cooking in.

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Enclose The Space With Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with white tile wall

In this case, the choice of darker cabinets adds a cozy ambiance to the room, striking a balance that elevates the modern design. However, this works to enhance the modern kitchen design. Paired with a wooden floor, the modern navy blue kitchen cabinets create a sleek and captivating look.

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Combine Blue Cabinets With Other Kitchen Elements

Light blue kitchen cabinets with chairs

Cabinets and a kitchen island go great together, especially if they’re both the same color. Light blue kitchen cabinets and a matching kitchen island in the picture above complement each other perfectly and make a stunning setting for cooking and conversations.

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Make The Emerald Blue Cabinets The Focal Point

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with white tiles

Darker cabinets might make the kitchen seem smaller, but with enough space, you can make them the centerpiece of attention. Surrounded by brighter elements of the kitchen, like brass fixtures, white marble countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash, your dark emerald blue cabinets will steal the spotlight.

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The Appeal of Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not a surprise why navy cabinets get the majority of attention out of all shades of blue. They’re versatile enough to fit in with modern or traditional designs effortlessly and have that timeless quality that keeps them in vogue. Their knack for creating contrast and being the focal point makes them a key element for a stylish and enduring kitchen aesthetic.


Try Mixing Risky Colors With Blue Cabinets

Light blue kitchen cabinets with yellow owen

Imagine a yellow stove perfectly mixing with lighter blue cabinets. Now, add a brick backsplash and white quartz countertops to the whole picture, creating the ideal design for someone with an open mind. It’s a rare moment when contrasting colors work harmoniously to deliver a brilliant design to life.

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Introduce Some Open Shelving

Blue kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Wondering if open shelving and blue cabinets can make a great pair? Absolutely! This design shouts a clear and loud “YES.” Whether it’s the cyan-blue kitchen cabinets, the funky display of fruits and flowers, or the colorful dishware, everything fits together perfectly in this maximalist kitchen.

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Mixing Dark And Light Blue

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with mozaic tiles

In the image above, we see lighter blue cabinets paired with navy blue floor tiles and mosaic tiles in varying shades of blue for a kitchen backsplash. The lighter blue makes the space feel open, while the darker shade introduces a subtle contrast, adding a touch of depth that enhances the overall ambiance.

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Mix In Some Wood To A Blue Dominant Design

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with chairs and table

Use wood to harmonize and counterbalance the cozy ambiance darker colors can evoke. Here, the rich dark blue cabinets are artfully complemented by the warmth of wooden countertops. This design allows for creativity with other elements in the kitchen. Enhance the coziness further by adding a plant and arranging high chairs around the island to make it feel more like home.

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Let Other Elements Stand Out

Light blue kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Here’s a great example of how cabinets can enhance the appeal of a standout feature. In this case, the attention is drawn to the marble countertops, diverting focus from the light blue cabinets. It’s a perfect strategy to showcase premium materials like marble. Wooden shelves and kitchen utensils further enhance the aesthetic and add warmth to an otherwise cool kitchen design.

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Create A Blue And White Kitchen Design

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with marble table countertop and green chairs

Embrace the timeless appeal of pairing dark and white elements. The deep blue at the base adds a cozy feel to the kitchen, while the white elements create a sense of expansiveness. Brass fixtures further enhance the homely appeal. The dark and white ensemble isn't just a visual treat; it’s a symphony of contrasts that harmonize to create an enduring and inviting atmosphere. 

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The Appeal of Light Blue Cabinets

Unlike darker shades, light colors have the ability to reflect the light rather than absorb it. Thanks to this quality, light blue kitchen cabinets can make small kitchens feel more open and expansive. So, if you’re looking for ways to open up your kitchen (without destroying the wall, of course), consider adding some light blue cabinets. 


Create A Harmony Of Elements

Light blue kitchen cabinets with blue owen

In this design, a calm blue complements the darker blue shade of the stove, with a white marble countertop completing the look. This calm blue serves as a versatile backdrop for adding more vibrant colors without disrupting the overall harmony of the design. Everything, from the sturdy wood chair to the smaller, brighter things on the countertop, fit together perfectly and create a pleasing visual arrangement.

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Welcome Spring To Your Kitchen

Light blue kitchen cabinets near window

Pastel blue cabinets, brass fixtures, pale pink tiles for a backsplash, and fresh greenery scream ‘spring’! Just like the airy, breezy atmosphere of spring, pastel blue cabinets can make the kitchen feel more open and spacious. They reflect light well, creating a brighter environment that resembles the fresh, sunny days of the season.

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Modern Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with dark blue table with marble countertop

Slick. Modern. Exquisite. Midnight blue shaker cabinets overshadow all other colors to create a perfect design for a modern kitchen. The white sink base breaks up the darkness, while the wooden elements bring a sense of nature and warmth. The result is a kitchen that exudes both style and inviting comfort. 

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Go Farmhouse

Dark blue kitchen cabinets near windows

Farmhouse blue kitchen cabinets are part of this modern meets late 19th-century kitchen design style. The rustic ambiance is enriched by walnut countertops, a cedar ceiling, antique heart pine floors, brass hardware, and the inclusion of a late 19th-century Caucasian Shirvan rug.

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Go For A Retro Look With Serenity Blue

Light blue kitchen cabinets near marble table

No, those aren’t white kitchen cabinets you’re seeing. Serenity Blue is just blue enough to stand out distinctively without being mistaken for white. Thanks to the lighter tone of the marble countertop and sink, the blue cabinets have the chance to make a statement. So, if you’re aiming for an ambiance that’s not overly sterile, Serenity Blue might be your choice.

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Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets Still in Style in 2024?

In recent years, blue cabinets have become the next big thing in the kitchen cabinetry world. Chances are, if you walk into a freshly renovated kitchen, you’ll be greeted by the splendid sight of blue door kitchen cabinets. Blue kitchen cabinets offer a versatile and refreshing aesthetic that adds character and uniqueness to kitchen spaces, providing a modern yet timeless appeal. Hence, it’s safe to say that blue kitchen cabinets will remain in style for at least another year.

What Color Goes Best With Blue Cabinets?

Blue kitchen cabinets go nicely with a lot of different colors. White gives that classic contrast, while gray adds a touch of sophistication. If you’re after warmth, natural wood tones are a fantastic choice. For a bit of elegance, think about incorporating gold or brass accents. And if you’re feeling whimsical, soft pastels can create a charming vibe. These colors work wonders alongside blue cabinets, offering different styles to suit your taste!

What Floors Go Well With Blue Cabinets?

Blue cabinets can work well with different types of flooring. If you’re after a warm vibe, light wood like oak or maple is a solid choice. For a modern feel, think about pairing them with gray flooring. If you prefer a clean look, go for white or light-colored tiles. Dark hardwood floors bring in elegance, while patterned tiles add some character. It’s all about what style and vibe you want for your kitchen!


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