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20 White Kitchen Cabinets to Elevate Your Cooking Space
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20 White Kitchen Cabinets to Elevate Your Cooking Space


Suppose your imagined perfect kitchen isn’t only for cooking but also a statement of your style and taste. In that case, white cabinets will only enforce your space as a canvas of your personality. It’s not just about storage; white kitchen cabinets can transform your place’s look even without any other decorations.

To help shape your vision, we came up with a collection of the best white kitchen cabinet design choices out there. Explore how these classic cabinets can transform your kitchen and the countless possibilities of decorating the cabinets themselves.

Whether you’re into a cozy farmhouse feel, a sleek and modern look, or a timeless classic atmosphere, our collection will fit any style. After all, the color white is one of the most versatile colors, so it will fit almost any type of appliance, decor piece, and furnishings.

Our goal? To inspire you and make your kitchen the heart of your home, radiating with timeless elegance. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the endless possibilities of white kitchen cabinets. Your dream kitchen is just a few scrolls away!

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Still in Style?

Image credits: Sidekix Media

White kitchen cabinets and overall decor are absolutely still in style, and here’s why: they’re like a pair of jeans—they are classic pieces and never go out of fashion! White cabinets give your kitchen a bright, fresh, and timeless feel. They make spaces look more prominent and create a clean canvas for any design style you want to explore.

While you can style them however you want, and they’ll still look good, people love them because they add a touch of elegance and simplicity. It’s like having a blank slate where you can add pops of color or keep it chic with a monochromatic theme. White cabinets aren’t just a trend; they’re a design staple and a statement of your taste.


Easy White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Without further ado, let’s dive into our collection of white kitchen cabinet design ideas! Some of the following ideas might seem simple, but trust us—they will add tons of character to your kitchen. Various color palettes, accessories, and decoration pieces will help you transform your space into a cooking heaven.

Create Contrast

Image credits: Sidekix Media

Any light-colored kitchen will benefit from accessories and details that create contrast. If you still want more variety in your kitchen, consider adding darker shades of colors you have already used. Also, consider installing dark kitchen knobs, handles, or pulls and decking out your countertops with dark knife holders and towel racks. If you’re going with open shelves, consider investing in dark plates and cutlery.

Keep It Sleek

Image credits: freepik

While this idea is especially suited for minimalistic and modern kitchen design, it can work great with other kitchen designs, too. Avoid overcrowding your space. Don’t go overboard with decorations, and keep the colors on the same palette. For an added touch of effort and style, consider opting for white cabinets without handles or handles that seamlessly blend in with the cabinet design.


Add Natural Textures

Image credits: chandlervid85

Consider adding some natural textures. Wooden handles, racks, kitchen tools, and other accessories will add earthly vibes to your kitchen, while a fresh, outdoor feel will inspire a creative cooking experience. Large windows with a wooden frame will bring a lot of natural light to keep your mood levels high. Consequently, you won’t need extra kitchen light fixtures!

Use Complementary Colors

Image credits: StockSnap

Adding colorful dishware, vibrant chair cushions, or barstools will brighten your kitchen with a lively touch. Colorful canisters or other small kitchen appliances will add lovely hues and make your kitchen exciting to be in. As we mentioned repeatedly, white kitchen cabinets will go with almost anything you throw at them, so go crazy!

Focus on the Floor

Image credits: Callum Hill

When it comes to floors, you can go classic or modern. The traditional hardwood floor will fit almost any kitchen style and add a great deal of timeless class. Sleek tiles add a touch of modernity, elevating your kitchen into a movie-worthy stage. Whichever direction you choose to go, floors are a crucial part of the design, so pick carefully.


Let the Stone Speak

Image credits: Curtis Adams

While white oak kitchen cabinets are a classic choice, stone countertops are another must for a traditional cooking space. Picture sleek and luxurious marble or granite countertops; you just can’t go wrong with them. As for the color of the stone, choose one that can complement your white cabinets—like a subtle gray or beige. Stone countertops are good not only for looks but are also an excellent choice for durability.

Coordinate Your Dinnerware


Image credits: Becca Tapert

You won’t have all your plates and silverware out on display 24/7; however, they can sure look great when you do use them. If you’re going for a classic white kitchen look, plain white plates will add a continuous feel to your setup. If your chosen design allows some style bending, consider plates decorated with patterns—stripes, dots, spots, you name it. And if you’re really brave, go for a bright, colorful selection of dishes and silverware.

Go for Gold Accents


Image credits: Chastity Cortijo

White with gold is always a great (and fancy) choice. Faucets, handles, and contours of the cabinets dashed with gold accents will add timeless elegance to your home, captivating anyone who enters your kitchen to admire it. Gold-touched dishware can also help enhance the overall look of the kitchen.

Add Retro Elements

Image credits: mylifeinmulticolor

Utilize retro elements for your kitchen and make the space feel like a scene from a time travel movie. We’re not saying to go through landfills and pick the oldest fridge you can find—plenty of modern technology is made to look old-school. Imagine a low, wide fridge, checkerboard floors, barstools and chairs with colorful cushions and patterns, and vibrant dishware. Combine all of that with white cabinetry, and you’ll have a movie-worthy kitchen!

Organize the clutter

Image credits: thestephsoave

Turn your kitchen into an elegant haven by organizing the clutter in it. Tidy shelves and labeled spice containers can offer a clean, streamlined look while remaining functional. Less is more, so consider investing in pull-out baskets to hide all the clutter from the eyes. Drawer dividers can improve your life, making everything stay in their designated places.


Hardware Designs to Add to White Kitchen Cabinets

It’s hard to imagine how simple changes can transform your cooking space. Different tiles, handles, and knobs will all bring different vibes and results to your kitchen with white cabinetry. And that’s the thing with them; their universal versatility can allow you to be traditional, modern, or retro if you desire. Make your kitchen not only functional but also one hell of a looker!

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware

Image credits: R ARCHITECTURE

Use black faucets, pendant lights, or even barstools for a cohesive vibe and a modern look in your kitchen. The beauty of black hardware is its ability to transform white shaker cabinets into a statement of elegance and trendiness, complimenting and not overshadowing the main piece of the design.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops

Image credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Black countertops and white cabinetry could set your kitchen apart from the rest. Cabinets are storage solutions; you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty while working on meals. As for countertops, black ones offer a range of benefits, making them a go-to for busy kitchens.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Bold Backsplash

Image credits: Sidekix Media

If you’re going for a more colorful design, consider bringing more vibrant kitchen backsplash ideas to life. It will add character, brighten your room, and make your kitchen feel full of easy-going vibes. White goes with almost anything, so you don’t have to worry about matching color sets too much. Don’t mix pastels with neon colors, though. Try to maintain a cohesive theme for a balanced look.

White Kitchen With Open Shelving

Image credits: Sidekix Media

Streamlined kitchens might seem bland to some, so if you want a more welcoming and open design, consider installing open shelving. This will create an opportunity to display your dishware as decor. Different textures of your silverware, plates, bowls, and spice containers will add variety, character, and a unique feel to your kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Bare Wood Elements

Image credits: R ARCHITECTURE

Just like the color white, wood elements can fit into almost any architectural and interior design. You can opt for bare wood doors for the lower cabinets, several kitchen island designs with wooden bases, etc. Even if you’re going for modern white kitchen cabinets, bare wood elements will add a nature’s touch to your kitchen, evoking a cozy cabin atmosphere. For us, at least, this fusion sounds like a dream kitchen!

Do White Kitchens Turn Yellow?

As with many light-colored things, discoloration can be problematic for white kitchen cabinets. And it doesn’t stop there, as there are a few more drawbacks when styling your kitchen this way. Here are some of them:

  • They easily get dirty; the color white is especially susceptible to getting dirty even with the slightest touch.
  • The kitchen may feel cold or clinical if you don’t liven it up with decorations.
  • It may feel “too streamlined” if you’re going for the minimalistic look.
  • The kitchen may feel too bright if you have large windows and little contrast in the room.

Image credits: Sidekix Media

Nevertheless, these problems are more than manageable with proper care and design choices. Not only that, but white kitchen cabinets bring ample benefits. Here are some of them:

  • They look clean and crisp at any time of the day.
  • They make the kitchen feel bigger and open up the space.
  • They are great for resale if you ever grow bored of them.
  • Light-colored surfaces make it easy to identify stains.
  • They are easy to combine with other colors and decor styles.

So, as with everything, white kitchen cabinets have pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the hassle of managing it, but we believe you can make it work splendidly with great design choices. And speaking of decor styles, take a look at what’s below and get inspired for your next makeover!

Decor Styles That Compliment White Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re wondering how to make those white kitchen cabinets pop, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got the scoop on pairing your pristine cabinets with decor styles that bring out their best. From cozy farmhouse vibes to sleek modern aesthetics, discover the perfect match for your kitchen.


Image credits: Sidekix Media

In traditional kitchens, white kitchen cabinets often take center stage, bringing a sense of classic elegance to the heart of your home. Warm and welcoming tones will go along nicely with the cabinets and add to the homely feeling of the traditional design approach. Granite or marble countertops, hardwood floors, and a farmhouse sink; we can already imagine the incredible smells coming from the oven!


Image credits: Nathan Van Egmond

If you’re going for a modern look, chances are your whole house has a minimalistic approach. Clean and timeless, a kitchen with white cabinets further enhances the modern vibe. Less is more with modern kitchens; hence, a streamlined approach to furniture, appliances, and available space is the way to go.


Image credits: Erik Mclean

If you choose a retro approach, you still have countless options with white cabinets. They could act as a connecting piece in your kitchen; have everything else pop in color and finish it with retro decorations. Embrace that look of open shelving and utilize your plates, cups, and silverware as decoration pieces.


Image credits: Sidekix Media

In an industrial design approach, white kitchen cabinets add a sleek touch to the raw and edgy aesthetic. Sturdy materials, exposed brick walls, and a rugged charm will contribute to the perfect urban style. The color scheme options are limitless; white can go with almost anything. The creative freedom with this industrial approach is unlimited, so let your imagination flow!


Image credits: karlyukav

While not everyone’s cup of tea, nothing can beat a cozy farmhouse design. White kitchen cabinets bring light into the room and lift everyone’s moods, while the rustic elements add a little bit of spice and character. Soft hues and nature-complimenting colors add life to your kitchen, making it the center of your house.

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

If you’re on the fence about white kitchen cabinets, let’s sum up this article to help you make the final decision. While white cabinetry does have some cons, we believe the pros outweigh them.

With proper maintenance, you have yourself a timeless kitchen. Their versatility allows easy pairing with almost any other color. So, if you ever want to redo your kitchen island or overall kitchen design, your white cabinets can remain untouched and still fit any design you choose.

So, white kitchen cabinets are an absolute no-brainer when weighing all the options and variables. We hope our curated collection of kitchens with white cabinet designs has inspired your vision for your next kitchen project!


What is the Best Shade of White to Paint Cabinets?

Choosing the best shade of white to paint cabinets can feel like picking the perfect ice cream flavor—there are lots of good options to choose from. Nevertheless, the best shade of white will depend on the overall style of your kitchen. If you get a lot of natural light, brighter white will work wonders. And if you’re going for a traditional, country kitchen design, a softer and warmer white could be your go-to. You can always get a selection of samples, try it out in a small area, and base your decision on that.

How Much Does Painting Over White Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers Cost?

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets white can vary. First, you must decide whether to go DIY or hire a pro. If you’re up for some painting fun, doing it yourself is a money-saver. Probably the most expensive part here will be the paint. While the cost may depend on the amount, brand, and color, you may expect to spend around $250. 

But if the DIY approach is out of the question, hiring a professional is the way to go. While it will cost more, the final result will be a polished masterpiece. Cost rates may vary, so you’ll have to invest time to research the quality and cost of options available locally.

Is It Okay to Have White Kitchen Cabinets With White Walls?

Yes, having white kitchen cabinets with neutral white walls is perfectly okay. It creates a clean and fresh vibe, making your cooking space feel bright and spacious. In addition, this setup can act as a blank canvas—you can unleash your creativity and add various colorful or darker shade accessories, handles, bar stools, etc.

What is the Best Color for Kitchen Walls With White Cabinets?

It entirely depends on the design style you choose. If it’s a modern kitchen you’re after, neutrals like light gray, soft blue, or warm beige will make your kitchen pop. If your kitchen is the center of your bright personality, go mint green or navy for some excitement. Whichever way you go, design-wise, make sure the colors match each other and create a harmonious vibe.


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