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25 Mint Green Room Design Ideas to Wrap Up Your Space

25 Mint Green Room Design Ideas to Wrap Up Your Space


Mint green is a beautiful color that’s been around for a long time but never goes out of fashion. Mint green was first used as a color name in English in 1920, at the beginning of the Art Deco era. It was a trendy color, often paired with black to create a striking contrast. 

Green mint is often used by interior designers to create harmonious and stylish spaces. It can be used as an accent color or a dominant color, depending on the effect and style you want to achieve. For example, mint green walls can help stimulate creativity.

To infuse your living space with freshness, why not consider mint green? It stimulates relaxation and lightness, perfectly fitting different interior design styles. We’ve compiled 25 mint green interior design ideas to get you started!

We also included all you have to know about the color, some creative decorating ideas, and color combinations that complement this hue. With our guidance, you’ll soon be on your way to introducing the perfect mint green accents to your home.

What Personality is Mint Green? Color Psychology

The color green often symbolizes nature, which evokes feelings of emotional balance, stability, and tenacity. Light green hues, such as mint, are often associated with new beginnings, promoting a sense of tranquility, good fortune, and physical well-being. According to color psychology, green’s calming properties can be attributed to its close ties with nature.

Studies have shown that humans are more sensitive to green-yellowish wavelengths than other colors. This may relate to our adaptation to the natural world, where green is the dominant color. As a result, green is associated with emotions like safety, growth, and rejuvenation.

It is believed that people who prefer color mint tend to be creative, open-minded, patient, calm, and extroverted. They are also believed to be more understanding, family-oriented, natural peacemakers, and big nature lovers with a high IQ. It is assumed that those who prefer green over red tend to have a heightened desire to achieve. Yet, they are also regarded as compassionate individuals who lend an attentive ear.


Is Mint a Neutral color?

Colors that don’t show any hue or chroma are classified as neutral colors, like beige, white, gray, or black. They are frequently used as background or base colors for other hues because they provide balance and harmony. According to the definitions, mint green is not neutral since it has a distinct hue and chroma. 

However, mint green can be an excellent accent or complementary shade for neutral colors in the interior. Mint green can also be paired with other colors to create a harmonious color scheme that balances your space’s warm and cool tones.

Is Mint Green a Warm or a Cool Color?

To understand colors, we must know how they are created and perceived. Colors are the result of light waves. The human eye can see colors with wavelengths between 380 and 740 nanometers, called the visible spectrum.

The visible spectrum can be divided into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Hence, the seven colors of the rainbow! We can create new secondary colors when we mix two or more of these colors.

By the code #3EB489, mint green is a secondary color created by mixing blue, yellow, and white. It’s a lighter and brighter shade of green that is achieved by adding white to the mix. Mint green has a blue undertone and a short wavelength; therefore, it’s assigned to the group of cool colors.

What Colors Go with Mint Green? Stylish Color Scheme Ideas

Cool mint green is a refreshing and soothing color that can make any interior feel light, airy, and cheerful. But how can you create a harmonious and stylish mint green interior design? What colors go together beautifully with mint green? This versatile hue matches many colors and creates effects and moods for various mint green room ideas. Let’s explore some of the most popular mint green color combos.


#1 Mint Green and White

Design a contemporary look with this classic and elegant combination. Mint green and sleek white make a room feel brighter, more airy, and spacious. Mint green can be a perfect accent color in the crisp white minimalist or Scandinavian-style interior.

#2 Mint Green and Black

Create a striking contrast with this dramatic and bold combination. Mint green and black can be used to design a modern, sophisticated, and edgy interior. The pair is ideal for creating modern or Art Deco interior design.

#3 Mint Green and Pastels

Image credits: Seamaster Paint Malaysia

Craft a harmonious, relaxing, and soothing look with the soft and delicate blend of mint and pastels. Using mint with beige or pink tones, you can achieve a room that feels cozy, romantic, and has a lovely feminine touch. Mint green and pastel colorsare excellent partners in creating shabby chic or cottage-style decor. 


#4 Mint Green and Orange

Consider combining mint green and orange to infuse your space with cheer and energy. The blend of these vibrant hues produces a warm, inviting, and playful atmosphere, perfect for cultivating a tropical or eclectic decor style.

#5 Mint Green and Wooden Tones

Image credits: manchestergulf

Incorporate a warm and inviting mix of colors, such as mint green and wooden tones, into your interior. Including a wooden dresser in the mint green interior creates a cozy, charming atmosphere that feels earthy and experimental. This pairing is especially well-suited for those seeking a rustic Avant-garde look and feel.

How to Decorate a Mint Green Room? Mint Green Living Room Ideas

Mint green can make your living room look more airy and bright, making the space feel extraordinary. You can choose mint as a main wall color or use it only as an accent. Mint green home decor blends well with different colors, patterns, and textures. Here are some mint green living room ideas and decorating tips. Experiment with different shades, styles, and mint green combinations to create your unique and beautiful living room!


#6 Mint Green Wall Art

Add color and personality to your living room by inserting mint green into the wall art. The fresh and soothing hue can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. You can choose from various types of wall art, such as paintings, prints, posters, or sculptures, that feature mint green as the primary or accent color. 

#7 Mint Green Curtains

Mint green curtains are a beautiful way to add freshness and elegance to your living room. This light color can create a relaxing and inviting mood. When it comes to curtains, there are various options you can select from that align with your personal taste and aesthetic, whether you prefer a sheer, blackout, or velvet style.

#8 Mint Green Sofa

Choose a stylish and refreshing mint green settee for your living room. The brightly colored furniture creates an excellent accent to your space while having a soothing quality and helping ease your mind. You can choose different types of sofas, such as sleeper, sectional, or loveseat, and match a mint green armchair that suits your preference and living space. 


#9 Bohemian Style with Plants


Image credits: Sunway

Bohemian style with plants is a perfect approach to creating a mint green living room that is cozy, colorful, and natural. Plants complement mint green by adding life and fresh vibes to the room and contrasting with other colors and textures. 

#10 Mint Green Home Decor

Supplement your living room with freshness and charm by adding mint green decor. Its serene nature helps to create a modern ambiance. You can choose from many decor items, such as vases, sconces, throw pillows, side tables, and table lamps with mint green as the primary or pop of color.

Is Mint Green Good for a Bedroom? Mint Green Bedroom Ideas

Are you seeking some clean and stylish bedroom ideas to ignite your creativity? The bedroom designed with mint green is an excellent choice due to its versatility, refreshing aesthetic, and trendiness. This color can be incorporated into any bedroom style and mood, adding personality and charm while complementing various colors, patterns, and textures. If you’re looking for inspiring mint green bedroom ideas, let’s explore a few together!

#11 Mint Green Rug

To create a cozy, brand-new bedroom, a minty rug is a sophisticated choice. It is a perfect soothing, not-too-bright accent in calm bedroom decor. You can choose from different types of rugs, such as shaggy, wool, or cotton, that suit your preference and style.

#12 Mint Green Wallpaper

Consider using wallpaper if you are searching for accent wall design ideas. Mint green wallpaper is a beautiful way to add vitality to your bedroom. Experiment with different types of wallpaper, such as plain, patterned, or textured.

#13 Mint Green Bedding

Light mint green beddingImage credits: byourbed

Design your bedroom by adding mint green bedding and accent pillows. Shades of mint green help to create an extra calm and inviting mood. You can choose from different types of bedding, such as comforters, duvets, or sheets with mint green as the primary or accent color.

#14 Mint Green Headboard

Mint green bedroom ideas are excellent for creating a calming nook. You can make a dominating accent by choosing a subtle green, upholstered headboard. Select a big statement piece covered with tapestry and decorate with pillows. You can pair a mint green headboard with copper bed frame or a nightstand.

#15 Mint Green Window Treatments

Different shades of green window treatments give the space a sense of harmony. Whether you choose roller blinds, classic bedroom curtains, or louver, mint green window treatments can complement other furniture, accessories, and patterns in your bedroom and reflect your personal taste.

Gorgeous Mint Green Kitchen Ideas

Mint green can brighten your space and make it look more spacious and airy. Whether you incorporate mint green walls, cabinets, backsplash, or a kitchen island, you can achieve a stunning and stylish effect that will make your kitchen stand out. Match your mint green furniture with white, gray, or wood tones for a harmonious and elegant look.

#16 Mint Green Interior and Natural Light

When exposed to natural light, the mint green color becomes brighter and sharper, making it more appealing. Additionally, natural light can create unique shadows and highlights on the mint green surfaces, providing a sense of depth and texture to the overall look.

#17 Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets

Design your kitchen with minty fresh cabinets to add a pop of color to your walls, especially if they are neutral or white and black. Mint green cabinets draw the eye, brightening your kitchen without making it feel too bold or chock-full. 

#18 Subtle Mint Green Ceramics

Add a pop of color to the neutral cabinets or countertops to style your kitchen. Using minor home decor items like vases, bowls, and sconces can be a perfect choice. If you have open storage or shelving, mint green dishes can also be used as a displayed decor detail. Subtle mint green ceramics complement different interior styles and perfectly reflect your taste.

#19 Light Mint Green Fridge

Are you looking for exceptional and extraordinary interior detail for your kitchen? Look no further — you need a green mint fridge. It adds charm to any style, whether your kitchen is modern, industrial, or Avant-garde. Such versatile colors as mint serve the possibility to design the most extravagant interiors.

#20 Mint Green Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is another great spot to incorporate a focal point into your interior design. It gives your kitchen the right touch of change if you are looking for such. The mint backsplash adds some flair without being too whack.

Muted Mint Green Bathroom Ideas

If you want to create a serene and refreshing atmosphere, mint green bathroom ideas perfectly fit the concept. This subtle and muted shade of green might just hit the spot for you. So why not consider incorporating muted mint green into your bathroom design? It could be just the serene touch you’ve been searching for.

#21 Minty Green Tiles

Pair mint green tiles with white cabinets and marble countertops for a classic and elegant look. You will get a contemporary and minimalist look if you match the tiles with light wood cabinets and solid surface countertops. Use minty green tiles to create a stripe on your floor that leads to your shower. Or, create a border around the room ceiling that frames your light fixture.

#22 Accent Sink in Mint Green

The minty sink is a standout feature in the bathroom, setting itself apart from the other elements like the cabinets, countertops, and walls. It adds a touch of personality, acting as a statement piece and focal point. This retro-inspired detail is perfect for creating a stylish and unique bathroom.

#23 Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is a type of vanity that is mounted on the wall and does not touch the floor. It creates a sense of spaciousness and airiness in your bathroom, especially when colored in mint green. Choose a sleek mint green floating vanity to create a contrast with a white or gray bathroom wall.

#24 Mint Green Accent Wall in the Walk-In Shower

Image credits: kaplan_homes

The entryway to the walk-in shower can become a stylish statement. Achieve this look by using a mint green accent wall. It can be glossy and reflect the light, making the bathroom appear more spacious and bright. On the contrary, you can choose a textured wall to visually add depth and warmth. 

#25 Monochromatic Ambiance

Image credits: coloro_

For a bathroom with a neutral base, accents of mint green can create a striking contrast. Alternatively, mint green as the primary color scheme can produce a beautiful monochromatic effect. It really pops out when the entire bathroom is coated in mint green. 

Is Mint Green in Style? New Modern Accent

Mint green, which joined the Pantone library and was the color for autumn 2020, seems to always be in fashion. It’s not only because of its versatility and ease with which it can be combined with different styles, materials, and colors but also because it is a color that can be easily applied to furniture, decorations, and walls. Even ceilings, if you like!

Hence, if you still have doubts, go ahead and dispel them. Mint green interior design is ideal for creating modern interiors with a clean yet refined look. The glamorous, stylish, and eye-catching mint green home decor fits perfectly with neutral colors and green shades abundant in your living environment.

Remember that, appropriately used, mint green stimulates creativity and conveys a pleasant feeling of freshness and lightness, which also looks bright and contemporary. And fret not, mint green modern interiors will definitely be relevant many years ahead.

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