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Biochemist Takes Stunning Macro Photographs of Butterfly Wings

By • Mar 27th, 2014 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Photography, Science

Butterflies and some moths are near-universal symbols of natural beauty, but Linden Gladhill, a biochemist and photographer, has created a stunning set of photographs that introduce us to the natural beauty of butterflies and moths on a macro level unobservable by the human eye. The highly-magnified (between 7 and 17 times life-size) photos of butterflies’ wings show the scales that cover their wings and that comprise the beautiful patterns that we see.

What Would The Ingredient List For A Natural Product Look Like?

By • Jan 20th, 2014 • Category: Food, Latest Posts, Science

Australian chemistry teacher James Kennedy has created a tongue-in-cheek set of images that take a fresh perspective on the public discussion about fresh and organic foods vs. the genetically modified products and chemical pesticides being championed by companies like Monsanto. His posters take fresh, all-natural products and breaks them down by their chemical composition, or their “ingredients.”

Japanese Scientists Created A Device That Can Move Objects In Mid-Air With Sound

By • Jan 3rd, 2014 • Category: Latest Posts, Science

Engineers from The University of Tokyo and The Nagoya Institute of Technology, have recently introduced a three-dimensional mid-air acoustic manipulation device. The device uses only sound waves to actually levitate millimetre-sized particles and move them three-dimensionally. Surprisingly, the process is absolutely silent as the device uses ultrasonic speakers.

These Heatmaps Reveal Where Humans Feel Certain Emotions

By • Jan 2nd, 2014 • Category: Latest Posts, Science

A group of bio-medical engineers from Aaldo University researched 700 volunteers from Finland, Sweden and Taiwan, who were exposed to a range of emotional videos, pictures and stories to trigger specific emotions. They were asked to map parts of their computer-generated silhouettes where they felt any increased/decreased activity. This is how the Body Atlas of human emotions look like.

Amazon Unveils Flying Robot Drones That Will Deliver In 30 Minutes Or Less [VIDEO]

By • Dec 2nd, 2013 • Category: Creative Products, Latest Posts, Science, Weird founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has announced a flying robot drone delivery system straight out of science fiction. When a customer orders a product and selects drone delivery, the package is picked up from one of Amazon’s warehouses and flown to a customer up to 10 miles away from the warehouse. The system promises 30 minute deliveries in a 10 mile radius but won’t be ready before 2015.

Human-Powered Helicopter Stays Up For 64 Seconds and Wins $250K Sikorsky Prize

By • Jul 15th, 2013 • Category: Latest Posts, Science

A Kickstarter-funder human-powered helicopter (HPH) Atlas has finally won the Sikorsky Prize, establish 33 years ago, for spending 64.11 seconds airborne in 10.8 feet altitude, with a drift of 32.1 feet. AeroVelo, an engineering team from Canada, went even beyond the official requirements of the competition, which were asking the participants to have their helicopters up in the air for at least 60 seconds, reaching the altitude of 9.8 feet.

Audio Frequencies Create Amazing Sand Patterns (Video)

By • Jun 19th, 2013 • Category: Latest Posts, Science

Brusspup is back with even more amazing resonance trick, called the Chladni plate experiment. This time the guy attached a tone generator to a black metal plate and poured sand over it. As the sound frequencies from the speaker make the plate vibrate, the sand gravitates to those areas where there are less vibrations, and creates complex sand patterns. These patterns are never random, and get more complex with the higher frequency.

People’s Faces Recreated From the DNA Found In Chewing Gums and Cigarette Butts

By • May 6th, 2013 • Category: Latest Posts, Science

This may sound like a science fiction story, but American artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg recreates people’s faces from the DNA she finds on various objects tossed away in the streets. For Heather, an old chewing gum or a cigarette butt has the potential of turning into a 3D portrait of someone who used it and didn’t bother to look for a trash bin.

Creative Typographic Science Posters by Kapil Bhagat

By • Mar 11th, 2013 • Category: Art, Graphic Design, Latest Posts, Science

To celebrate the Science Day in India, Mumbai-based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat created a series of minimalist typographic posters featuring the names of famous scientists. Each design cues to an invention, a theory or an achievement that the scientist is known for. For example, Newton drops an “O” to illustrate gravity, a massive “C” in Copernicus reminds us that he figured the Earth was actually round.

Clever Ads Show That Science Can be Fun

By • Oct 11th, 2012 • Category: Advertising, Funny, Latest Posts, Science

Science World museum in collaboration with Rethink Canada created a series of brilliant ambient and billboard ads dedicated to promoting science in Vancouver. One of the most eye-catching ones was probably the 6000$ worth of billboard covered in pure gold with the words “2 oz. of gold can cover a billboard”. Two ounces may not sound like a lot, but just in case, Science World hired two guards to look after it day and night…

A Squid Listening to Cypress Hill

By • Aug 28th, 2012 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Science

Fascinated by the fast color-changing nature of the squid’s skin, Tim and Greg from Backyard Brains connected an iPod nano to the squid’s fin nerve and played “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill. The results were both interesting and beautiful. The video is a view through an 8x microscope zoomed in on the dorsal side of the fin.

18 Cool Inventions From the Past

By • Jun 18th, 2010 • Category: Featured, Funny, Latest Posts, Science

Somewhere between the greatest world-changing inventions there were some fun and sometimes even hilarious inventions the world has forgotten. BoredPanda proudly presents these Cool Inventions From the Past – enjoy, comment and don’t forget to subscribe!