Ah, Tinder. It's our best friend and our worst enemy. Most of us enter the experience with an open mind, hoping we might actually find that perfect match we've been waiting for. And then the awful pick-up lines crush every bit of that hope into little pieces.

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Even if you did meet 'the one' through a successful swipe, the odds are that you went through a few duds before they ended up in your inbox. We can't even blame you, since it's hard to tell if someone is a psychopath based only on their picture. Unless they actually look insane, in which case we would advise to swipe left as fast as you can.

Got a knee-slapping pick-up line, a scathing comeback, or a match that scarred you for life? We want to hear about it. Add it to our list below, but only after you've voted on which of these poor souls got burned the worst.

#2 Double Standards

Double Standards

KarmaFap Report

Just a Purpler 1 year ago

I like this actually...

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#5 Nice Try

Nice Try

Namispep Report

Violaine LB 1 year ago

That's the best.

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#6 It's True Romance Until LSD Wears Off

It's True Romance Until LSD Wears Off

gremlinsinspace Report

John L 1 year ago

Probably the most truthful of the ones seen here so far.

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#8 Boys On Tinder Be Like:

Boys On Tinder Be Like:

soulthot Report

Just a Purpler 1 year ago

AHA nice. me too girl.

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#10 To Sum Up

To Sum Up

AlfaCentauriB Report


I feel that man

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