If you have ever wondered how to fuse your love for tattoos with your green thumb personality, then this post is for you. Nature tattoos isn't a new thing and flowers and animals were always popular among the trendy tattoo styles, but now succulents specifically are coming into popularity.

Succulent tattoos are very versatile and look great both in tiny designs and in huge intricate pieces of tattoo art. Most of the succulent tattoos are colorful and fun to look at, but some people choose to leave them more subtle, monocoloured and this gives a more classical feel.

Take a look at 10+ succulent tattoos and vote for your favorites.



jesshobbsart Report

Uni N 1 year ago

cool can we see rest of arm? bet its interesting too



artbyamberolsen Report

A Mueller 1 year ago

So sad that colour is disappearing so fast. Would be great if it would stay so nice.

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_aaireen_ Report

jo_shortland 1 year ago







jessica.mach Report

Nancy A Clark 1 year ago

Love the colors!



blueskycomplex Report

Darla Markle 1 year ago

Amazing đź’ś



lesliericken Report

Aunt Messy 1 year ago

That's gorgeous work. It proves that you DO get what you pay for.

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Travis Lee Report

JB Bouhlal 1 year ago

I'm feeling the pain just by looking.

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tanyabirdie Report