Grandmas and grandpas grew up with rotary phones, so you have to cut them some slack when it comes to communicating via fancy cell phones or Facebook. After all, they love talking to their grandchildren, and it's a huge reason why they are trying to become tech-savvy in the first place. Some of these attempts, however, are quite funny. Bored Panda has compiled a list of priceless grandparents messages that probably provided entertainment for the whole family, and it will definitely make you text your folks more often.

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Stories about dead relatives and emojis of the middle finger aren't always appropriate, but when these messages come from your grandparents you can at least be sure good intentions are behind them. Scroll down to read some of the funniest things the elderly have texted their grandchildren and upvote your favorite submissions!

#1 Too Much Information Grandpa

Too Much Information Grandpa


Dani Donovan 12 months ago

Gramps has a great sense of humor

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#2 Take Your Time Grandma

Take Your Time Grandma

plotikai Report

Tomatoe 12 months ago

I can't quite explain it, but i laugh so hard on this one :D

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#3 Lasagna


GrammysLasagna Report

Abbs0345 12 months ago

"Oops silly potato" this is just the sweetest response! I think my heart melted!

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#4 Friends Keep Dying

Friends Keep Dying


Hans 12 months ago

Well, you are on the good side of things obviously if everyone else is doing bad...

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#5 My Grandma Got Confused

My Grandma Got Confused

mother-moon Report

Momogi 12 months ago

This is gold!

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#6 Sent My Grandparents A Card

Sent My Grandparents A Card

taybeaulieu28 Report

kasa alex 12 months ago

this is absolutely TOO CUTE

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#7 Grandma Overshares

Grandma Overshares

blowbird Report

TheKnightOwl 12 months ago

Oy vey..

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#8 All Bacause I Said No To Bingo Night

All Bacause I Said No To Bingo Night

areyououttayourmoind Report

Ok Ha-Neul 12 months ago

GM: what you scared of getting your ass kicked by me you pussy ME :Grandma what? ( literally a conversation between me and my grandmum)

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#9 Text From Grandma

Text From Grandma

JCautomatic Report

#10 I Don't Know Grandma

I Don't Know Grandma

Sue_Flay Report

Lara B. 12 months ago

I hope Grandma has a dog. Otherwise I would be quite concerned.

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