Until we made this list, it was largely believed that cats are incapable of love. From ruining your life in general, to rubbing their four feet in your face, cats have a reputation for being stone-cold killers.

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But not these cats. Expertly-placed secret video cameras caught these cats getting ready for Valentine's day, and what you see will shock you! Yes, you are about to see cats being kind to one another.

Which of these cat-couples is most convincing? Vote on your favorite couple below, or if you've caught a pair of cats in the act, submit your photos!

#1 Love Hurts

Love Hurts


JeanetteKent 2 years ago

Super. Really going the extra mile.

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#2 Perfect Date

Perfect Date

anyagrapes Report

JudieKopfman 2 years ago

Looks like true Kitty Love!

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#4 Lovely couple

Lovely couple

Ana Barros Report

Mymy 2 years ago

Awe such sweethearts! (Even though the tails might have been an accident!)

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#6 Cat Love

Cat Love

guremike Report

MaggieVintageCore 2 years ago

OMG seer sucker sheets! Forget the cats, where did they find those sheets?

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#8 Two Mommy Cats Co-mothering The 8 Babies They Had At The Same Time Together

Two Mommy Cats Co-mothering The 8 Babies They Had At The Same Time Together

nowayitsme Report

SusannaVesna 2 years ago

Daddy was the same one probably! Quite a reproducer :P

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#9 Symmetrical kitten love

Symmetrical kitten love


RoBinBeaulieu 2 years ago

Happy Valentine's day

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#10 Dinner for two, please

Dinner for two, please

imgur.com Report

JennSmall-Hope 2 years ago

"Nom o'clock bae."

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#12 A secret date

A secret date

Paula Nimigean Report

maggiemoonbeam 2 years ago

Oh Mr. Shakespeare, we have a story for you!

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#13 Hello, dear, how was your day?

Hello, dear, how was your day?

miyukiz4 Report

maggiemoonbeam 2 years ago

Can't be a mirror-- the noses don't hit at the same spot.

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#14 Sunday movies and chill

Sunday movies and chill

Ayy Am Report

AnnieLaurieBurke 2 years ago

More pretty redheads!

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