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47 DIY & Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas for a Fabulous Fall Feast

47 DIY & Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas for a Fabulous Fall Feast


It’s that time of the year. You have had a thrilling Halloween just a few weeks back. But the festive spirit is still alive and thriving because it’s the harvest season. Your neighborhood is covered with delightful foliage colors, wrapping the entire space in a magical hued blanket. 

As the fall fest approaches, you start thinking about one of the most important meals of the year. You have a big party planned, or it will just be an intimate family gathering. But you do need to start the preps, from decorating the table to planning the meal. Well, we are here at your rescue! With our ideas, your beautiful Thanksgiving table decor will have people buzzing about this hot topic. 

Preparing the meal won’t be difficult once your tablescape is sorted. So, take a chill pill and just scroll through our brilliant Thanksgiving table-setting ideas. But first, let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Flowers in a vase in center of dining table

Image credits: RDNE Stock project

What Do You Put on a Thanksgiving Dinner Table?

Stressed about how to set the table properly to create a sophisticated or trendy impression? You have nothing to worry about. We have the solution!

Setting the table properly is an important affair. A well-set table has the power to turn even the simplest of meals into a gratifying experience. To de-stress from all the planning pressure, follow these steps.

  • You can start the dining table decor before the important meal day and avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Ensure that you have all the supplies you need. You can even make a checklist to track your purchase of all the essentials. 
  • Along with the decoration items, ensure you have the other essential items, like plates, napkins, bowls, silverware, water glasses, or wine glasses, for the right amount of people on your guest list. 
  • Ensure that the above items match the color of the theme of the Thanksgiving decor.
  • Lay the foundations before the decor. For a formal impression, properly arrange the salad plates and the plates for the main course. 
  • On the left side of your plate sit the forks. The larger one should be near the plate, next to it, the smaller fork for appetizers or salads.
  • On the right, place the knife and then the spoons for soup and dessert.
  • Align everything so that it looks uniform from the bottom of the plate.
  • Next come the wine and water glasses, which you can place on the right side of the plate.
  • Lastly, place the bowls or bread plates opposite the glasses. And voila, the table is set and ready for decoration!

To be the most gracious host with the most gorgeous Thanksgiving table ever, we have a collection of amazingly creative and easy Thanksgiving table ideas, complete with DIY centerpieces and place cards. Should we dive in?

Easy & Creative Table Setting Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas


Once the table’s foundation is in place, focus on the theme or style you want for the table and start implementing it. Here are a few ideas to nudge you in the right direction. With our creative table decor ideas, Thanksgiving preps won’t just be easy but also fun! Scroll down just a little for the big reveal of these playfully creative ideas for an elegant Thanksgiving! 

Vintage Thanksgiving Idea for Easy Table Setting

Dish and fruits on dining table

Image credits: Annie Spratt 

Your Grandmother’s china or vintage candlesticks, cutlery, utensils, and delicate vases are gathering dust in the attic. It’s about time you got them out and showed them off like they deserve! Plus, a vintage-themed decor won’t just look classy but also provides a personal, authentic charm like nothing else.

Patterned Pleasure

Table with pink tablecloth and floral decoration

Image credits: Enes Çelik

Don’t hesitate to introduce a pattern to your Thanksgiving table. For instance, patterned plates with delicate designs, textured placemats, or even simple things like spoons with ornate handles can make all the difference. Introducing patterns ensures that the table is a lively one. So, bring in all the patterns and make a stunningly unforgettable table decor.

Sunroom Coastal Thanksgiving

Blue and white plates with pumpkins on the table


Image credits: valerieryancreates

Planning a Thanksgiving sunroom soiree? Well, a coastal Thanksgiving table is the perfect companion for your sunroom design. With ample natural light flooding in, breezy blue plates and tablecloths, adorable white pumpkins, and seashells decor, all that is left is the pleasing sound of waves for a complete coastal retreat!

Attractive Napkins

Red and yellow napkins on plates

Image credits: bodrumlinens

Introduce a pop of color to your Thanksgiving table with attractive napkins. Let their vibrant hues catch the eyes of the guests and energize the table. You can DIY unique napkin rings using jute or colorful strings and give a personal touch to the decor.

Rustic Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor for Table

Wooden box with branches and pumpkins in the center of dining table

Image credits: vintagekey_fl

Bring the romantic Southern charm to your Thanksgiving table with a rustic farmhouse design. Use wooden bowls or spoons and a long wooden box for a table runner. Fill up the box with flowers, foliage, antlers, or pine cones. Place rustic lamps with candles inside. Crown the look with brown slipcovers for the chairs, or just use woven chairs.

Playful Colorful Decor

Dining table with colorful flowers and glasses on it


Image credits: kvartira_v_sosnah 

Let your table pop with bright and bold colors that become the night’s highlight. Sunshine yellow, electric purple, blood orange; pick one or mix and match! Use orange pumpkins to the fullest. Dress the table with a colorful charisma and let scented candles throw a warm light that elevates the colorful decor. 

DIY Rustic Modern Thanksgiving Idea for Table


table with plates and glasses on it

Image credits: Carolyn Delacorte 

Let warm, inviting tones engulf your table with an intimate vibe. Go with burlap or linen placemats. Use sleek dinnerware and crisp candlesticks for a modern touch. Tone it down with wooden elements like a wooden centerpiece for rustic refinement. Crown the look with copper accents using copper mugs.

Budget-Friendly Artificial Decor

Pumpkin near yellow plate with napkin

Image credits: pyatero_imama

If you run short on time, don’t hesitate to purchase artificial decor. From garlands to wreaths, there are many options to choose from. Once you arrange your decor pieces on the table, it becomes easier to pair them or color-coordinate them with the tablecloth, napkins, and utensils.

DIY Green-ish Decor

Greenish decor with white pumpkins


Image credits: sosouk

Let the all-time adored green hue hijack your table and spread refreshing greenery to your gathering. For this idea, you don’t have to look further. Just use all the green you have: green napkins, plates, faux pumpkins, and, most importantly, lush green leaves

Metallic Modern Thanksgiving Decor for Table

Pumpkins and candles in the center of dining table

Image credits: fidlinaroundhome 

Sprinkle the table with gleaming gold and silver hues using metallic pumpkin decor and wow your guests. Add a modern sophistication with metallic candlesticks and gold flatware. Let your table sparkle away for the night.

Easy Floral Table Runner

Floral table runner with candles

Image credits: traderjoes

For an easy DIY solution, take some blooming flowers and create garlands based on a chosen color scheme or randomly if you like. Place these garlanded florals throughout the table’s center, accompanied by small pumpkins. Let this blooming table runner dazzle your guests.

Funky Kids’ Table Decor

Toy-turkey with pumpkins in the center of dining table

Image credits: turkeyonthetable

For the kids’ table, create a playful atmosphere. Adorn the table with velvet pumpkins, and let a vibrant-hued tablecloth energize the space. Place crayons and paper for the kids to draw and play. Decorate the table with origami crafts that the kids can take home later. Lastly, don’t forget to crown the look with candy spread throughout the table. 


Minimalist Thanksgiving in Pergola

Baskets with pumpkins and other vegetable as a runner table

Image credits: mollyinmaine

pergola is a perfect setting to host a Thanksgiving party. For an easy Thanksgiving table, go minimalist and intimate with tapered candles and simple pumpkins as decor, along with wooden placemats. Use mason jars stuffed with string lights as centerpieces and continue the party even if it gets dark.

DIY Painted Wooden Table Runner

Wooden plank with candles and vase as a table runner

Image credits: farmhousevintageuk

You can reuse long wooden planks and turn them into marvelous table runners. Just give them a fresh coat of paint that matches your Thanksgiving theme. Once you place this painted plank in the middle, you can place serving bowls on it or adorn it with flowers or leaves, your choice!

Bright & Breezy on the Porch

Big and small pumpkins in the center of the table

Image credits: spruceridge_vintage

Where should you plan a bright and breezy Turkey Day Meal? Your airy porch, of course! Bringing the party outside can create an open and fun environment as you enjoy the Thanksgiving lunch and soak in the great outdoors. 

If you plan a Thanksgiving dinner, elevate the drama by placing modern lamps around the table to cocoon your party in a warm, festive glow. Ensure that these are seasoned outdoor lights to avoid any hassles.

Easy Table Runner With Painted Mini Pumpkins

pumpkins in different colors beside plates

Image credits: Brooke Lark

Don’t throw away your Halloween decor; you can always repurpose it! If you have those mini faux pumpkins, give them a fresh life by painting them with different colors. Or you can even paint gorgeous flowers on them, whatever suits your theme. Once painted and dried, use them to create an aesthetically pleasing table runner. 

Maximalist Thanksgiving Decor for Table

Flowers and big velvet pumpkins in the center of the dining table

Image credits: southern_love_decor

If you have a natural pull towards the maximalist side, don’t hesitate to create an eye-catching maximalist decor for your Thanksgiving table. Brass utensils, antique candelabravelvet table runners, vases full of jewel-toned flowers and feathers, or crystalware, go all out! Create theatrical glamor by hanging a classy chandelier above.

Pink Accent Decor

Pink flowers and plates on dining table

Image credits: ayaponbear

This Thanksgiving, ditch orange and choose chic pink. Light pink flowers, hot pink velvet table runner, or soft pink napkins—explore all the pink hues! Complete the look with pink bowls or other utensils, and let the shades of pink dominate the table and outshine your home decor.

DIY Boho Thanksgiving Idea for Table

Candlesticks with candles near pumpkins and pine cones on the table

Image credits: cozyautumnstyle

Go whimsical with boho decor for your Thanksgiving table. Use a macrame table runner. Let vibrant hues rule the table. Choose woven chargers. Place mismatched and eclectic dinnerware that gleams distinctly. Bring in colored glassware. Spread out fluffy feathers. Add the finishing touches with tasseled or pop-pom slipcovers for chairs.

Blue-Hued Table Decor

Table decor in blue and white colors

Image credits: angelawicksteadhome

The darling blue hue is everyone’s favorite. It creates a refreshing vibe while also keeping up the festive atmosphere. Mix and match all the blue tints for a cohesive finish. Let the patterned blue china collaborate with mini blue pumpkins. Or, give a refined touch by painting the china pattern on the pumpkins and let elegance reside on your table.

Casual Thanksgiving Idea for Table

Plates and glasses near them on the table

Image credits: Alberta Studios

Looking for simple elegance? You can always go casual! Pair the striped napkins with the striped linen table runner. Keep it simple with no-flame candles that create a calm and cozy aura. Top it off with simple foliage neatly scattered over the table runner. Use comfy pillows and small blankets for chairs. The casual table is ready to relax the guests!

DIY Simple Table With Assorted Pumpkins

Tree huge pumpkins in different colors on the table

Image credits: new_soul_vintage

The most beautiful and easy solution is to decorate the table with assorted-hued pumpkins. Simply adorn the entire table with them. You can also pair napkins, tablecloths, or placemats with the painted pumpkins and enjoy a festive Thanksgiving.

Checkered or Plaided Tablecloth

white candles on blue and white checkered tablecloth

Image credits: Libby Penner

Make a statement with a checkered or plaided tablecloth. Its bold texture will immediately catch the eye and bring your Thanksgiving table all the attention it deserves. So, this Thanksgiving, let your tablecloth do the talking! 

Dark & Intriguing Shades

White plates on the black tablecloth

Image credits: Karolina Grabowska

Wanna go moody? Opt for dark and intriguing shades for the decor. Jet black, chocolate brown, midnight blue, burgundy, maroon, or olive green; select one or use multiple. From the dark flowers to the dark tablecloth, let the intriguing shades overflow your celebration with an elegant air of mystery.

DIY Whitewashed Thanksgiving Decor for Table

White decor on wooden table

Image credits: sharnnacaris

Bring in the classic and timeless charm of white color and go with a whitewashed decor. Place a lacy white tablecloth with white flowerswhite mini pumpkins, and white utensils. You can also use white slipcovers for the chairs. Your whitewashed banquette seating will also work wonderfully. Enjoy a tranquil Thanksgiving meal!

Ravishing Red Decor

Turkey made from straws near red candles in the center of the table 

Image credits: itsmek8bb

Red is a color that symbolizes love. This Thanksgiving, show some love to your special guests with ravishing red decor. Royal, red velvet table runner, riveting red flowers, paired with red charger plates, and red napkins; give a chance to all the radiant red hues. Let the red spread the love!

Harvest-themed Thanksgiving in the Garden

Tableware on pallet table

Image credits: Mushtaq Hussain 

What better way to commemorate Thanksgiving than harvest-themed decor? And this theme will play out perfectly when you celebrate Thanksgiving out in the garden, as you can decorate it with paper ball string lights for a warm, inviting ambiance.

Let the earthy harvest-colored decor like deep orange, golden yellow, or rich brown give you a warm hug. Utilize wooden or ceramic serving platters and adorn the table with deliciously juicy fruits and wheat bundles. Enjoy a heavenly meal while you are wrapped in nature.

Pastel Thanksgiving Decor for Table

Pumpkin vase with flowers in center of dining table

Image credits: june_and_dot

Experiment with colors and try pastels! Color the pumpkins with lively pastels and use a matching tablecloth. Give a twist and spread glitter on the pumpkins. Set the scene with colored dinnerware and enjoy a cheerful meal.

Attractive DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

The center of the table is the focal point of the whole decor. Sometimes, a statement-making table centerpiece is all the decor that you need. So, here are a few DIY suggestions to create attractive centerpieces that will bedazzle your guests with the best Thanksgiving table.

Natural Charm of Fall Leaves

Leaves and straws as table runner

Image credits: samanthaannblog

With all their mesmerizing colors, the fall leaves have a terrific natural beauty. Let the foliage give pleasant, organic touches to the center of your table. Just collect them and place them in a large vintage or a glass bowl. Crown the look by surrounding the bowl with LED lights or no-flame candles.

Ready in 2 Minutes

a close up of a toy on a table

Image credits: Cristian Tarzi 

You totally forgot about the centerpiece. Any moment now, guests will be streaming into your house for dinner. Stay calm. Here’s an easy fix. 

Just hunt down anything unique that you can find in your house. Even something funky like your Funko Pop collection will also work. Place it in the center, and you have the most unique centerpiece with a funky personal touch. Trust us; it will definitely be a conversation starter at the dinner table.

Fruity & Edible Centerpiece

Pie near basket with apples

Image credits: Diliara Garifullina

Fruits are a class apart, and along with a ripe delight, they are a pleasure to look at. Their different hues make them stand out. So, just fill a rattan or wicker basket with grapes, berries, apples, and other fruits. Let this edible centerpiece bring a juicy yet simplistic refinement to your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Apples & Pine Cones

sweet pastries on black ceramic plate

Image credits: Toa Heftiba 

Apples and pine cones are best friends who contrast and complement each other. Consider placing them together on a platter, in a pumpkin vase, or in a simple wooden basket to create a visual interest. Let the reds and browns be the highlight of the show.

Pine Cone Topiary

Pine cone topiary with garland

Image credits: a piece of rainbow

Collect a few pine cones and make a gorgeous topiary out of them. To spice things up, you can paint the pine cones with different tints that instantly grab attention. For a dramatic effect, you can highlight the edges with gold or silver and let the sparkly topiary brighten up the table.

Magical Fairy Lights

Big turquoise pumpkin with orange leaves in center of table

Image credits: dining_delight

Let fairy lights cast their magic and create an enchanting atmosphere on your table. Intertwine the fairy lights string with faux Autumnal garlands or a floral centerpiece to make an extra sparkly center. Let its subtle glow glamorize your party.

Faux Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkin vase with flowers in it

Image credits: Kateryna Hliznitsova 

If you have faux pumpkins left over from Halloween, cut off the top portion and turn them into funky vases. Let them overflow with fruits, flowers, feathers, and whatnot. You can have multiple centerpieces and let these faux pumpkins turn up the drama.

Citrusy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Wooden deer in bowl with oranges and apple

Image credits: Tim Douglas

Give a citrusy twist to your Thanksgiving with a refreshing citrus centerpiece. It is a starkly different theme to go with, instead of the regular pumpkins and gourd. Arrange all the citrus fruits you can get your hands on at the center. Place no-flame candles between them and let a contrastive citrusy glow engulf your party.

Cake Stand With Terrariums

Cake stand with terrarium

Image credits: Home & Ideas

Take a few of the best terrariums that you have. To add interest, create an elevation by placing them on a cake stand. Let this extraordinary centerpiece, with its natural elements, outshine the other decor.

Upcycled Glass Bottles

Black bottle with soft feathers in it

Image credits: Anastasia Zhenina

We are sure you have a glass bottle or two lying about your house. Breathe life into it by artistically painting the exterior or using it as a vase to host blooming flowers and soft feathers. Let the upcycled charm grace your table.

Succulents Platter

Succulents in plates

Image credits: Hanna Auramenka

Be the host with a distinct Thanksgiving centerpiece. Place assorted succulents on a platter and let them nestle cozily in the center. When they cast their rare charm, they may earn a lot of attention.

Paper Cornucopia with Candy

Candies and cakes on table

Image credits: Justin L U C K

Play on the Thanksgiving theme and build a paper cornucopia. Place it at the center with candies streaming out of it. This centerpiece is the perfect companion for the kids’ table.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas: DIY Unique Place Cards

A Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without the guests who join you to share the festive joy. Make them feel special with unique and personalized place cards, and assign them places as you like. The guests can take these place cards home as memorabilia of a delightful Thanksgiving. Here are a few place card ideas you can easily DIY.

A Fruity Punch

Small white pumpkin on plate

Image credits: TerriC

Fruits are your saviors. They aren’t just a healthy treat but also perfect for place cards. You can use any fruit, or even pumpkins, for that matter. Write the guest’s name on a small piece of paper. Stick this to a toothpick and push the toothpick into the fruit. Lastly, place this fruit on the plate of the designated person for proper place setting.

Personalized Napkins

Personalized napkin with embroidered pumpkin

Image credits: dreamspacestr

Personalizing the napkins is a simple and charming way to make your guests feel special. Just etch their names on the napkins and place them in a diamond or triangular fold on the plates so that the names face upwards. It will for sure bring a smile on their face.

Tiny Bouquets

green and white decorative flower on white plate and cutlery set on table

Image credits: Annie Spratt

A tiny bouquet is a dainty delight that is sure to win over your guests. Use egg cups or shot glasses and place small, vibrant flowers in them. Delicately cut out the names and put them on the flowers. Cutting might take a little time, but the glow of happiness on your guests’ faces will be worth the trouble!

Miniature Wreaths

Miniature wreath in plate

Image credits: birdsparty

Welcome your guests with adorable miniature wreaths. All you have to do is get some rosemary sprigs and tie the ends together to create a tiny wreath. Then, write the guests’ names on little pieces of paper, cut them out, and attach them to the wreaths. Place this miniature magic on the plates for a heartwarming welcome.

Sugar Cookies

Plates and glasses on dining table in purple color

Image credits: venicebeachqtpie

Bake some Thanksgiving-themed cookies: pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, cranberry orange; the flavors are plenty! Use icing to write the guests’ names on it and give them a sugary Thanksgiving delight!

Shapely Cutouts

Napkin with name in plate

Image credits: Rene Asmussen 

Show off your craft skills by cutting out the names in an artistic way and placing them on the table. It’s probably the cheapest option with a lovely outcome. 

Easy Scrabble

Scrabble place card

Image credits:  Alex Shute

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun game of Scrabble? Use Scrabble letters as place cards, and you can also play a heartful game after a satiating meal.

Happy Decorating & Happiest Thanksgiving!

Don’t settle for the ordinary this Thanksgiving—zest up your celebrations with the most extraordinary Thanksgiving table decor ideas. We have provided the best Thanksgiving table-setting ideas to pick from. Opt for the one that meets your fancy, roll up those sleeves, and start decorating! Once you are done, the stunning effect will definitely be the talk of the terrific Turkey Day. 


When is Thanksgiving 2024?

Thanksgiving is on November 28, 2024.

How to Decorate Your Table for Thanksgiving?

You can first pick a theme or a color palette. Then, you can use utensils, flowers, vases, or other decorative objects that match your desired theme and decorate your table for Thanksgiving.

How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Table on a Budget?

Use things readily available, like fruits, leaves, pine cones, etc., and decorate your Thanksgiving table on a budget.

How Do You Make a Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

The simplest Thanksgiving centerpiece is to place flowers in a vase or fruits on a platter.

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Can't afford the majority of these, except for the one that shows pine tree needles on a plate or maybe the one with the pinecones.

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Multa Nocte
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7 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Can't afford the majority of these, except for the one that shows pine tree needles on a plate or maybe the one with the pinecones.

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7 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Oh, Bp ran an article without amazon adds?!? How awful, I will starve!!! /s

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