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22 Best Outdoor Lights & Ideas to Brighten and Decorate Your Space

22 Best Outdoor Lights & Ideas to Brighten and Decorate Your Space


Outdoor lights are the reigning champions if you are looking to beautify your exterior oasis. Their subtle glow can illuminate the most attractive features of your backyard. But they go beyond decoration and also provide visibility to tackle the dark nights and stay safe and secure in your beloved space.

Often used for aesthetic outcome, visibility, or security, the outdoor lights market size is expected to grow to USD 23.8 billion by 2030. As more people become aware of outdoor lights’ perks, their demand keeps growing. Naturally, along with the demand, there is also a spike in ways you can use them to style your outdoors.

Image credits: Photography by vu anh.

Further in this article, we have put together some creative ideas you can use to style your outdoor space, as well as things to consider before making a purchase, and answered some common questions. By the end of this article, we hope you’ll be ready to place the outdoor lights in the perfect spots and reinvent your backyard! 

22 Outdoor Lights Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Light up your dark areas with these outdoor light ideas and create a refreshing and blissful outdoor haven while reconnecting with nature. 

1. Outdoor Solar Lights for the Garden

Image credits: Photography by Ocean State Job Lot Official.

Over the years, the popularity of outdoor solar lights has skyrocketed. With minimal effort to place and no wires to hide, locate them where the sunlight reaches the solar panels so that they shine throughout. 


You can create zones within your garden using solar string lights. Hang them above a table and outline a dining zone within your garden. Or, you can create a romantic spot by hanging them above a mattress where you could sip some wine late into the night.

2. Outdoor String Lights for the Fence

Image credits: Photography by Christmas Light Source.

Make curtains with outdoor string lights and adorn your fence with them. The lights will cast the perfect glow for an outdoor party in your garden and create a Christmas-y vibe. Accompanied by gentle music, enjoy your slow dancing on the grass.

3. Elegant Outdoor Wall Lights

Image credits: Photography by Kichler Lighting.

Hang elegant outdoor wall lights that add some charm to your backyard. You can place them to cast the light on your desired area. These are perfect for lighting your grilling area and having a lit barbeque night!

4. Hanging Solar Ball Lights for the Patio

Image credits: Photography by Fairy Lights Maldives.

Brighten up your patio with solar ball lights. Place them in the dark corners and let the light cocoon your deck. They will prove energy-efficient, reduce bills, and create a rom-com charm outside your house. 


5. Solar Ground Lights for a Pathway

Image credits: Photography by Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting.

Lighting up the pathway to your house creates an inviting vibe for guests. A simple solution is to place solar ground lights on both sides of the path. These lights create a subtle glow that is pleasant and not overwhelming. 

You can also light up the backyard path leading to a pergola. Let the soft light lead you down the path to a cozy space.

6. Mason Jar Lights for a Cozy Pergola

Image credits: Photography by Fairy Lights Maldives.

You can place LED string lights inside a mason jar. With a nostalgic hint, it will create a pleasant glow. Adorn your pergola with these mason jars and create a cozy space. You can enjoy game nights in your modestly lit, cozy pergola.

7. Graceful Garden with Paper Ball Lights


Image credits: Photography by Anthropologie.

Add a natural element to your outdoor string lights by covering the bulbs with paper balls. Hang these strings around light poles or trees, making your garden a graceful wonderland. 


8. Modern Balcony with Outdoor LED Lights

Image credits: Photography by SHEIN.COM.

Give a modern touch to your balcony with outdoor LED lights. Place energy-efficient modern LED bulbs around the perimeter of your balcony. Layout some furniture and create a beautiful organic extension to your house.

9. Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights for Porch

Image credits: Photography by JellyFish Lighting.

Cocoon your porch with Govee permanent outdoor lights and add more zest to your house. Perfect for festivals, you can also opt for color-changing ones. Let the colors light up your festive spirit. 

10. Hanging Lanterns Beside the Pool

Image credits: Photography by Rupa Alacati.

Light can create fascinating shadows and colors when it hits the water. To witness this miracle, you can hang modern, vintage, or hand-made lanterns by the pool and create the theme you love. Place no-flame candles within the lanterns and watch the lights and water unfold their magic.

It is ideal if you wish for a midnight swim or just sit with your legs in the water and spend the night chatting away with your friends.


11. Front Porch Pendant Lights

Image credits: Photography by Lantern & Scroll.

Breathe life into your dull front porch by hanging a globe or an abstract pendant light. Bring in more style by placing furniture that complements the pendant light, turning your porch into an organic house extension.

12. Glowing Tree Fairy Lights

Image credits: Photography by Pam Wright.

Create a magical environment by lighting up the trees. The delicate fairy lights will add to the mystique of the whole vibe and create the perfect glowing tree. As the branches gently rustle with the breeze and the lights and shadows dance together, let the fairy lights cast a spell over you!

13. Bohemian Balcony with Outdoor String Lights

Image credits: Photography by Gözde Demirtas.

Want to create the perfect place where you can Netflix and Chill? How about a boho balcony? Create the perfect atmosphere by hanging bohemian light strings for a cocooning vibe on your cozy balcony. Place a textured, wooden sofa to adorn the look and laze away your summer nights by binging your favorites.


14. Oversized Lamp Lights for the Patio

Image credits: Photography by Moodmakers.

Make a statement with oversized and unique lamps that complement your patio. You can place them on either side of the dining table and enjoy perfectly lit meals and the summer breeze. 

15. Rattan Pendant Lights for Sitting Amidst Trees

Image credits: Photography by Illo’s Home.

Choose rattan pendant lights that blend perfectly with the trees, creating a blissful sanctuary right under the stars. You can hang these on wooden beams placed on trees. Hit the lights and let nature refresh your senses.

16. Outdoor Light Canopy Around Poles

Image credits: Photography by Larcom’s Lighting & Design.

Hang outdoor string lights from one end to the other and create the perfect outdoor ceiling with a light canopy. Transform your garden into a dream-like space by making a sitting or dining area below the canopy and enjoy romantic evenings.

17. Vintage Hanging Lamps for a Reading Nook

Image credits: Photography by Ibnebatuta92.

With the help of outdoor lights, turn your balcony into the perfect reading nook you have always yearned for. Suspend a vintage lamp over a cozy armchair. Place bookshelves near the armchair and snuggle up on the cool nights as you lose yourself in another book.

18. Outdoor Sensor Lights for Backyard

Image credits: Photography by in-lite Outdoor Lighting.

You can use outdoor sensor lights for wall sconces in your backyard. The smart dim-light feature will ensure that your backyard is not too lit in your absence. The motion detector will kick in and illuminate your backyard when you step outside. You can turn up the brightness for outdoor parties and cherish the nights.

19. Classy Chandeliers for Porch

Image credits: Photography by Holly Landkammer.

Give a nod to your maximalist soul and hang ornate chandeliers on your porch ceiling. Play with the theme and place vintage armchairs around a vintage table. And voilà, you have an inviting vibe and a classy place for a midnight tea.

20. Dark-sky-friendly Lighting for the Garden

Image credits: Photography by ST1NS0N.

Indulge in responsible lighting practices by opting for dark-sky-friendly lights that reduce light pollution and provide you with a lit garden. As people embrace ways to live in harmony with nature, dark-sky-friendly lights are proving quite helpful. 

The Dark Sky Association plays a significant role in the Dark Sky initiative by providing the DSA stamp on dark-sky-approved lights and the list of manufacturers. Light up your garden with a responsible choice.

21. Light Up the Steps

Image credits: Photography by VOLT Lighting.

If you have steps on your front porch or back steps leading to the garden, lighting them up will be a stylish way to give visibility. Installing small bar lights within the steps will add a modern touch to your outdoors while providing safety while ascending or descending the steps.

22. Multipurpose Fan above Porch Swing

Image credits: Photography by Hunter Fan Company.

Beat the summer heat with a multipurpose fan that also lights up. It will also rid you of moths attracted to the lights. You can suspend this fan above the porch swing. Place some soft cushions on the swing for a relaxing retreat. Enjoy some “me” time and unwind as the light glow surrounds you and the cool breeze washes over you.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Lights for Your Home

Image credits: Photography by Randy Fath.

  • The first and most crucial step is to get in touch with your area’s building department and ask for guidelines about the types and levels of outdoor lighting that are permitted.
  • Once you have the guidelines in check, you can decide on the types of light and the area where you want to place the lights for safety and decoration, like the garden, pool, or steps.
  • While installing the lights, follow fundamental lighting safety precautions like exclusively using durable, outdoor-rated lights.
  • Exercise caution around electricity near the pool area.
  • Shop for outdoor lights that can weather storms and blend style with functionality; you can also look for waterproof options.
  • Don’t kill the natural darkness with overbright lights. Use soft lights below 3000 Kelvins that don’t threaten nature; opt for amber-colored bulbs for a warm glow.
  • Choose energy-efficient lights for a better experience.

Light Up and Relax

Choosing the right outdoor light can make a big difference in the styling sense or energy efficiency. Even the most minor light can bring about a change in your exterior oasis. Hopefully, you will find the one that best suits you and your backyard from all the ideas we have covered. 

Don’t hesitate to experiment by mixing a few ideas and creating the perfect outdoor that you have always dreamed of. When the sun goes down, let your outdoors light up along with the stars.


What light is best for outdoor lights?

Solar, LED, dark-sky-friendly, or sensor lights are best for outdoor lights.

What lights do you use outside of the house?

You can use various types. String, bulb, and pendant lights are just some of the lights you can use outside the house. But before purchasing, ensure that they are built for outdoor use and have the ability to weather storms.

What is the best color light for a backyard?

A warm color light is best for a backyard as it creates a cozy and social atmosphere. You can also try amber color bulbs that don’t overpower your outdoors.

Should I get LED outdoor lights?

Yes, you should getoutdoor LED lights as they are incredibly energy-efficient, last longer, and emit very little heat, unlike other lights.

Which outdoor solar lights are the best?

String and bulbs are the best outdoor solar lights.

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