From small Lithuanian village…

The intricate original design, inspired by architecture, geometry, and Lithuanian folk art, is carved completely by hand and looks just as beautiful in daylight as it does when illuminated by candlelight. With its soft, warm glow, this beautiful hand-carved lantern will create a relaxed and cozy ambiance in your home, garden, or on your terrace.

This lantern is lightweight and durable – it’s made from top-quality white clay, glazed with food-grade, non-toxic, and Lead-free glaze and fired twice in the kiln for 6-8 hours to ensure optimal performance and durability. The light Ivory color is standard for all our lantern because it is soft, versatile, and we think that it is the most optimal color for showing off the beautiful artwork when in use. You can display your lantern anywhere you like – on top of furniture, shelves, on hardwood floors, and you can even use it outside for picnics on the beach, park, or backyard BBQs.

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