Every kid needs a pet. A pet provides companionship, but did you know that there are other good reasons for letting your child have an animal friend?

According to parenting.com, pets also help kids with learning, they encourage nurturing, keep kids healthy, and build up family bonds. This is on top of them providing comfort and giving shy children something to talk about with others.

This list features some of the cutest kid-and-pet pictures around. Does your family have any pets? Upload a picture of your children hanging out with your pet below, or upvote your favorite!

(h/t: brightside)


Merry Christmas From Cassie + Gracie

Erin Vey Report

AnaLilia 2 years ago

i wish to have the opportunity to capture such amazing moment

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Best Buddies

Dejan Klajić Report

DariaB 2 years ago

"I think there's an intruder amongst us."

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Little Girl Is Taking Care Of A Dog

Vin J. Report

NealMichaud 2 years ago

"Tell me Doc, is it serious?"

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Boy With His Cat

Andrey Volobuev Report

GraceBarclay 2 years ago

I love this photograph. The cat is so relaxed with this child; no sign of stress.

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Napping In The Dog Bed


MarkSzeman 2 years ago

The beginning of a beautiful friendship ! :)

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Cats Drinking Milk

spacecatsociety Report

Jean-MarcDosSantos 2 years ago

because it's adorable and harmless ....

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Cute Friends


NealMichaud 2 years ago

"Don't cry. They feed you soon. See? I pat you."

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Moose & Squirrel

Jen Hendricks Report

NatalieBlenkhorn 2 years ago

Jesus! That dog looks humongous compared to the baby!

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We Don't Need Cups (or Bowls)

Kevin Duffy Report

NealMichaud 2 years ago

Best friends

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Big Dog With A Baby

imgur.com Report

lee 2 years ago

Aww that smile

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