Long gone are the times when people only kept cats and dogs as indoor pets. Now you can get a gerbil, a snake, or even a spider to love and cherish! What’s even better is that most of the farm animals, like ducks and even cows, have cuddled their way up to petdom. But we’re the happiest to know that cute pigs are among the ranks of pets, too.

Just look at how adorable, smart, and playful they are! It really is a wonder it took them so long to occupy the space in our hearts. And if you’re unsure whether cute baby pigs are truly that adorable, just take a look at the pictures of rosy piglets we rounded up on our list. 

Sure, pigs used to be known for being untidy and annoying, but that’s just prejudice talking. In fact, they’re loving and highly intelligent animals that can make amazing pets if you have the right space to keep them. In fact, these cute pigs are so much more than just farm animals! 

We bet you’ll be convinced of these animals’ awesomeness as soon as you take a look at the tiny, cute pigs in the photos we’ve prepared for you. So, scroll down and prepare for a total overload of cuteness.

Are Pet Pigs Smart?

Pigs can be great pets as they are intelligent and like being with people. Pigs are actually clean animals, and the bristly hair pigs have is hypoallergenic. It’s also known that these cute peg pigs love to cuddle with their people, so you can absolutely hug a pig whenever you feel like it!

What’s more, you can teach them dog tricks and even take them on walks as they can be leash trained. In fact, pigs are thought to be smarter than dogs and even three-year-old kids! And having such a smart animal as a pig can be a lot of fun.


Pearl Cuddling Her Little Stuffed Piglet

Piglet happily lying in bed with many plush pig toys

lnfinity Report

Are Mini Pigs Good Pets?

They are, however, as with any animal, there are many things to consider first. A big thing is where to keep one and what to feed it. All the small pigs in the photos are actually baby animals, so they are not grown up yet. Often, people don’t expect their cute baby pigs to grow up so big and end up giving them away.

It is because the name ‘mini pig’ is very deceptive. They can weigh 50 to 150 lb or 20 to 60 kg and more when fully grown. People often don’t expect them to grow that big because they don’t take a look at the pig’s parents and don’t get informed about the breed.


Kevin And Girly Girl - Friends For Life

Three photos about pig and chicken growing old together

fc3sbob Report

Are Pet Pigs Easy to Keep?

One of the most important things these cute pet pigs need is an outdoor area. That’s because they need to use their natural instinct to forage for roots and fungi. Of course, they like their mud baths, which are also essential for preventing them from overheating. Their skin is actually quite sensitive and can get sunburnt easily, so when they are kept outside, they need shade. 

When kept inside, considering how big they are, they might need a separate room with blankets for them to nest in. Alternatively, you can build something similar to a barn or a shed for them to be safe from the wind and rain or any other harsh weather conditions.

In the wild, pigs spend a large portion of their day turning over ground to seek out roots, bulbs, insects, small rodents, and even reptiles. However, as pets, they are usually kept in a confined space, so the owner must ensure that their cute mini pigs are well-fed. Usually, that means buying special food, as in some places, feeding pet pigs scraps is illegal because it can end up making them sick. Pigs are known for eating almost everything. Hence, it can be dangerous to leave them hungry as they will find something to stuff their stomachs with, which might not be the best for their guts.


Then, you should remember to take it to the vet regularly. Also, make sure that there is someone who knows how to take care of pigs, because different vets specialize in the care of different kinds of animals. 

And lastly, potential cute pet pig owners should also remember that these animals might live up to 20 years. They have to be sure that this isn’t just a temporary wish because they see everyone taking pictures with them looking cute. It’s a living creature, and you can’t just get rid of it when you get bored. In fact, it is illegal to just leave a pet pig in the wild because it isn’t adapted to living on its own, so it’s considered animal cruelty!


A Week Ago Bruce Fell Out Of A Semi On His Way To A Commercial Finishing Facility. This Is Bruce Now

Pig lying on a red blanket near fireplace

Brunos_Barn Report

What Is the Cutest Type of Pig?

In the world of cute mini pigs, there are still some that might be even cuter than the rest! Here are the top five cutest pig types that we’d love to have as pets: 

American Mini Pigs — a cross between several breeds, these mini pigs’ cuteness could melt even the coldest heart. However, although they are called “mini,” they can still grow up to be around 20–30 in or 50–75 cm tall, so bear that in mind. 


Pot-Bellied Pig —  rotund in stature and varied in their bristle color, these Asian natives have been long favored among pet pig aficionados. 

The Kune Kune Pig — the hairy and plump New Zealand native might be just the cutest pig around. However, they’re far from being called mini pigs as they can grow to up to 440 lb or almost 200 kg in weight. 

The Juliana Pig — the Juliana pigs are the smallest cute pigs in the world. They only weigh around 40 to 80 lb or 18 to 36 kg when fully grown and are perfect for keeping both indoors and outdoors. 

The Gottingen Mini Pigs — bred to be small for biomedical research purposes, the Gottingen pigs soon found their place in the pet market. Weighing just around 60 lb or 27 kg and known for their pleasant demeanor, these cute pet pigs deserve a place on everyone’s couch. 

Of course, it’s always up to you to decide which cute pigs are indeed the cutest! But if you’re seriously considering getting one as your pet, always talk to the breeders and learn about your piglet’s parents to determine whether your little piglet won’t grow up to be a huge boar. 

Why Are Pigs the Cutest Animals?

Some find ducks to be the cutest, others have a soft spot for reptiles, but to us, it will always be the tiny cute pigs that are most adorable! And although the reasons for their cuteness might vary from person to person, here are our thoughts on why pigs are just the cutest: 

  • They’re highly intelligent. And you know what they say — the smarter, the cuter!
  • They’re round, soft to the touch, and have curly tails and floppy ears. This one’s pretty much self-explanatory. 
  • They’re clean! Yes, indeed, pigs are very clean animals if given the chance to be. 
  • They’re hypoallergenic. If you’re allergic to cats and dogs, a cute pet pig might be your best bet. 
  • They’re cuddly. These cute mini pigs are very affectionate towards their owners, and who doesn’t love a pet that lives for cuddles!

If you think we’ve missed a reason as to why pigs are the cutest animals, please let us know in the comments. And for now, let’s take a look at the remaining pictures of these painstakingly cute pigs!


After Spending 12 Years In A Tiny Stall, This Pig Finally Found Someone Who Loves Her

Woman hugging a big black pig

Where Pigs Fly Report


This Piglet With Buck Tooth

Piglet face showing lower teeth

Battyboyrider Report


The Kitten Lady’s Newest Foster, Isa The Piglet

Piglet and kitten cuddle

mac_is_crack Report


My Girlfriend Is Beyond Obsessed With Mini Pigs, But Had Never Met One. That Changed Today

Young woman holding piglet and nearly crying

ToddOMG Report

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Couple Thinks They Adopted A Mini-Pig, Keeps Her As A Pet Even After It Grows To Be 650 Lbs

A man with very big pet pig

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This Is The Best Picture Of A Pig I Will Ever Take

Brown pig with big ears near the boat and water

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After Waiting 115 Days, Our Little Farm Girl Woke To Brand New Kunekune Piglets!

A little girl with bracelets and a yellow dress happily holding a piglet

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Foster Kitten And Piglet Are The Best Of Friends

Piglet and kitten lying in a pink faux fur bed

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A young woman grew a big pig

Vet said Floppy wouldn’t live longer than a week and recommended putting him down, now he is 1.5 years old and a 500 lb indoor pig.

Floppy the Pig Report

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I Photographed A Pig In Pink Tulips

A pig posing in a tulip field

Fluffy The Therapy Pig Report

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One Farm Animal Sanctuary In South Carolina Is Looking For Volunteers To Cuddle Their Piggies

Two images, one showing a piglet and the other a pig face with mouth open

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Here's A Picture Of My Mom Holding A Smiling Piglet

A woman holding a piglet and both are smiling

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Pigs Are Known For Being Very Sociable And Intelligent, And This Is Especially The Case For Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs

A group of five dogs and one fat pig in a room

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Happy As A Piglet Getting His Belly Rubbed

Piglet is lying near a plastic water container and the man's hand cuddling it

StewPaddasso Report


I Didn't Realize Pigs Could Be So Cute Until I Caught This Little Guy Smiling At Me!

Three pigs

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My Friend Is Fostering A Runt Piglet. I Think He Fits In Well With The Family

Black cat and piglet eating cat food from blue container at home

mlcolosimo Report


My Girlfriend's Parents Got A Few New Baby Ducks For The Farm. Looks Like Petunia The Pig Likes 'Em!

Big black pig lying on the grass and two baby ducks on it

heyconnor Report


A Little Pig In A Pumpkin

A little pig in a big pumpkin

Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo Report

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Sleeping Piglet With Her Matching Toy

Piglet is sleeping with a pig plush toy

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Meet Hamlet, The Piggy Who Saved My Life

Three images: one woman with the hat happily holding a pig another pig wrapped in a pink blanket, and the last pig in a hot dog costume

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Happiness Is A Pan Of Veggie Fried Rice! Chef Pop Is Taking Orders. Who Wants Some?

Pig smiling in a chef's wear near the cooking desk and a pan with cooked food in it

Priscilla the Mini Pig Report


This Pig Enjoys Painting And Has Become The World’s First Pig Artist

Two images: one close-up pig with a brush in its mouth and its colorful painting and another pig painting a blue abstract painting and a woman standing nearby with hands spread

pigcassohoghero Report


Piggy Back Ride

Black piglet on top of pink piglet

PigEveryHour Report


Pretty Pig

Piglet lying on its back with a colorful t-shirt

pee_wee_the_pig Report


Pet Pig

Pet pig lying and warming near fireplace in an apartment

LoganBryantAlex Report

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