Hello! I’m Evisa Isabella Rose and I’m the creator behind this webcomic series.

I like creating combinations of funny, cute, educational and inspirational comics. This particular one is inspired by my life actually. I was ”stuck” in a job that offered me a managerial position, but nothing more than that. One day, I took this crazy decision to leave it all behind and chase my dream of creating my own webcomic! I had some savings and with a lot of sacrifices and frugality, I’m making some baby steps in the comics world.

So, the fish here represents me, you, us. The tank represents a bad situation: could be a job, a relationship, anything that is not giving you the satisfaction you’re looking for. You feel unmotivated and stuck in a routine that is not getting you anywhere. What do you do in this case? In my opinion, leaving is the only right option. It doesn’t mean that you’re a quitter, it means that you know what you want and from the moment you aren’t getting what you seek and need, it’s time to find it elsewhere!

Of course, it won’t be easy. Most people prefer the safety of an unsatisfying routine than stepping out of their comfort zone and try to reach their own ocean! The ocean represents your dreams, your needs, the place you want to see your future self in.

What about the pan? The pain is there to remind you that in your way to reaching your personal ocean, you’re gonna get “burned” a lot of times, I mean A LOT of painful and disappointing times! But you have to keep going!

Remember: Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but in the end, all of your efforts will be more than worth it!

As for me, I’m ”inside the pan” right now struggling to make a living from what I love and hoping that one day I’ll make my dream come true! :)

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Remember: Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy, But In The End, All Of Your Effort Will Be More Than Worth It!