While thinking about what you or your kids will be dressing up as for Halloween, make sure not to forget your pet as well! With a safe and comfortable costume, these pet costumes will let your pat join in on the fun.

Different pets are willing to put up with different levels of nonsense from their owners, so make sure that yours is comfortable with what you're putting on them – don't force it.

Please vote for your favorite pet costume ideas and add your own!

#1 Bat Kitty

Bat Kitty

imgur Report

HarleyJamieKeebir 1 year ago

very cute

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#7 Classy Crab

Classy Crab

fuckyeahdogsindrag.tumblr.com Report

ZoeKrishel 1 year ago

Is that crab alive?? Or was he dinner?

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#11 Princess Leia Kitty

Princess Leia Kitty

imgur Report

ZoeKrishel 1 year ago

I love that face!!! She doesn't even need the dress!!

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#13 Up! House Dog

Up! House Dog

brit.co Report

ZoeKrishel 1 year ago

This is the 1st one I haven't seen before!! I LOVE it!!

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#16 Bat Cat

Bat Cat

unknown Report

Nutmeg73 1 year ago

I love this one. :)

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#17 Shark Turtle

Shark Turtle

nydailynews.com Report

ZoeKrishel 1 year ago

So cool!! Great crocheting too!

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#19 At-at Dog

At-at Dog

Katie Mello Report

RobinRiechers 1 year ago

dog looks too unhappy :(

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#20 Dog Being Eaten By A Crocodile

Dog Being Eaten By A Crocodile

imgur Report

ellagrace 1 year ago

don't get him don't

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#21 Harry Potter Dogs

Harry Potter Dogs

Pets Adviser Report

airababy 1 year ago

Insanely cute

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#22 Breaking Bad Cat

Breaking Bad Cat

technologytell.com Report

h5b10 1 year ago

Omg Hilarious! Love it!

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#23 Dobby Dog

Dobby Dog

Ingunn Markiewitcz Report

emmlee_redhead 1 year ago

so cute. such a nice nod to dobby from harry potter

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#24 Dragon Guinea Pig

Dragon Guinea Pig

Todd Silbert Report

ZoeKrishel 1 year ago

Can't....stand.....the...cute!!!!!! Killing me!!

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#25 Freddy Krueger Guinea Pig

Freddy Krueger Guinea Pig

Jeannine Report

ZoeKrishel 1 year ago

They even made him the CLAW!!

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