Not an operator, but my boyfriend who called in. He usually worked a late shift, walking home about 2 am. This shift he got off work a few hours late... BF: I'd like to call and report a fire. [We live in a fire prone area and it was the season.] 911: Where is it located sir? BF: On the hillside just East of [City]. 911: Can you be more specific? [Typing away in the background.] BF: Yes, [gives a more detailed location]. Oh god, it's getting bigger! The whole top of the hill is on fire now! 911: Stay calm sir, we're sending somebody out. BF: It's getting bigger! Doesn't anybody else see this?! It's lighting up the sky around's huge! Oh god! Oh...oh, wait... 911: Sir? BF: I am SO sorry...I'm not usually out this time of night, I just got off work late...that's, that's the sun... 911: ... BF: I am so, so sorry for wasting your time, there is no fire, that's just the sun rising. Never mind. I'm really embarrassed... 911: That's fine, Sir. I will cancel the call, thank you for calling.

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