When you're truly in love with someone, it can feel like you're incomplete without them. These clever couple tattoos express the relationships of the couples wearing them perfectly – the tattoos are only truly complete when these two people are together.

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If you and the love of your life have an awesome couple's tattoo, please add it to this list to show it off! Upvote your favorites as well.



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Alexander Petrik 10 months ago

Just for the sake of the art, I want to share with these cool couple tattoos http://www.dubuddha.org/category/couples_tattoo/ For inspiration, for people to create more of cool tattoos

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Always Protego

themisteraurelien Report

CamilaDíaz 2 years ago

HP Fans... nice.

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cuded.com Report

PrincessLily 2 years ago

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mark Stern Report

AmandaBrown 2 years ago

This is awesome


Mickey And Minnie Kissing

tattooset.com Report

MártaTheCat 2 years ago

These are not tats!

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MaryAsh 2 years ago

Not a tattoo, drawn on

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Matching Couple Tattoo

hollietoldmeto Report

WendyKonuk 1 year ago

I like this alot!


King & Queen


SusanSobon 2 years ago

why did they chose that finger?

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Cute Matching Tattoos

zoombie nation Report

AnnieA 2 years ago



Matching Couple Tattoo

Wouldstudio Report

ViktoriaUhlin 2 years ago

That's not a couple, it's just one person, but it's still really cool!



ybowyerphotography.com Report

HeronFeather 2 years ago

They make music together.

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Pair Of Raccoons

sasha unisex Report

HeidiLeach 2 years ago

Really cool tattoos on their own. They don't even need to be couples tattoos

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Calvin And Hobbes

imgur.com Report

SigridLiepe 2 years ago

AAaaaaaaaawwww! I love Calvin & Hobbes! Best motive anyway! :)




JaimiAllers 2 years ago

Not sure who though course vtach would be a good idea...

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Melodie 2 years ago

yas catdog

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Matching Tattoos

news.bme.com Report

AmyWhite 2 years ago

Beautiful x

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tattooideas247.com Report

MonicaCunningham 2 years ago

Hahahahhaa! Light-sabre fight :D

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