Some people are born to troll. It's in their genes, and there's nothing they can do to resist it. They're the people who put their foot on the scales when you're trying to weigh yourself. They're the people who give you a frozen block of dollar bills when you tell them you want some cold hard cash for your birthday. And they're the people who tell co-workers that the new printer is voice activated and then sit and laugh as people yell instructions at it.

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Scroll down for more hilarious examples of trolls doing what trolls do best. Compiled by Bored Panda, the list includes everything from prankster parents and funny felines to smartass sign holders and colleagues with far too much time on their hands. Don't forget to vote for your favorite!

#1 Artist Trolling Planes

Artist Trolling Planes

Marlin Peterson Report

Anouk 2 weeks ago

Wow - that's some mad art skills right there.

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#2 Trolling The System

Trolling The System

ralphfaith Report

MRaina 2 weeks ago

Very Witty Developer. I find a urge to meet him and tell him that.

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#3 Welcome To Cleveland

Welcome To Cleveland

saintrph Report

John L 2 weeks ago

What a wicked sense of humor. :D

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#4 Trolling A Kitty

Trolling A Kitty

Ghost_Animator Report

Neeraj Jha 2 weeks ago

You'll pay for it with your soul..

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#5 Trolling The Protestors

Trolling The Protestors

PR3DA7oR Report

Jamal W 2 weeks ago

Hahahahah now thats how you troll xD

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#6 This Troll

This Troll


Vlad Horobet 2 weeks ago

Should've send a mail and tell them...about 1 month after they started selling the books xD

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#7 Well Someone Is A Smartass

Well Someone Is A Smartass

Mr-Wonderfull Report

John L 2 weeks ago

Looks like somebody was unhappy with the management, lol.

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