Kids. Some are smarter than others. But sometimes the kids that are considered the least smart are actually the smartest of all. Take a look at this list compiled by Bored Panda to see what we mean. Are any of the answers you can see below correct? Technically, no. But these kids aren't thinking technically. They're thinking much deeper than that. They're seeing THROUGH the question in order to get to the very heart of what's being asked. And that takes brains. Which is why we think that all these kids deserve an A for Awesome. Or, at the very least, an E for Effort.

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Seen any answers that are so wrong they're right? Then share them with us below, and don't forget to vote for the best!

#1 Bob Has 36 Candy Bars

Bob Has 36 Candy Bars


Edi IP 1 year ago


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#2 Brilliant

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Vanessa Tan 2 years ago

Translation: The life here is bad. The working condition is not good and lacks employee benefits. However, please do not worry. Only about 10 people get serious injuries everyday and I am very careful. We have opened a small shop and business is not bad. Although I am not very good with the English language, I know enough to understand what the westerners are speaking. Hope that I can make a name for myself. I am working very hard here and will take good care of myself. How is everyone? I missed all of you a lot and hope that we can meet again.

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#3 This Kid Is Going To Be Ok

This Kid Is Going To Be Ok

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Lana Vasti Els (Mylah) 2 years ago

Its how i raise my daughter :) You cant fall further than the ground.

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#4 This Is Kid Is Much Smarter Than I Am

This Is Kid Is Much Smarter Than I Am

ChrisGable Report

carrie muise 2 years ago

lol like this kids thinking

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#7 Taxonomy

Taxonomy Report

Miklós Nagy 2 years ago

Can't decide if racists or liberals voted this one up so high. Probably both.

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