When you see a fortune cookie, it's not the cookie you're craving, it's the fortune. I mean, there are plenty of baked desserts but how many of them can reveal your future? Or the lack of it? Some of these messages, however, are so surprising, they catch people completely off-guard. Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest phrases ever found in fortune cookies to prove that Confucius isn't behind all of them.

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From rude insults to questionable dares, the people who discovered these messages definitely had a hard time swallowing them. Scroll down to read the hilarious list and upvote your favorite entries!

#7 My Ironic Fortune Cookie

My Ironic Fortune Cookie

willdonnell Report

Neeraj Jha 4 months ago

The humor with this fortune cookie is too damn high! xD

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#9 Take That Big Step

Take That Big Step


Terror from Beyond Space 4 months ago

Go ahead and get the complete stormtrooper costume.

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#10 My Wife's And My Fortune Cookies. Hers Is On Top

My Wife's And My Fortune Cookies. Hers Is On Top

Thrupp08 Report

John L 4 months ago

And since none of the 'lucky numbers' even match, it may be time for him to hire a private investigator. :D

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