Working 9 hours a day, each day, in the same cubicle, for the same boss, with the same colleagues years in a row doesn't sound like much fun, does it? Entering the same data, replying to the same e-mails and answering the same calls can become quite repetitive really fast. And when bored, office workers might surrender to the urge for some good old office pranks. Every office has a designated prankster, walking the line between lovable rogue and annoying nuisance, but someone has to do it, right? Because at the end of the day these good pranks are what keeps the spirits of co-workers up.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of devilishly clever best pranks that get dangerously close to crossing the line. You won't find any of the usual computer-mouse-in-jello or voice-activated coffee machine office jokes, the ones that we have selected are really the most ingenious and clever.

But before executing the best office pranks, remember a quote from the most famous office worker Dwight Schrute 'Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, I do not do that thing,' to make sure your joke is not going to hurt anybody.

Happy pranking!


One of my Co-Worker has a ton of family pictures all over his desk and walls. I was slowly changing them all to pictures of me. I worked really hard to find similar pictures to replace them. I even traveled to some of the places to replicate them. I just about had them all when another guy we worked with asked him why he had so many pictures of me. He thought this married guy had a crush on me or something.

littleredhoodlum Report

Hans 1 year ago

True pranks take devotion!

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This is only to my bosses, but when I know I'm due for a raise/promotion and they tell me they don't have budget/I need to wait a while, I start wearing suits to work. Not everyday, but maybe once a week, maybe twice, skip a few, repeat.
Looks like you're going to interviews during lunch or after work.

tinker_dinker Report

Tamara Laney 1 year ago

Well played--I salute you!

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Made a new folder on his desktop called Russian Dwarf Porn and then took a screenshot. Set the screenshot as his desktop background.
For an engineer it took him a ridiculous amount of time before he realised why he couldn't delete the folder.

Pineapplespaceman Report

1 year ago

This one is perfect!! Hats off to you :PPP

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Everyday I would get into the locker room before him and place one penny in his right boot. This went on for 2 months. After about a week and a half I could see him getting frustrated. After a while it just became the norm for him to shake the penny out of his right boot everyday. He wasn't frustrated anymore, he was defeated, and just accepted it now. So, one day I decided to put it in his left boot. He came in shook his right boot out like usual, but nothing fell out. He looked so relieved, like a huge weight had been lifted. Then he put on his left boot on, and just f*ckin lost it. He slung that boot across the locker room with all his might, cussing and calling out whoever did this to him. I stopped f*cking with him after that. I plan on putting a penny in his boot once a year from now on just to remind him. Nobody knows it was me placing the penny and I plan on keeping it that way.

GeronimoEKIAx2 Report

Bored Fox 1 year ago

Hey, it's free money. :)

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I have hidden a tiny speaker in an adjacent cubicle wall that emits a soft cat meow every 2 hours.

whistledick Report

Tamara Laney 1 year ago

Next step: leave a cat toy

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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks There's a guy in my office who often comes to work in jeans and a t-shirt and changes into his work clothes in his office. He's taken over half of a closet next to my cubicle with his dress clothes.
A few years ago, on March 31, I came into the office around midnight and swapped his clothes for some Hawaiian shirts, checked pants, basically a whole wardrobe of the loudest clothes I could find at a thrift store.
When I got there the next morning, he was closed up in his office. His secretary told me that he'd been having a pretty rotten week in terms of workload and was in a foul mood. Finally, he emerged wearing his jeans and t-shirt. He sort of grunted a hello at me, opened the closet door, and just stood there for probably 10-15 seconds trying to wrap his brain around what was in front of him. Finally he just started cracking up laughing, and put on one of the more "understated" outfits. He spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who had done it; meanwhile, people from all around the office came to behold my handiwork. I finally fessed up at the end of the day. He swore revenge although he still hasn't made his move.
Best April Fool's prank I'll probably ever play.

JedLeland Report

Tamara Laney 1 year ago

Some of those shirts are pretty cool-- I'd take them in a heartbeat!

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I teach elementary music. Once, I had a rivalry with the gym/PE teacher. She would send the kindergarten class to mine and tell them it was my birthday and I loved birthday hugs. She would do this about twice a month. I sent them back to her and told them she loved it when people would step on her foot. They rushed her and started stomping. She also told the kids to go into my class, say nothing, and just stare at me. It was the creepiest damn thing. She won.

Jabez77 Report

Robert Morson 1 year ago

And the kids believed she had a birthday twice a month?

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I installed "cloud to butt" on my coworker's pc.
It's a Chrome addon that changes all instances of the word "cloud" being displayed to "butt".
He didn't notice for months. Last week he finally asked me what that customer could possibly mean by "uploading files to my butt".

verenelle Report

Lillian Chesak 1 year ago

Haha! Pure evil!

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You know how you can fray Duct tape and pull off long little sticky threads of it?
So I pulled off a single long piece of it, and put it down the side of my manager's brand new car. Looks like a deep, horrifying scratch on the paintwork.
The look on his face when we went out for a smoke. He threw his hands onto his head, his knees went weak and he basically crawled over to it, and pulled the thread of sticky duct tape off easily.
Harmless and fun, that one.

FinalEdit Report

1 year ago


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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks I sit beside a guy who is a good friend of mine and our desks are separated by a moveable divider. Since I moved beside him 2 weeks ago I've been moving the divider a centimetre towards him each day. We're at 13cm and he hasn't noticed yet.
I have to shift his monitors soon though so that will be interesting.

Nelfoos5 Report

Hans 1 year ago

I will never get the rationale behind these enourmous US offices, cubilces and the like. They are like prisons, just that people go there more or less freely to work.

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I worked on the seventh floor of an office building. Everyone in the building would try and leave on the elevators at 5 pm, every single day. The elevator would stop at EVERY single floor and when the doors would open, we would see a line up of people looking disappointed, the doors would close and we would move on. This happened even on the second floor.
when the door would open, everyone in the situation would stare at each other and be paralyzed with social anxiety about the right thing to do.
One particularly busy Friday, the doors open on the sixth floor, and I announced to the usual line up: ‘we have enough room for one of you’. One person got on, the doors closed, someone behind me chuckled, and we went on to the 5th floor. When the doors opened, I said ‘we can only take two of you’. People in the elevator moved back and squished, two people got on, and we picked up one more person per floor. By the time we got to the 2nd floor, the elevator was shoulder to shoulder, bodies touching, but for some reason, people were still listening to me. A lady next to me looked worried that I would invite more people on. The doors opened on the second floor and the people waiting looked at an extremely packed elevator. To them I said ‘take the stairs, you’re on the second f*cking floor.’
That got a good laugh.

nt-yur-fathers-usrnm Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Hahahaha.. That gave me a good laugh as well.

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Change their auto-correct settings in Outlook so when they type their name it adds a ridiculous title.
Tom Smith = His eloquence, master of ceremonial duck herding, and debater of microwave etiquette, Thomas "The Velvet Hammer" Smith, Esq.

USMC_0481 Report

Misterscooter 1 year ago

Reason number 39 for why you should always lock your computer when you walk away from it.

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Grabbed a roll of stickers from the pharmacy that say "For rectal use only" and randomly attach them to pens, phones, staplers, the water cooler.
It's all good till our director comes in and loses his shit and can't help but laugh.

MadLintElf Report

Lilly Friedman 1 year ago

"Loses his shit."

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I think I've mentioned this before, but I have a few co-workers (myself included) that run on post-it notes. Seriously, some of our desks look like that Pepe Silva scene in Always Sunny.
That said, I take advantage of this. I do fairly well at copying other's handwriting. I'll do my best facsimile of something innocuous or mildly ominous and place it among their other post-its.
My notable favorites were: "Ask Linda about the bees." and "Knife Parade?"

ExtraMediumGonzo Report

1 year ago

The bees are doing great!

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Every time this one girl mentions something her kids did, I mention something my dog did.

Herpbees Report

Neeraj Jha 1 year ago

Good for you..

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I whistle Christmas songs in months other than December. Just the first few lines once or twice an hour. Give it a few hours and they're questioning why jingle bells is stuck in their head mid June.

JamezPS Report

Caitlyn McCracken 1 year ago

You are the kind of person I can't stand!

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Not me, but a guy I know. He stole a coworker's novelty giant pencil, then started emailing said coworker in-character as the pencil, with photos of the pencil in different locations around Europe.
He even got another coworker in on the act to deflect suspicion away from himself, and used proxies to ensure the emails couldn't be traced back to him.
The original owner of the pencil got so pissed off, it initiated a company-wide hunt for the perpetrator. So far as I know, it was never resolved, and Pencil McPencilface roams the world to this day.

batty3108 Report

Angel 1 year ago

Pencil McPencilface!!! :-DD

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My coworkers think I have a cat. I've named him Winston.
I've pleasantly avoided many after-work happy hours and other work events with "I have to get home and feed the cat".
I even have a photo of some random cat on my phone in case anyone inquires further.
I don't have a cat, of course. But I do chuckle to myself at the thought of Winston, My Imaginary Cat.

BartholomewOobleck Report

Neeraj Jha 1 year ago

You might as well get one. They are fine, you know.

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The former big boss of my oil plant works in the office with me. I noticed anytime I would mention an interesting storey he would immidiatly fact check it and point out how wrong I was. So, If I wanted to know something , rather than look it up myself, I would just throw out a claim. Me- xyz stock is $4.40 today Him- NO ITS NOT - its $2.17
Me - Thank you

Me- Chicago is a 8 hour drive from here. Him- NO ITS NOT - its 12 if you do Route A, and 10.5 if you go Route B ect,

mikesphone1979 Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Genius in making!

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I made 20 copies of a paperclip and put them in the paper tray of copier. A woman in my office made a copy and got the paperclip in the pictures and thought there was a paperclip in the copy machine somewhere. She was searching and searching and even went and got a flashlight and started looking everywhere in the machine. She was opening up drawers and panels for 20 minutes. It was pretty fun to watch.

IrishGuyGolfer Report

1 year ago

Gotta do this thanks

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My coworker has many allergies, most of which are made up in her mind. If she hears of a new allergy she instantly has that allergy too. She is "allergic" to all cleaning supplies. We are not allowed to use any cleaners in our cubicles because it will make her sick. When she's really annoying me I will spray a bottle of water in my cube. She will hear the sound of the spray bottle and within half an hour she will go home "sick" because someone was spraying "cleaners" in the office.

NitroBetty Report

Angel 1 year ago

HAHA! It's WATER!! I love it!

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Slowly add new post it notes to their desk, among their real ones, that say “Urgent! Call _put another co-workers number here_”. Sometimes a word like “evaluation” or “meeting” or upcoming dates and times causes hilarious interactions. If you plant three different notes that cause three people to go into a meeting at the same time it’s fun to see how long they stay before realizing there is no meeting.

spudfootz Report

Alia Gail 1 year ago

evil ha ha

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Our old HR director was notorious for having a messy desk. My manager and I made it our mission to add an additional 1,000 random sheets of paper to his desk over the course of a few weeks without him noticing. Every morning he'd come in and 10-15 more sheets would be added to the mess. It took a long time for him to suspect something was up.

beagle_dog Report

Hans 1 year ago

We all know these people. If they finally clean up, a paper recycling factory has material for a month.

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Not me, but my husband's story. They had a candy dispenser in their work area that made a particular noise when it dispensed candy. Well, he noticed that a particular employee would, whenever he heard the somone else getting candy, would get up and get himself some candy. Like a Pavlovian response to the sound.
So he did what anyone would do, recorded the sound and rigged a speaker up. Randomly throughout the day he would make the sound go off and sure enough, his coworker would get up and go get himself candy.

LimeKilnRoad Report

Black Dahlia 1 year ago

Wow, these office workers have quite an assortment of accurate microphones and speakers.

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Once I plugged in a wireless mouse into their computer without them knowing. And a few times a day I would just jiggle the mouse. Just enough to hear them slamming down the mouse and muttering under their breath and I'd stop. This went on for several days. Sometimes I'd stop by to chat, and I would bring the mouse. When they we go to click on something I would just move the mouse just slightly so they couldn't actually hover over what they wanted to click. It was brilliant!

CrepuscularPizza Report

Caridina Japonica 1 year ago

We kept it doing this about 2 months until we told him and stopped. So much fun. Even the coworker himself loved it after he finally understood.

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I’m a 28 year old dude and I used to put up one new kitten photograph in my cubicle per week to see if any of my managers would say anything. After putting up enough pictures to cover my whole cube wall, and no one commenting, I started to feel like I was going crazy. I guess the joke was on me, or else all my managers were just super accepting.

CoconutFiasco Report

Mikleo 1 year ago

You are now known as crazy cat guy.

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Found a little script a while back that would randomly open and close the disc drive on my coworker's computer. Not incredibly often, but enough to the point where it was annoying. He requested a new computer, I reinstalled the .scr as soon as he left that day.

SnaggyKrab Report

Angel 1 year ago

HAHAHA!! pure evil - I love it!

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Long time ago I worked the late night/closing shift at a convenience store/gas station. Another co-worker and I closed up around 11 each night.
I amused myself by taking a little white ziploc type baggie... or sometimes a piece of plastic wrap... and would put sugar or a sugar substitute in it, then wander out just before closing and drop it by the pumps. Looked like a customer had their nose candy fall out of their pocket when they'd pulled out their keys or wallet or whatever.
Then I'd watch as whomever I was working with would go out to shut down and lock up the pumps. I'd look distracted but would watch as they'd spot it, look around, look at me, then subtly reach down and pick it up as they "tied their shoe" or "picked up change" something. Then of course they'd volunteer to clean the bathrooms so they could privately check out their new coke stash. Good times.
Of course, sometimes a customer would find it first, then come in and get the bathroom key. Even better times.

erebus843 Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

People were having "high" hopes from that Ziploc bag!

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I sent a co-worker I loathed a manila envelope full of glitter. She prompted tore it open.
That was two years ago, and she still finds glitter everywhere. Our lil office fairy.

Wonder_WomanUnderoos Report

Angel 1 year ago

Such a great idea!

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Back in the day, our office IT was.....less than modern day standards shall we say. Basically every single PC had admin rights. It was chaos for our poor IT admin guy, but he was semi-retired so didn't give too much of a shit.
Right click on desktop, create new shortcut, type shutdown.exe -I and you have created one of the best chaos creation tools I've ever employed. Double-click on this, and you can select any computer on the network and have it re-start or shutdown, with an optional countdown timer and pop-up message. You just need your victim's IP address and admin rights.
This was commonly deployed against the fresh-faced work experience kids as hardened office veterans would smell a rat quickly. My favourite was to wait until they were an hour or so into work, then send a shutdown command with the warning pop-up, "Windows has detected a ridiculous hair-cut, and will shutdown in 10 seconds."
The panicked look of desperation was priceless. They rarely said anything, as how do you tell all these grown-ups that the PC shut down because of.....their hair cut.
Yes I'm going to hell. I've made my peace with that.

ExxInferis Report

Jacquelin Carrabus 1 year ago

I worked in HR and everyone was to the book. I was always the first to arrive to open and I took a perfectly cut piece of shiny shipping tape and put it on my colleague's phone receiver. When she arrived and settled I called her desk. She went absolutely ape shit that her phone wasn't working. I called the help desk for her and they located a new phone...after they replaced the phone I unplugged it. This went on all morning. I finally fest up to IT...they kept replacing her phone with the same phones. I never laughed so hard in my life. Also, she had stuff animals on her ledge... I would put them in precarious positions and I had "conversations" with her telling her it's not appropriate to pose her things that way. She thought the cleaning people were doing it to her. After 3 years and I was leaving the company, at my going away party I fest up. I couldn't even breathe, I was laughing so hard. Over three years I did other shit to her and she never suspected I was doing it to her.

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Coworker. I have very tiny printouts of just his head. I sneak them all over the office in inconspicuous places. This has been going on for 2 years. He still doesn't know it's me.

rnpbamc Report

ispeak catanese 1 year ago

Our CEO is vain little man who spray tans to a mahogany shade and has had a lot of plastic surgery. He looks very odd. I found a bunch of color flyers and cut out his photo and started taping them in inconspicuous areas of 2 coworker's desks, where they wouldn't be found unless they were rummaging for a piece of gum, hand lotion, etc. It took a while for them to find him, but I was there to see each jump at the discovery! Hahahaha!

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Leaving stickie notes on their desk that says "Come see me" but no sign as to who its from.

ndntom Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago


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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks It actually got pulled on me.
Working as a new EMT and I'm put on a truck for training with these two guys who loved f*cking with rookies.
Most ambulance bays have a keypad to type in the code to get in. We were pulling into a hospital I hadn't been to yet and I preemptively ask him what the code would be so I dont look like an idiot. My partner tells me " They have a retinal scanner here, just put your eye in front of it".
Im f*cking stupid and believed him.
I don't know why, I was just so worried about doing anything wrong that I was trying to do everything right so I didn't even question it. We take the patient over to the doors, I see the lil camera and pop a squat and stare at it for about twenty seconds. Meanwhile, my partners and patient are dying of laughter behind me and grabbed a picture of it. I ended up famous on an EMS Facebook page, but I was pretty cool with it. Cant say I wont do the same now when I get a trainee.

CPR_Guy Report

AngelofThursdays 1 year ago

This is the pure kind of pranks I LOVE. Even the patient was laughing!

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My department is pretty small, so when we f*ck with someone, everyone is involved.
We have a tradition to set up elaborate pranks for one of us returns from vacation, with the crown jewel being an office poltergeist we staged.
We threw in a bait-and-switch and adorably made the desk a beach scene, complete with a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber in scuba gear, a kiddie pool with sand, and a crafty palm tree. About a few hours into her shift, shit got real.
See, the rest of her desk was seemingly normal. However, behind the scenes, there was fishing wire connected to different objects on her desk, with the other ends spread across the rest of our desks attached to pens, activating an ‘event’ with a tug of a pen. There was an instant messaging group where we planned on real time behind the scenes.
For the next few hours, in intervals of about 20 minutes, things on her desk started to move. A rose we had bought for her flew at her, a tack holding up a corner of a calendar loosened, her mouse moved, drawers opened, etc.
This started subtle, and got more and more ridiculous as the day played out. The end of the poltergeist, however, is when we suckered someone in Accounting to remove a panel in the corner of her cubicle and roll a ball through the cracks with a picture of the victim’s face taped to the ball.
We have yet to top this one.

Dengakuslash Report

Angel 1 year ago

HAHA!! This is awesome!! How long did it take for her to figure it out? Or did she?

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When I worked at Burger King we had new employees look for charcoal for the gas grill.

pm_me_ur_habs_nudes Report

Daniel Morgan 1 year ago

had a similar experience in a café where we used to get newbies to go and ask downstairs for a leg of salmon, or a bucket of steam, or once, tartan paint!

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I like to incorrectly correct people’s pronunciation. Like they’ll say beignet “ben-yay” and I’ll say, “actually, it’s ‘bang-yet’.”
Most of the time it’s obvious I’m just messing with them or they already know the schtick and they laugh it off. But every so often I’ll actually convince someone they’re wrong. And it’s glorious. It’s a pretty low success rate but when you hear someone use the wrong pronunciation in a conversation months later and you know you did that, it makes it all worth it.

stickymeowmeow Report

Angel 1 year ago

OMG! This would drive me insane - I'm a little bit of a pronunciation nazi lol. I bet you and I could have some interesting conversations lol

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We have this old crotchy hyper religious nut at my job. Very annoying, sits on her butt all day. I put a remote control speaker, loaded a 30kb sound file of demonic voices whispering.
When she starts hearing and looking around, I cut it off with the remote. Ive been doing this shit for years. She keeps adding more bible calandars to ward "it" off. Taking this one to the grave, Cathy, you cunt.

KingShultzIsMyWaifu Report

Hans 1 year ago

This is in fact harassment, and psychological terror, even if this co-worker is annoying.

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They sometimes leave their personal spotify accounts on the shared computer that we all use, so in the past, I've added things like Barney the Dinosaur and Teletubbie tracks into their libraries.

Beachbum313 Report

Cat Lady 1 year ago

Oh yes


This genuinely just happened.
My company has just moved to a new office, and everybody's internal phone number has changed. I kindly print everyone a little phone extension matrix, about the size of half a page of A4. Everyone says thanks and sticks it to their PC monitor so we can transfer calls / call colleagues etc.
One guy in the office, probably in his 40s, really nice dude but a little bit old school sits a couple of seats away from me is selected as my victim.
After he's gone home one night I print out 10 new versions of the phone extension matrix, each one a font size smaller than the last, cutting the paper size so everything is to scale, just smaller. Every other day I replace his piece of paper stuck to his desk until it's practically unreadable.
Dude didn't even notice for about 2 weeks before we saw his squinting at it when he tried to transfer a call. Still we said nothing, come in the next day to find him printing off a regular size one himself. Lunchtime comes and I replace his new one with a full sheet of A3.
Finally he twigs. Great stuff would recommend.

multiculturalman Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

You got me at "squinting"!

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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks Emptied out my boss' largest desk drawer (1 ft x 1.5 ft x 1 ft), used heavy-duty-staples to secure a shower liner to the inside of the drawer, and filled it with water and aquarium rocks. Then I placed 4 live goldfish and a crab in the drawer, and partially closed it.
I also bought him a fish tank and fish food, so after he dismantled his fish tank drawer, he would have new office pets.
It worked out perfectly. No damage to his desk or office. All fish survived the overnight drawer life. And I did not get fired. It was a part of a long and well-fought prank war that lasted several years, but this was definitely my favorite prank.

_Surf_Ninja_ Report

Fluffy Destroyer 1 year ago


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I just keep handing them random items. 99% of the time they'll keep accepting.
Or I'll stare at a spot slightly above their eye, like they have a booger on their face or something.
Or I'll slowly back up as we talk, see how far I can get them to follow me before they catch on.

mysterious_baker Report

Ehren Thomsen 1 year ago

Brilliant and creepy. How long did you need until they started to actively avoid you?

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Gradually increase the pressure required to open the office door by adjusting the automatic door-closer with a screwdriver so they become accustomed to giving it a mighty shove then one day disconnect the arm altogether.

F*ckCazadors Report

Nadine Ducca 1 year ago

These little-by-little ones are the best!

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I screen shot their desktops, put all their shortcuts in one folder, then set that screen shot as their wallpaper. I find it amusing listening to their call to IT.

AtL_eAsTwOoD Report

Max Lombardi 1 year ago

Thank you from the other side of the phone line.

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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks I put my co-workers stapler in jell-o and it took me so many tries to get it to work. He didn't really get it because he hadn't seen the office. But it's okay, because I laughed enough to make it worth it.

thelittlegnome Report

Emily Rose 1 year ago

YES! Jim Halpert!

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I plant evil questions in their lectures and tutorials, seeding them to students we have in common.
I've been doing it for years, and they have no idea it's happening. They're just constantly baffled that the same kids each year keep asking obscure, graduate-level, often borderline unanswerable questions in person, but never quite manage that level of insight in their writing.

varro-reatinus Report

Nadine Ducca 1 year ago

Huh? Could you explain this better, please?

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Many years ago I had collected money from the staff for a holiday party and left it on my desk. I went to the bathroom and came back to find the money missing. I was freaking out about the missing money searching with my boss who was disappointed I left it unattended. I was seconds away from accusing these guys working on the lights in the office when my phone rang with a devious laugh on the other end saying "missing something?". It was a coworker from upstairs, she thought it was hilarious, I knew the gauntlet had been thrown. I went online and bought something called the annoyotron. It was a magnetic little device that I stuck under her desk that would make beeps intermittently every 10 to 15 minutes I think (it had various settings). For the next month I would find reasons to go by her desk and say "did you just hear a beep?". She would go wide eyes and say "OMG yes! I can't figure it out! It's driving me crazy". Sometimes I would go by and they would have a maintenance guy checking the fire alarm and I would just keep egging her on "I swear I just heard a beep". So after a month of this torture we were at the annual holiday party and I was seated with her and had knocked a couple back. I spilled the beans and apologized to the person she shared a cubicle with as she was "collateral damage". She never f*cked with me again.

crashlanders Report

Allana Rose 1 year ago

They say that payback is a bitch but this is just too perfect!

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I have lady co-worker who writes lengthy emails to colleagues when she finds a mistake they made. It is time consuming and pointless. I know where she pulls the report to find the mistakes, so occasionally I pull the report, correct the errors myself and don't tell her.
This sounds quite underwhelming here, but she loves to be a drama queen about all the "idiots" she has to correct but I spoil her fun.

Berlin_Blues Report

AngelofThursdays 1 year ago

That's not a prank but good for you dude..

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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks Nothing epic, but one of my co-workers had a LEGO Kiss set that he never asked for, nor was he a fan of. Somehow it ended up getting passed around the office (there's only 4 of us) with different set ups in random places on that person's desk.
One day my boss left early, so I went to work on setting up an over the top mini-concert experience for him.
Like I said, nothing epic, but it made us laugh, so that works.

NumberJ5 Report

Magpie 1 year ago

Where everybody laughs : that is a good one. Nobody hurt, nobody made to feel belittled.

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For a while my favourite thing was to unplug their mouse & put a sticky under the mouse sensor.
Was great when people plugged it back it and it still didn't work...

Statscollector Report

Skure 1 year ago

I used to prank co-workers like that

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Putting googly eyes on something and wondering how many days until they notice.

gingerbeardy Report

Pamula Furness 1 year ago

I have 2 packs of different sized googlys for just this....:-P

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In my first job out of college I worked at a small tech company. One of the bosses was a very sweet woman. She had borrowed pens a few times and forgot to give them back. At one point one of my coworkers accused her of intentionally hording pens because they knew she would be embarrassed.
Thus began the gas lighting.
I began to steal every pen in office over the course of a month (100+ pens). I targeted the specific people who had made the original joke to make sure that there was good visibility to the prank. I made sure that the nicer pens that people associate as "theirs" were always specifically found in her desk. She would always deny it only to find them right there.
Christmas rolls around and we have the company Christmas party. I package up the pens for the white elephant gift exchange making sure to place my present in the exchange pile without having anyone see who placed it there. When it's opened the room explodes with laughter and accusations.

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Angel 1 year ago


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I may or may not have convinced several people including our secretary that I lack the ability to read. When asked how I've gotten this far (5 years of undergrad and halfway through a master's program), I confidently state that I memorize the shapes and fake it.

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Talia Johnson 1 year ago

You could go a long way in some countries.... :-)

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Helped my friend move an entire cubical up a space. It was difficult because they wanted it to be perfect not like they just switched desks. To achieve it we actually took the cubical apart and moved the walls so none of the decorations moved even an inch, next we took up the 9 carpet squares (why I was brought it) and switched them that way the big coffee stain and whiteout explosion stayed.
Everyone then shuffled so guy in seat one was now in 2, 2 in 3, ... 20 in one's spot. Now the only thing to cue him off was that his cubical was directly under the fan and he hated being cold.
A friend told me he worked for 2 days before starting to claim that they moved the fan. took him almost a month to notice that the "other row shifted because the guy directly next to him before was now one desk back". During this time he started wearing jackets and sweaters because of the fan.

suitology Report

Kubu 1 year ago

That's rather fan prank ;)

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Was with some programmers, we would put copies of a desktop sheep pet .exe file on the others' computers and sneak something to run it somewhere in the startup. The sheep would just run around on the top of windows, you could get rid of it by right-clicking and closing the application. I put about 20 copies of it to run on another guy's system, and he didn't know that you could just end the task. He spent half a day constantly throwing sheep out of the way while he tried to do work before he finally asked for help.

PangPingpong Report

Angel 1 year ago

I think... depending on how much work I had to do.. That I would actually enjoy the sheep lol

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I simply read this!

One day, Einstein has to speak at an important science conference. On the way there, he tells his driver that looks a bit like him:
"I'm sick of all these conferences. I always say the same things over and over!"
The driver agrees: "You're right. As your driver, I attended all of them, and even though I don't know anything about science, I could give the conference in your place."
"That's a great idea!" says Einstein. "Let's switch places then!"
So they switch clothes and as soon as they arrive, the driver dressed as Einstein goes on stage and starts giving the usual speech, while the real Einstein, dressed as the car driver, attends it.
But in the crowd, there is one scientist who wants to impress everyone and thinks of a very difficult question to ask Einstein, hoping he won't be able to respond. So this guy stands up and interrupts the conference by posing his very difficult question. The whole room goes silent, holding their breath, waiting for the response.
The driver looks at him, dead in the eye, and says :
"Sir, your question is so easy to answer that I'm going to let my driver reply to it for me." Report

BusLady 1 year ago

I've heard this one for years. But always funny every time I read it.

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My boss keeps pictures of his kids on his desk, when he's gone, I replace them with photos of Owen Wilson.

cnik70 Report


My dad stopped shaving and cutting his hair, just to see how far he could go before his boss said anything. My dad gave in after three years. He looked like a 50 year old Jesus.

alexmunse Report

AngelofThursdays 1 year ago

This might be funnier if we knew where he worked.

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I don't work in an office, but my dad tells me stories frequently of the ways he f*cks with his coworkers. The other day he said that he bought a bunch of car air fresheners and taped them to the bottom of a chair. The victim kept swiveling around trying to figure out the smell, but never checked under the seat. He said he put about 10+ air fresheners under it and the guy still never figured it out.

Ellesta Report

Markus McCloud 1 year ago

*Sniff sniff...* "Why the hell does my cubicle smell so nice?"

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During Halloween somebody brought in a bunch of plastic cockroaches and spiders for decoration. I've kept a bunch of them and when my coworker isn't there I hide them around her desk. In her stationary bag, under her laptop, in the pocket of her coat. Many of them she finds and throws my way with a disapproving scoff, but every now and then the office silence is broken by a loud shriek.

Ezili Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Golden Shrieks!


Put a strip of scotch tape on the underside of their computer mouse.
It's transparent enough that the mouse will still function, it will just kind of suck and annoy them slightly for the rest of the day. They likely won't even notice, just be subconsciously frustrated.
Add an additional strip each day until they notice.

LupinThe8th Report

Allana Rose 1 year ago

Yeah, this would drive me nuts for sure!


We have network-connected (Polycom) phones. I 'hack into' (translation: they don't know how to set passwords) their phones and change their wallpapers and/or ringtones. One girl is very skittish; I changed her to B-movie horror screams. Changed my supervisor's ringtone to "It's Raining Men", and he's as straight as a rail. To this day, they don't know who keeps changing it.

DarkMatter_74 Report

Dorian Gaboo 1 year ago

Like this kind of rail? curved-tra...images.jpg curved-train-track-clipart-clipart-free-clipart-images.jpg


Printed out 9 pictures of Nicolas Cage, hid them throughout a coworker’s cubicle, then admitted it was me that hid 10 pictures of Nic Cage.

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Michael C 1 year ago

Reminds me of the joke that tells you to take 5 pigs and number them 2-6 and release them in a store...

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There was this girl sitting next to me in an open plan office and we were always joking with each other. One day, she had a meeting scheduled at her desk with a male coworker I knew she had a crush on. So while she was in the bathroom getting ready, I went on her PC, found the guy's photo on the company website and made it her desktop background. Then I tabbed back to whatever programme she had been using so she wouldn't notice right away. She comes back. Guy arrives for the meeting. They're talking away for about ten minutes before she goes to check something on the computer and just let an enormous shriek out of her and goes bright red when she sees the desktop.
In a way, that prank almost worked too well. Because her shock was so obviously genuine, it was obvious she was the victim of a prank (rather than a crazy stalker, which is what I was aiming for.)

Eoiny Report

mocochang 1 year ago

This one isn't funny imo, exposing someone's crush is crossing the line between a prank and just being a jerk.

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When I walked in this morning, every computer background in the office had been changed to a picture of me from middle school...

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Magpie 1 year ago

This comment is hidden. Click here to view.

? bullying

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Screen capture the desktop, rotate image so it's upside down and set as background. Hide desktop icons if there are any and start bar. Reverse mouse direction and then set graphics card to turn desktop upside down.

slashystabby Report

Angel 1 year ago

Wow - This one is so evil!! I would be mad if it happened to me - but I would probably laugh if it happened to someone else LOL

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Someone in our office was selling candy bars to raise money for her chuch. When she left her cubicle, she'd leave the box of candy there, alongside a box to put money in and a little sign she'd printed reading, "remember: God is watching. :)"
My friend printed up a sign and snuck it under her "God is watching..." sign. It read: "God helps those who help themselves."

starblender Report

weatherwitch 1 year ago

Love it!


I work on a production line for a car manufacturer. The guy a few spots down, when he doesn’t do his job properly it makes my job harder and I end up having to fix his mistakes anyways.
So when ever I need to fart I just stand in front of the fan that’s pointed directly at him.

ZackRdmt Report

Angel 1 year ago

So great!

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Whenever our ship went on deployment or a long underway, I would try to find the one person in berthing that was using the time to hit it hard at the gym. Everyone hangs their coveralls up at night with their belts still I'd just snip a tiny bit off the belt every week or so and watch them freak out when it was getting tighter as they ran 20 miles a week.

StckholmsyndromePNW Report

Jason 1 year ago

LOL this is the best

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I put a simple alarm clock in the ceiling tiles of the server room, so that every 12 hours, it would go off with a simple constant beep that would last about two minutes. I was in the room with my manager one of those times, and she went nuts when it went off. "Every day one of these machines has an alarm and I can't figure out which one it is!!" She was frantically checking wires and buttons trying to find the source.
Very hard to stifle the laughter. This went on for about 4 months until another manager discovered the clock. He just left it on a desk with a post-it note that said "mad props".

DadWindu Report

BusLady 1 year ago

I was on location with a co-worker, and we shared a hotel room. About 3 AM, we kept hearing a beeping sound, like an alarm. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We ended up calling the front desk to report an alarm. Security came up to try and locate the source. We finally figured out that it was coming from my overnight bag. I had a small battery operated alarm clock. To this day, she probably thinks I did it on purpose.


Reply all to say "tank you," then reply all again to your previous reply all to say "*thank"
If anybody complains about using reply all, reply all to apologize for using reply all.

thehonestyfish Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Once at my workplace this type of thing kind of went "viral". Almost each day there would be a long email thread, where everyone would be saying "do not reply to all" and ironically replying to all, everyone kept doing it until one day we all on floor got a warning from Director. But it was fun though, something other than your daily mundane work.

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At work, I am responsible for getting certain permits from the state. Once my permit is authorized, it is delivered to me via email in PDF format.
I grab 4 other similarly sized images from the internet which are inoffensive but vaguely, off color (like two lizards spooning).
Then, I email all five pictures to my foreman who needs the permit. He has to preview each PDF in order to find the permit that he needs.
Its a little game I like to call, "Permit Roulette".

FlipSchitz Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

haha! This is genius!


Late to the party, but I'm going to jump in here. Whenever I turn in a company vehicle for the night, I leave the radio on the Mexican polka station. I don't speak Spanish at all.

II_Confused Report

Gwinevere von Ludwig 1 year ago

It's not called "Mexican polka."

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I leave haribo sugarfree gummy bears in the break room on days when I need a laugh.

SomeDEGuy Report

Ehren Thomsen 1 year ago

That's borderline criminal, those things are almost lethal XD

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We moved all items on a friend's desk to the left half an inch each day after lunch. Originally his computer was pointed into the cube's corner. Eventually it was far along one side of the cube and bunching his knees up against the desk cabinets. We even slowly moved all his tacked-up cube wall papers. He didn't figure it out until he was unable to sit comfortably.
Another time I placed blue M&M's in another coworker's French coffee press. When he was away, I'd place them between the top of the filter and the lid of the container. He didn't press down on the filter until the water was already in, so he wouldn't find them until he poured the coffee. It took him a while to figure out how I got them into his cup.

Aranthar Report

Angel 1 year ago

It blows my mind how little people pay attention to their work space lol but it's super entertaining lol. Also I love the M&M prank!

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I have to wear a hard hat for work. Sometimes I’ll scratch it as if I was scratching my head just to see if anybody notices.

NudeWithSocks Report

Full Name 1 year ago

LMAO. This one hits home.


I worked as an Expediter in a restaurant. One week I had a new person training so at the end of the night when we are cleaning I told the new girl to make sure she empties ALL the hot water from the coffee machine and dump it out. Little did she know it was just a hot water line connected to the coffee machine. She filled over 5 pitcher fulls of water before she figures it out! Everyone had a good laugh over it!

TastyCookie12 Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Aww poor girl. But in the end everyone got a laugh, that matters!


Working on weekends at a fast food place, one of the favorite pranks was to convince a new employee (usually a young teen who doesn't know much about the world) that one of the closing routines was to "exchange the air in the freezer" by using a large garbage bag to draw the air out and let "new" air in.
Successfully pulled it off a number of times at different targets.


That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

As funny as this is, this is somewhat mean. But still hilarious!


I used to mess with a former co-worker that was always rude to me. She had an earlier shift than I did, so after she would leave for the evening I would go to her desk and rearrange her pen cup so that the moment a pen was taken out the whole thing would fall over. I did this every night for about 2 weeks or so before she gave up and stopped using the pen cup but not before she threw the whole thing across her work area in a fit of rage.

Tenaciousdaphne Report

Full Name 1 year ago

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Was she rude to you before you started doing this or was her rudeness as sudden "coincidence"?


I worked at a tech company. The guy beside me had a habit of accidentally collecting safety glasses on his desk... So whenever I had safety glasses I was done with I'd put them on his desk. This went on for months and he'd always be shocked by how many he'd collected when he did a desk clean.

DarkMatter_74 Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

Hahaha! Simple, not harmful to anyone and not embarrassing. I love it!


There's one guy who wears fedoras and claims to know EVERYTHING. So anytime somebody comes into my work with a hat on, no matter what kind, I comment on what a cool fedora it is. He then corrects me and gives the entire history of said hat.

heydanamesjewia Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

Haha! You learn something too!


Bought a coworker a 2 year membership to a political party he really hates. He kept getting donation sollicitations and phone calls. Even got him a printed mug with the party leader's face on it.
Often changed his name plate on the door to reflect that too.
-John Doe
-Senior Project Manager
-High knight of the crustacian federal party
-Champion of her majesty the prime minister

kowell Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

HAHAHA!! I think you shouldn't have signed up for 2 years though. Still hilarious!


I make up turns-of-phrase and wait for really good moments to use them in a group setting, then wait to see if I can make them catch-on, then watch them propagate through my company.
In the last 18 months, I've done:
Ham-Scanned (for briefly reviewing something and BSing your way through a meeting pretending you read it)
Licked-it (for when a manager changes one little thing on a piece of work someone else did, and pretends they made major contributions)

Ganglebot Report

Isabel Care 1 year ago

I would work out the most embarrassing way to phrase something, say it with a straight face whilst someone was drinking, and watch coffee come out of their nose (if it worked). Had someone cut a hole in the wooden bulkhead in my van, so the longest exhaust we delivered would fit." Sammy fitted my hole just right". Why do I always ask X to reach things for me? "He has the extra inches that I need" I worked in a mostly male environment and needed to make them blush

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My colleague left his screen unlocked, I went in to his email settings and changed the word 'regards' in his email signature to 'retards'.

idislikeapple Report

Caroline Murphy 1 year ago

Sounds funny, but then you realise that the colleague could get into serious trouble for using that word

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Both Excel and Word have a feature that reads text out loud in a computerized voice. If someone asked for my help with an error and then had to step away, I'd quickly build a document with white text against a white background, so that as they were returning their computer could be declaring a "Cascading system-wide malfunction initiating from this workstation. Reformatting network hard drives in 10....9... 8...."


Red Ruffensor 1 year ago

How did office types ever manage to prank each other before computers came along?


I move everything on their desks slightly to the left everyday. After a few days they notice "something" off but can't tell what it is and it drives them nuts.

Frey147 Report

Soren Zenner 1 year ago

What is it with always moving things to the left, never the right?

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We used to have a competition in our department for this one guy who never learned to lock his computer. He was a project manager and was constantly projecting in meetings and would leave his laptop for hours on his desk with no lock screen.
A lot of people messed with him, but the on that got him really angry was I hopped on while he was in the bathroom and set up task scheduler to open a browser window with an image search of Cookie Monster (which was his nickname for various reasons) at random intervals between 30 seconds and 15 mins.
He was not a techy guy and had no idea how to stop it from happening and he'd get so frustrated when he'd present for an hour meeting and he'd have 6-8 browser windows pop up during the meeting, sometimes with customers.
His frustration was like manna from heaven. . .

anon_e_mous9669 Report

Fluffy Destroyer 1 year ago

Can you please tell me how to do that?


I’ve been changing the middle initial in my email signature every few weeks. I’m up to “E” now.

zyxwr Report

Marie-Eve Barette 1 year ago

Has anyone noticed yet?


I worked in a plasma center for a while where all the clocks were timed perfectly to each other, by the second (they were a specific brand and they were supposed to sync up). So the receptionists would all pick a time to simultaneously drop a chart. It started off as a way to screw with the donors, but then they started doing it to the new employees. The sound was pretty surreal, because there were about 20 employees there at any given time and no carpet, so you got a stereo effect of 20 charts hitting the tile at the same time. The center was about 50 yards long, too.

alexmunse Report

Annette Felix 1 year ago

Why would you do that?

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The lady at my dealership that sets up the Christmas decorations is a Christmas Nazi, everything needs to be perfect, the tree looks like one you'd see at a department store. It's a fake tree with built in lights one set is color and one is white. We all said the colored ones are more fun and Christmasey, but she said that it had to be the white ones because she likes it better and if we change it to the milticolor she will change it back to white. So obviously I change it to muliticolor when I come in every day.

UltimoKyle Report

Isabel Care 1 year ago

move one ornament too

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I have been putting tiny toy dinosaurs everywhere on the toliet paper, random desks, and etc.


Magpie 1 year ago

That's cute, and upsets no one.

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on the stapler, I reverse the metal part that usually shapes the staple inward when you staple through the paper and make it face outward.
yeeeaaaaaa take that.

ogbarisme Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Just did it with my co-worker! Priceless reaction from an engineer!

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Way back when i used to work at a safeway gas station. A lot of our tasks made us make the long walk to the actual store( we were a gas station at the end of the safeway parking lot). I told my manager that my co worker wanted all the instore duties because he had a huge crush on one of the cashiers. I got out of doing garbage, sending daily reports, and other in store trips for a month before my coworker caught on.

Yoinkie2013 Report

Full Name 1 year ago

You are an evil genius.

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So our mens bathroom had a code to get in 123. For months whenever I entered or left the bathroom I would enter in a number in the keypad. If anyone went in after me, the code wouldn't work the first time.
They actually had to remove the code after about a year.

habdragon08 Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

why would a bathroom will have a code? What if someone is in real hurry, or a medical issue. I would fry any such mechanism first day if they something like this in our workplace.

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Our company has a cafeteria with a sandwich vending machine. It has doors that can only be opened after paying whatever amount. We had an annoying coworker who would throw his personal keys down into the middle of a community work table every morning while we were currently working on it. We had to move his keys out of the way to get our work done. After several weeks of frustration we all chipped in and bought the most expensive sandwich in the vending machine. Of course we replaced the sandwich with his keys. It took him several hours of looking and $7.50 to find his keys.


That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

Haha! This is a little mean though. What if he needed to get home quickly for an emergency or didn't have the money on him? Just a thought.


I once got a peek at a coworker typing in his work system. I usually arrive before him to work, and every odd week I startup his system and open a random document, delete something, undo the delete and then put the system to sleep. So he comes in, presses the start button only to find it waking up with a document open. He closes it, and it asks 'Do you want to close before saving changes?' . Fun to see his face go from 'morning blues' to 'what the f*cking f*ck'.

poopellar Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Hahaha.. what a great idea man. Thanks


When they are copying or scanning something, I will secretly print 10 pages of blank paper at the same time. They think they are doing it.

SunnyPenguino Report

Magpie 1 year ago

Printers are annoying enough.


I pretend I'm a robot on the phone. Like a ship's computer. Super neutral voice. I've been doing this for years. I don't know that anyone's picked up on it.

wind_stars_fireflies Report

T Lilly 1 year ago

sometimes i change my voice mail message to make it sound like i am actually answering the phone..."hello? wait, can you hold on a minute?" maybe start talking to 'someone' in the back ground. don't know if it will work as well on cell phones, but on regular answering machines of old, it was great!


At a bookstore I worked at it was something of a tradition to pull some kind of departure prank when people were on their last day. I've told the story before about the guy whose last day prank was to order fifty copies of Mein Kampf, permanently screwing up our inventory in the process. My own last day prank was to go around on those ladders you see at a lot of bookstores and unscrew every lightbulb in arm's reach just enough so it wouldn't come on and wouldn't fall out either. Apparently it took them days to figure out there was nothing wrong with the wiring in the place.

schnit123 Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

Haha!!! Hilarious!


I used to work in this restaurant in the downtown area of my city which had several restaurants near by. Whenever we would get a new dishwasher or inexperienced cook we would say something like "Hey, we're out of ice mix, head to restaurant X and grab some." The other restaurants were in on this and the poor kid would be sent restaurant to restaurant until he caught on.
Another good one is to send them for the "long stand". Same kind of thing but they come in and ask for the long stand, then they are basically left to stand there as long as it takes to realize that they are an idiot haha.

Missteeze Report

Annette Felix 1 year ago

Or a left handed hammer

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Had an annoying co-worker who said she was "allergic" to hand lotion and that we could not use it while she was in the room, then she would dominate the conversation with her rudeness and loud comments. Whenever I got tired of her mouth I would pull out the small bottle of hand lotion from my bag and quietly rub the lotion on my hands so nobody would notice who did it but everyone could smell it. Of course, she smelled it and would pack up her lunch while yelling at everyone about the lotion. Everyone would look around like "what just happened?". I would sit there with a smile on my face very glad to see her gone.


Neal Evans 1 year ago

great work


I used to print faces of Vladimir Putin and stick about five sheets of it into each brand new pack of paper in the storage room. I figured out how to open and reseal those packagings.

Whenever they print stuff there will sometimes be Putin's face on the other side. They even called the paper supplier to complain.


Elizabeth Butler 1 year ago

Ahh sneaky Russian propaganda LOL


On a windows machine, go into the mouse settings and enable "Click Lock".
This changes a primary button click into a toggle on/off instead of the standard press and release for highlighting and click and drag operations.
It's infuriating as hell and obscure enough that most people assume the mouse is broken and will request a new one. The new one will do it too.
Or just microwave some fish.

Gromit1710 Report

Celina 1 year ago

Microwave fish?

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We have two microwaves in the break room that somebody needs the time to be the same on. I used to change the time on one by twenty minutes and wait for them to fix it. Now i change it by one minute everyday until they fix it and i start over.

deathtastic Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

Haha! Subtle yet annoying!


One guy was notorious for being a couple minutes late every day. So when he showed up almost an hour late one day, everyone in the office took all of his stuff from his desk and put it in a box in his cubicle.

snoobiez Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

Nervous breakdown alert!


I wasn’t a Windows programmer, but a guy om my team was. He wrote an innocuously-named program called sndvol32.exe, which we installed on the office verysmart neckbeard’s PC.
It opened up a number of commands that we could run remotely on the target computer. Control the volume, open and close programs, etc.
My favorite simple trick was unlocking his computer while he was away. Back in the day we could do this by just killing the screensaver task. We could also jump the mouse around, and munge files.
We would all know that somone was abusing sndvol32 by the frustrated oinking coming fron the target’s desk.
I created an internal website that would allow people to quickly and conveniently send strings of commands to it.
One of those was kill the screensaver and put up an underwear website fullscreen.
The guy kept a log of his IT issues. I sneaked a peek once. I was the cause of nine out of his top ten.

chaxuk Report

Full Name 1 year ago

"frustrated oinking". If I didn't know better, I'd say your name is Al Bundy and you used to work in ladies shoes.


I worked with a close friend who went on vacation for a week. I went into his office and wrapped everything in it with aluminum foil. The trick was I left everything exactly as it was. It was as if his office got gift wrapped with aluminum foil. I even wrapped each individual coin he had in his bank, which was an old water cooler bottle. It took me almost 2 days.
On Sunday evening (he was due back to work that Monday) I called him and told him we were having a BBQ and asked for him to bring some aluminum foil to the office. The whole office gathered as he came into work with 4 rolls of aluminum foil under his arm. It was hilarious.


Magpie 1 year ago

I don't know if i envy you or hate you for having so much spare time at work. Nurses just work all shift.

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I used to put butter and salt in the community coffee pot. After a couple weeks of doing it no one said anything so I put a little more each time(got to where i was dumping copious amounts of salt and butter in the coffee). Finally like a month later, the boss speaks up and says there is some "f*cking disgusting film" on his coffee, and everyone chimes in with "my coffee has tasted like ass the last few days" and "my coffee has been super salty tasting" and "ive had diarrhea from the coffee i think" so my boss decides to send the coffee company a mean email. (at this point its gone too far and everyone is pissed so i cant come clean). The coffee company responds with something along the lines of "sorry, some batches are bad and have a lot of oily film on them causing the coffee to taste salty or have a butter like film on it." They apologize and we get free coffee for 6 months. Still to this day I cant be found out and think about it(chuckling to myself) almost daily. This was about 10 years ago.

09494992Z1993200150 Report

SJ_Panda_love 1 year ago

I hope one of them reads this and come back to haunt you!

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I incorporate 80's songs or catchy songs into conversations so the song itself is stuck in their heads all day.

alexmunse Report

Max 1 year ago

Did that the other day when I was sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.


Change their wallpaper when they forget to lock their computer.

codybuszmik Report

Pug Pug 1 year ago

Do that all the time


I share a receptionist job with another college student. I do weekdays, he does weekends, and we use the same desk. I like to google random and really odd stuff when he's logged in so that his ad suggestions go weird.

decisionsandrevision Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

Haha! Harmless and funny :)


Had a co-worker who had a thing for some actress (Kate Bekinsdale, I think?) so we used to print pictures of her and replace the photos of his girlfriend/fiance in frames on his desk w/ photos of the actress and see how long before he'd notice. Usually took a day or two, sometimes it'd take a week!

blipsman Report

That Fat Mouse 1 year ago

I love the photo replacing pranks. And the fact it takes so long for them to be noticed!!


The Noisy Cricket. Built a small device that chirps about twice per hour. Hid it in a coworkers cubicle. Days of fun.

Ne0hlithic Report

Totally a Dragon 1 year ago

Where can I buy this?

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I sewed the fly of my husband's shorts closed. I placed them in a pile of his shorts so he would put them on on a certain day. Turned out better than I thought. That day he called and wanted to know "what's going on?". He had joined the guys in his office for a coffee break, then all went to the restroom before returning to work, and hello? You can imagine what happened. "April Fool" I yelled. Best prank ever.


Red Ruffensor 1 year ago

This is why I use the leg hole.

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I once put an anoyatron on the backside of the filing cabinet under the alarm system panel in the security office was talking with a friend who worked there.
They must have called the alarm company every week to come and fix it.
The battery died before they ever found it



Gradually change the sensitivity settings on their computer mouse and leave leaflets about Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease lying around in the break room.

F*ckCazadors Report

Caitlyn McCracken 1 year ago

That's fucked up

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I used to turn on all the motion activated trinkets/ music toys when I worked at bob Evans.
The Only thing that kept me sane was watching customers and employees slowly lose their minds.

Androidsunrise Report

Soren Zenner 1 year ago

You traded your mind for theirs


I wrote a whole choose your own adventure type story on post it notes and hid it throughout a filing cabinet. My hope is one day someone will stumble upon the first note and be in for a hell of a ride.
It was a dark story too, no matter which path you take you end up killing yourself.

timmybridge Report

Magpie 1 year ago

How many of your co workers have family or friends who have suicided ? This could just be so mean.

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When I was working the evening shift, I had this morning shift co-worker who was(/is) a shit who regularly screws up work and makes life difficult for the rest of us. Before I left on March 31st I took ALL of the paperclips on this co-worker's desk and linked them together into one long chain. Then I removed the staples from all the nearby staplers and put his boxes of spares back in the supply room. Super petty shit, but stuff that couldn't be construed as me wasting or ruining supplies, just making shit inconvenient for him.
He was apparently super pissed about it. Blamed my April Fool's prank on a different co-worker, too, which made it even better.

PooSchnagle Report


My cubicle neighbor is a hunter. He shot a deer with an arrow, but it ran away and he took a whole day off of work to find it. So I printed a picture of a deer and taped it to the bottom of his mouse. Can't work until he finds that deer.
I shouldn't pick too much. Jalapeño cheese deer bologna is awesome.

RoseofLaurel Report

Full Name 1 year ago

I hope a grizzly bear catches him the minute he finally puts that deer out of it's misery.

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I take a screenshot of their desktop. Make it the first slide on a powerpoint, second slide is a scary picture and an auto play scream audio file embedded. I turn up their speakers and wait. I've had a coworker fall out of their chair once from the scare.
Misspell their name in emails.
Place dead batteries in their keyboard/mouse. Do this every day for a week.
One co-worker is 10 years younger than I am, I use out of date pop culture references and exclamations, then follow them up by saying, "That is what the kids say nowadays, right?" Example; "Well, that's just the bee's knees!" turns to coworker... "That is what the kids say nowadays, right?"

openletter8 Report


I worked at a library as a page so all of our office supplies were shared by our department. A coworker brought in a cutesy thing to hold post-it notes in. This thing only held a small amount of the post-it notes so we had a stack of excess post-it notes like a few inches away for easy refill. I would deliberately take post-it notes from the excess stack because it drove this older lady crazy. She knew they were from the stack because the ones in the container would be a different color than the ones making up the top of the stack. She was not very nice to anyone so I don’t feel bad at all.

thenewkevy Report


It's so easy to set stuff up remotely in scheduler, via GPO or remote access. Simple stuff, like Notepad launching every minute....or a restart.
Know your colleagues though, and be sure your "banter" levels are equal; do a restart when s/he's prepping for a big meeting and you'll lose colleagues, and even your job, rapidly.

reddymcredditface Report

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I work in an office full of millennials with a really casual dress code. Well, no dress code.
You will never see panic like circulating a fake dress code memo in an office of 20-somethings who wear t-shirts, ball caps and jerseys to work every day.

Caruthers Report

Isabel Care 1 year ago

I was not told, but drivers were not permitted to wear shorts. I arrived in shorts, to be told "No shorts allowed" said "Fine, I'll wear a short skirt" reply " All drivers may now wear shorts, not beach wear but respectable knee length". Another win for the lone large female


I sat across from another employee while we were working at computers- I switched monitor hook-ups so I whatever I did on my computer showed up on his monitor. We were friends-so he knew but for a few minutes I could mess with him. It was a very open office so you could see whatever docs "he" was opening/ what bizarre stuff "he" was looking up on-line. OMGah so funny.



I put a shutdown command on my co-workers desktop and changed the icon to look like internet explorer. I hid internet explorer and named the command internet exploder. Every time he tried to go online the computer shut down ha ha. Sorry Terry!


Totally a Dragon 1 year ago (edited)

Serves him right for using internet explorer. That thing is so gosh darn slow! That is what kids say nowadays, right?


Not so much a prank, but I work with young kids. The ladies in charge of decorating and maintain the facility were asked not to put anything on the incredibly white walls. So one day after work I found all of the kids' artwork that I could and hung it all around the facility. I had never been asked not to put things on the walls. Everyone was extremely surprised and thrilled to find our new "museum-esque" design. Plus it started a whole thing so now the kids will hang the artwork by themselves and we even have some fun kid's posters. It was definitely an amazing addition!


M B. Rogier 1 year ago

What idiot chooses WHITE walls for areas used by little kids? Did they get matching carpet?

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I work in a factory with 500-ish employees. The break room has this big, beefy coffee maker and I move the coffee packets to different cupboards in the room every week or two. People loooose their shit.

themayflowa Report

Beth McFadden 1 year ago

Just no. Don't f**k with the life-blood, man.


The door to my shared office (me and my boss behind one door) has a cipher code rather than a key. Looks like this.
It's 100% mechanical, and I always get into work before him. So I enter the correct code, enter the office, and "pre-enter" the wrong code. Then I close the door and wait for him to come to work.
Every time he tries the code, he "gets it wrong". And has to do it twice.
It's glorious.

montana_man_56M2S Report

Belle_Panda 1 year ago



Whenever my co-worker isn't at his desk, I'll put back one - but only one - of the keyboard rests. So next time he goes to type, his keyboard will be off balance!
Also, sometimes I mess with his adjustable chair arm rests.

Cavine Report

Isabel Care 1 year ago

change the chair height by 1 inch


Guy made this HUGE deal about being the "Safety King." He went on vacation for 2 weeks. I spent that two weeks building him a card board castle in his cube. Got to work at like 6 am to try to beat him and get a reaction. Someone tipped him off and it was torn down by the time I got there.


LaRena McComas 1 year ago

Man that's a bummer. Next time tho... there is always a next time.


I found a program that would randomly open and close a CD drive. I installed it on his computer while he was on a smoke break. It took him 30 minutes to give up and accept it. I could hear him mutter "WTF" under his breath each time it would pop open.

sfw_bahamallama Report

Soren Zenner 1 year ago

This comment has been deleted.


I once worked the hot deli in a large supermarket. I had a little schtick where I would throw in an extra chicken wing or whatever by saying, "Here's a free one, since you're our one millionth customer." Then we'd have a little laugh. One man, though, said, "REALLY?!?"


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I found out how to sent an email from any email address. So right before my 121 with my boss Ive set up the mail to be sent once im in front of her talking about me etc. It was an email from her,to her saying something like: Hey Dan, its Dan... You know Monika works really hard and she definitely deserves a raise. Since you are already talking to her, do it. You maybe dont have the courage to do it, but I do...( she of course found out it must be me and we had a great laugh. Just imagine your boss getting the brain restarted in front of you, reading that, than a big laugh and: I have only one question: How did you do that????)


Isabel Care 1 year ago

Some git uses my email address to send spam. Now I can't send emails


Had a hunt and peck kind of guy, not so great at typing. I switched a couple letters around on the keyboard.


Isabel Care 1 year ago

Kid at school bragged about how good he was at Rubik's Cube. Gave him mine to solve. He couldn't. Had not changed the stickers, they fell off, so it was painted. Twisted it diagonally to get it apart, then put it back together incorrectly. Hours of fun


Many moons ago a colleague (#1) and I devised a plan to get a another colleague (#2). Both colleagues kept on boasting who had the better frequent flyer cards or who got to the 'gold status' faster. One day I got colleague #1 and together we created a new frequent flyer 'card'. An elaborate 8 page welcome letter written on beautiful paper was sent to his new office in another country.

No card was needed as the platinum status he now had meant he was part of an exclusive club of no more than 10 of the most valued customers the airline had. All he would need to do is utter his name and things would happen. We created a fake website with a gorgeous logo, added a real customer service number and decided to wait. Months went by and we thought he probably figured out it was a joke but never mentioned it (and revenge would come unexpected). One day I visited him at home and after a little while he says 'oh, come and have a look at this' while he fished a few papers from the bin beside his desk. I immediately noted the paper we bought for this and the black envelope that had his name in black ink (looked gorgeous). He told me to read it and I did (all the while trying not to laugh). He had thrown it out as he thought it to be a hoax. I said this was fantastic but he was not buying it completely. I asked him to call the number but he insisted we have lunch. We said our goodbyes afterward and about 15 minutes later I receive a phone call. He asked me 'did you guys get me' ? I asked 'what'? He told me he went to the website but it asked for a 26 digit password. He then proceeded to call the number and he only stated his name. Needless to say the airline personnel had no clue who he was. He told them he was the newest 'Ultima' member and started to rattle off his problems with the website and he still had not received his 24 (yes, for him and up to 8 wives) Hermes leather baggage tags as well as his Hermes branded welcome kit (leather of course) containing his 26 digit password.

I could barely contain myself, all the while thinking of the airline personnel on the phone who must have thought some nut was calling them. But I managed to let him believe a little longer by telling him he should probably call the head office (another country) as it was probably still new and locally might not have been informed yet.

Another call later and he was furious over the phone. After he went quiet, I asked him (with genuine concern) if he was really mad with us and he said: No, I am mad at myself. Nobody has ever gotten the better of me with a prank in over 10 years.

It has been at least 15 years but I still remember his words: one day, when you least expect it, I will get you back. This can be be tomorrow, it can be next week, or many many years from now....

btw our boss enjoyed the prank and told us it should have been good since we wasted a good part of 2 working days on it :)



I found this idea somewhere and decided to actually do it. Our manager have decided to have wishlist for our Christmas Party Exchange gift + Secret Santa. And what I got was extremely difficult to find and very expensive. a Revlon Lipstick that would cost 10 mother-freaking dollars. I cant find it on Watsons or any cosmetic-related stores anywhere, and its sold out online too. After I miraculously found one i decided to put it in a box in a box in a box in a box and the last box I used was a box for a rice dispenser. and it was like more than 10 boxes and all boxes was wrapped beautifully and tightly with tape too. We are also required to open our gifts during the party. She was shocked how heavy her gift was and i took her at least an hour to get to the smallest box only to find a math riddle on how to find which box I attached the lipstick. and she never knew who was her Secret Satan -- I mean Santa.


Michael C 1 year ago

(Insert maniacal laughter here)


Get a black whiteboard marker and put a dot on the red light/lens part under their mouse. Extra points if you can subtly wipe off the dot with your finger, (and put another dot back on it later) to show only you have the powers to make their mouse move. Mwahaha.

IeatBitcoins Report


Being about a foot taller than everyone else in the store, I sometimes move items to higher shelves so my coworkers have to get the step stool.

ubersebek Report

Laura Keller 1 year ago

being 5'2", this would be war.

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I work alone. Sometimes I leave a room and turn off the light out of habit and come back later thinking I'm about to be murdered because someone turned off my light.
Subtle yet effective.

Showtowmoto Report

Max 1 year ago

You prank... yourself?

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I work in an open office without walls. Only the higher ups get an office, rest is all flex workplaces.
Most people consistently sit at the same desk. There's 2 women who always sit across of me and instead of using the big gap to enter this section of the office, they use a small gap that is inbetween book cases and a pillar.
So every friday when they are not here, I move the bookcases a little closer to the pillar until they reach the point where they struggle to get through. This way they will think they are getting fat and it will mentally destroy them, I noticed that one of them stopped drinking coffee and brings salads into work instead her usual turkey-mayo sandviches.
No one knows I do this since theres barely anyone at the office on a friday afternoon.

ImTheSolution Report

Jonathan. S 1 year ago

Ok I get that this is a prank and all, but the fact that you said "...they will think that they are getting fat and it will mentally destroy them", creeps me out a bit.

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Funny-Coworker-Office-Pranks Someone left a super passive aggressive note on the office water dispenser about emptying the drip tray. Someone else had written on the note "passive aggressive much?" and I made a mocking Spongebob meme and put it on there. Both the note and the meme were gone an hour or two later.

anonymous6366 Report


One of my coworker went on holidays... so I wrapped every thing on her desk with tin foil. Since even our boss loved the joke, the next time she went away I covered her desk with balloons! I'd have carried on like this, but she was getting to the end of her contract and left us shortly after this.


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I worked for a few years at a high end grocery store; we did a lot of demos. The demo director was a panicky germ-phobic. I put a container of peanut butter on her desk with a post-it saying: 'For the toilet paper demo.' Very satisfying result.



I make up implausible stories based on "wouldn't it be cool if" ideas and submit them to websites. Get's them every time!



I'm teaching teenagers in Sweden and a couple of years ago I carried out my most advanced and planned April fool's ever. I started by telling the class that I had been in contact with a professor at the university about him going to Japan on a field trip with a class of teenagers but as it happened, the class had to cancel and now he was looking for a jew class. I even had a friend in Tokyo on live Skype to ask the students if they wanted to come to Japan. In beforehand I had written a letter with information for the students' parents and an invitation to a parent teacher meeting regarding this trip. On the back of this letter I had put a fake article from a big newspaper with the headline "Teacher fools entire class on April fool's". The article was well written and basically described what the students just had gone through - from the professor to the Skype call and the letter to their parents. I put the letters on the desk and told the class I had to leave early but asked them to get a letter each and take home to their parents. As you can see, the poor students were super excited about going to Japan and as I left the classroom I could hear them cheering and laughing. I ran and hid in my office for ten minutes before I dared to walk out. I found 25 upset and mad students in the cafeteria but most of them could laugh at it.


Adrienne Walters 1 year ago

Not funny at all. Cue "upset and mad". This teacher abused their position of power over the students.


I had put in my notice 2 weeks prior and on the last day, I wasn't sure what to do with all of my leftover business cards. I went around the office sticking them in random places: inside books, coworker's desk drawers, under mouse pads, etc. For the next year I'd get texts saying they'd found one of my cards in the strangest place.


Elizabeth Butler 1 year ago

"Please do not forget me............"

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I work at an elementary school. When it comes to food, I fully expect to have to do some cleaning up after the kids. It's part of the whole process of growing up and learning to take responsibility.
My coworkers, however, seem to have completely missed this lesson while growing up, because our teachers lounge usually looks like a food bomb went off.
To spite numerous signs saying to clean up their garbage and that the sink is NOT a garbage disposal, people keep leavings crumbs and open things of food everywhere, and showing food in the sinks drain.
Whenever I would mention it to one of the other people in the room, they'd just say something like "well it's not mine". When I actually saw a tenured teacher leave a table filthy, I asked her politely to clean up her mess. She just said "I've got tenure, I don't have to. You're new, you clean it up." And left.
So I did. I carefully cleaned off all the crumbs, them proceed to shove every single item of hers, both edible and not, into the freezer.
I kept doing this whenever anyone didn't clean up after themselves within a day. By the end of the year the freezer was filled with petrified crackers, sandwiches, and one lone salad dressing bottle.
To my knowledge, no one has figured out it was me, and the teacher who started this all was let go for another incident. The teachers lounge is now pretty clean, but if people do leave their food or drinks out overnight, they now know where to find them.



I work in a restaurant, and during every shift I draw around 20-30 individual dickbutts on pages of my notepad and hide them throughout the restaurant for people to find. I've been doing this for about two months now, and to my knowledge around 60 have been found, leaving countless ones still hidden.
I've managed to hide them in peoples' bags, in the restaurant's tills, in the coffee grinder, in the restaurant's chocolate powder containers (for hot chocolates), in a tub of sugar, etc.
My greatest achievement to date was hiding one in a coworker's phone case without them knowing. To this day, I don't think he's found it.

doylethedoyle Report

Magpie 1 year ago

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That is bullying


I share a desk with another co-worker at an office. We have those regular office chairs that have T arm rest. About a year ago I got this bright Idea to take one of those thick large rubber bands and put one end around the chair and the other end on the desk drawer knob. Every shift she would pull the chair out and it would be followed by the drawer. It is a simple prank but man it irked her. I also would put a rubber band on the phone receiver. This would just keep the phone tightly attached to the set. It's the little things.



I had a co-worker who would didn't know how to type, so he would just look at the keyboard and push one letter at a time to write an email. He had an old keyboard and when he would leave to use the restroom or at the end of the day, I'd pull off a few keys and move them around. He started to notice that when he pressed S the letter U would appear, and so on. I would change them around every couple of days and we told him it was his fault. Finally one day he stopped complaining and I asked him how he fixed his computer. He had made a chart that would tell him what letter was what and was very proud of how he "fixed his computer." Until the next day when I put all the keys back where they were supposed to be!



I left a voice mail message to a coworker of me laughing like a madman. He plays it back to another guy that knew I liked to play pranks. He asked the one with the message how he could play it for his kids at home. This guy was unsuspecting and gave up his pass code! I went to my friends house and taught his 6year old daughter what message we wanted her to was basically his message with a tiny squeaky voice! two weeks later our boss called him into her office and called his number and had him listen to his voice mail. She said he had a look like he was told his mother was murdered and sheepishly said “they changed my voice mail??” She said “you better hope they didn’t change your access code too!” We didn’t though we had considered it!!



We had a rubiks cube that was so "well-loved" that it fell apart with a touch. So I would always put it back together and place it invitingly at the edge of my desk.


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I put a remote controlled outlet to my co-workers desk, enabling me to remotely turn on/off his screen, lamp and what else that was connected to it.
In the beginning I just randomly turned it off whenever I was bored in the office. After a while, I started doing it whenever a certain colleague passed this desk and he started to connect those events.
After around 9 months, almost everyone in the company knew except him. It was revealed one day when another colleague got the remote and could not stop laughing



I was the youngest in an open plan office and had spent a few years working in a big branch electronics store. My boss was not the most tech savvy and so left me in charge of sorting the behemoth of a printer. This thing could near enough copy a person if it wanted. So I stuck a ‘voice activated’ sticker on it and me and some friends had a giggle. It began with my boss screaming at the machine to print because ‘her accent was too thick’. It ended with me being told to make a script of all the commands she would have to use... it took her 3 days to figure out that my mate was printing whatever I said to the printer.



I worked with a guy who thought it was funny to walk through my office and cropsust a nasty fart, then leave. He would do this once or twice a week. So one day while he was out I hid a piece of raw fish under his desk. In two days it stunk so bad you couldn't get near his door. Took him another two days to find it.



This guy was going through a meteoric rise in the corporate ranks when someone asked him how he did it. He said once he got the job he learned what his boss did and found a good headhunter to find him a better job.



Someone played a pretty stupid prank on me when I was on my days off. I was pissed off and decided to get back at him. I waited a month while I plotted my revenge. During that time I got as much info on him as I could, First name, middle name, last name, SIN, phone number, address and postal code. Then I went on the internet and created a fake email address. Then I searched the interned and signed him up to every crackpot religion I could find. A couple of weeks later my boss (his roommate) was telling me one morning that something weird was going on and Chuck was getting all this religious stuff in the mail. After that, every morning was a different story. Visits from Hare Krishna, visits from evangelists, visits from cults (he even had to sick two rottweilers on a couple of guys that refused to leave). My boss figured out early on it was me, and promised not to say anything because he was having too much fun watching the fireworks. To this day he doesn't know who did it. Now you know Chuckie!



I worked in an inbound call centre. One April Fools Day, one of the guys switched the M and N keys on a colleague's keyboard. This guy doesn't touch type and got terribly frustrated when his computer wouldn't recognise N for No in the check boxes. He called IT and was on the phone for 25 minutes before the prankster went over, clicked the two keys out and switched them back. Long, looonnngggg silence before he was able to explain to IT that the problem was fixed!



Working in a kitchen and I ask the new guy to run to the basement and get ice mix. They disappear for 20 minutes and they come back wide eyed and worrying that we have run out of stuff that makes ice



I was the new hire at the Salvation Army Detox center in a major city. On the coldest morning of the year the charge nurse informed me that it would be my privilege to go up to the roof with the Salvation Army band to raise the flag. So I bundled up and climbed the nasty stairs to the roof and stood around in the freezing wind alone for about 15 minutes until I realized it was a joke. When I came back down the staff was laughing their heads off.



A manager with my company left her phone on the table during happy hour after a meeting. She has a business card holder attached t9 the back of the phone. I took all her cards out and replaced them with mine. She called me (laughing but promising revenge) about a week later. She had been in a meeting with very important clients that she had not met previously. At the end of the meeting she began handing out “her” cards. Luckily the clients thought it was pretty funny so I got to keep my job.



We used to have a colleague who panicked for even the smallest thing. Once he was out on a vacation and the day before his return I removed everything from his desk leaving it clean and empty. When he got back we all reacted like "what are you doing here, they told us that you're fired" - he was devastated and could not believe what is going on. He even went to HR to ask why he's fired!


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I worked at an industrial facility where you lived there 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. One day I was sitting having lunch with the head of housekeeping when the General Manager of the facility stopped at the table. He told the Housekeeping Manager that he was out of soap and could someone in her department put some in his room. As soon as he walked away we looked at each other and got up.

When he returned to his room later that day he found 3 cases of soap stashed throughout his room. That's 450 bars of soap. We stacked it waist high in the shower, hid them everywhere in his room. He was finding bars of soap 2 months later. And.... when we had our two weeks off, someone else stayed in his room



I was executive Chef at this hip, trendy area of Ottawa where there were lots of bars and restaurants. And we all knew each other.

One day I send one of my apprentices to a 5 star restaurant to borrow their souffle pump. The chef there caught on right away and sent him to another restaurant that he had lent it to.

Another time I sent the same apprentice out to the restaurants to see if anyone had any food glue. Fun times!



There is thing called Annoy-A-Tron. You hide somewhere inside the office and it let's out long beeps at random intervals.

Butt-Sprinkles Report


Every single time I get a new phone number, I would make it a point to prank someone with it. For example I would text a colleague:

Hey Ian, this is Ellebasi (my name backwards). How are you doing?

Then goes ahead to start a conversation using information I know about them and making them even more confused while trying to convince them that I am a friend they used to know.



In the office we're using laptops put on docking stations. If you unplug the docking station all ports are working but the laptop is not charging and there's a bug which prevents the laptop from showing a low battery sign. I constantly unplug a random person and once the battery runs out the laptop just dies - what follows is a panicked guy or girl rushing to the local hardware department just to be laughed at by the guys there when they discover what the "problem" is.



Most people in the office have identical wireless keyboards and mice. Sometimes i get to work earlier just to randomly swap them then i go for a coffee and return at the time everybody arrives. I did this dozens of times and nobody knows it's me. People's reactions are just hilarious, especially on Mondays.



I made a guy buying bottled water from outside by constantly putting small amount of salt to the water bottle he used to fill in from the cooler. He started complaining by the quality of the water in the cooler and even escalated it to the facilities. Finally everybody started thinking that he's crazy so he desperately gave up drinking from the cooler and started buying all the water he drinks during the day.



I waited for a colleague to go on a vacation and printed few photos of Justin Bieber. I attached them to his cubicle in a way that people would see them. Once he got back everybody started joking with him about his "favorite singer".



I have a colleague who prints everything - from useless mails to presentations etc. He puts comments on them, write notes etc. Being an organized guy he has two paper trays - one with printouts he needs at the moment and one with those he don't need any more. sometimes when he's out i take the printouts and just shuffle them like cards. once he discovers what happened he just goes ballistic and starts shouting and asking who did this. it takes him enormous amount of time to get everything ordered just to discover it shuffled again the next time he goes on a lunch break.



Our manager at work is a prankster, and we regularly find small photo's of Nicholas Cage's head in obtuse places around the office, or if we're distracted enough to leave our PC unlocked for even a minute, we'll get back to a google image result of "hairy man ass" on our screens. He went on a week's leave last year so we decided to prank him for a change. It took at least 6 rolls of heavy tin foil, 4 of us to do it, and almost two days to get it done, but I think we did a good job! Everything not tied down was wrapped, and then some :) Hopefully you can access the images through the links provided.


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I had a friend that would always prank me so I decided I will prank them back. I put about a dozen eggs in each drawer and when they came back, he opened up a drawer, shoved his hand in to get a pen and egg all over his hand and arm! It was so funny!



I took out on of the wheels of the rolling chair of the guy next to me. Than i put it slightly in so it's just attached but will go off if you sit on the chair. The chair was stable enough when you sit on it but will top over when you try to move with it sending you to the floor. So the guy arrived, as always with a huge cup of black coffee which he put on his desk right in the moment he sat on the chair and tried to move. Next second he was on the floor taking a coffee shower on the way down. he still thinks that "the f*cking chair broke in the worst f*cking moment"!



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