Every person who's ever had a job knows that every workplace, starting from huge corporations with cubicle offices and ending with family-owned businesses with three office employees, has its own secrets, big and small. Most of us don't ever find out anything unusual about the secret life going on within our workplace, except for some petty gossip or drama between coworkers. However, on rare occasions, some people just happen to find out something that they were not supposed to know, and then it's up to them what to do with said information.

Well, the most common route the office working people seem to take is to keep the secret to themselves and occasionally share it on sites such as Reddit. But to be honest, we are delighted by this, as some of these secrets they shared made for a very juicy post! Scroll down below to see what kind of information and office jokes was unknowingly found out and don't forget to comment and vote on your favorite stories, or, hell, add your office work secret if you have something interesting to share! (Facebook cover image: Lance Cpl. Michael S. Cifuentes) (Facebook cover image: Shutterstock / Kaspars Grinvalds)


All this stuff is so negative...I’m gonna throw a positive one out there!

My boss is secretly a competitive ballroom dancer and he’s too embarrassed to tell anyone. I found out when my girlfriend and I took a beginner course and he was in the studio working on a routine. I got sworn to secrecy but I think that’s so interesting.

scanning079 Report

Night Owl 2 months ago

Aww, tell him there's no need to be embarrassed. He should be proud instead.

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At a previous job we had an HR manager get fired right after returning from maternity leave. She was replaced by the guy that she trained to fill in for her while she was gone. She sent a company wide email with the pay rate of everyone from the plant manager on down. It was a s**t show. A lot of pay rates were wildly different in management/supervision and maintenance. There were talks of workstop strikes and slowdowns, even threats of unionizing. I believe that this one act lead to the eventual closure of the plant. It was a crazy time.

Buwaro Report

Aneese 2 months ago

Hell hath no fury ...

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Not a current job but at a past job, my manager quit and the CEO gave me access to his emails so I could find information about how to do projects he only knew about.

I started looking for all the salary information from all the co-workers on my team. Found out I was being paid significantly less than the person who previously had my position.

I went and negotiated about a 40% raise with the CEO based on that information.

Artemis084 Report

BusLady 2 months ago

Hope you got it. Plus back pay.

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I know the key code to a store room I'm not really supposed to. I use it for naps

silverblaze92 Report

kathryn stretton 2 months ago

If you die in there, no-one may find you for YEARS.

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After reading the other stuff, mine is kinda boring.

But i spent company money on an ice cream machine that i hide in my office.

Creative_Name___ Report

MJ 2 months ago

I wouldn't say stealing is boring...

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Casino worker. There are a disturbing amount of suicides that happen on property. Almost none are reported to the public.

MrFnClean Report

stellermatt 2 months ago

maybe they aren't suicides... *plot twist*

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My boss has been banging the secretary, who is married, for years, and it’s a secret that the secretary’s first kid (14 yo) is my boss’ biological child.

my boss is also married with kids.

poolsideconvoooooooo Report

All With Heart 2 months ago

poor kids...

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From my last job...

"Under no circumstances are you even to look at what's going on in the other half of the plant."

What was going on? They were building an automated side. Got replaced by a robot a year later.

Avatar_ZW Report

All With Heart 2 months ago

Let me guess...Amazon.

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My boss stores beer in the server room because the temperature is always kept cool

Low-E_McDjentface Report

stellermatt 2 months ago

he's not working hard, he's working smart!

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Once instead of receiving my paycheck, I received a file containing every paycheck of everybody in the company. Thus, I knew how much money everybody were making, what benefits they had, etc. (Including the CEO and high management)

tamper2 Report