My name is Matthew J Wills, and I'm a cartoonist and video game tester from Wellington, New Zealand. I've made a few different webcomic series in the past, which were all shortly lived with a niche following. One day, just for fun, I made a silly webcomic about a doofus knight looking for a sword and was met with overnight success - it was a hit! I knew I'd tapped into something special with it, and I've been drawing Swords 3 times a week ever since. It's a series aimed to make light fun of all kinds of fantasy tropes, without punching down or taking sides.

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My goal for the future is for Swords to help support me move into comics full time, where I can continue the series while also revisiting some of my favorite old ideas and give them the endings they deserve. I'm hoping fans of the series will follow me on all the adventures that come next.

I posted the first episode to Reddit, and when I woke up, it was super popular! I have no idea how it happened to this day. I started to expand the world, introducing beloved characters like Xiphos, the Barbarian, and his patron God, Kargob. I riffed on some classic sword-based fairy tales and made fun of some current events... Some people said, "I can't believe you've made 30 comics all about Swords!" I was just getting started. The Demon Swords are some of the most essential characters in the lore - that's right, a silly webcomic about Swords has lore now. I accidentally made a comic that was very similar to an existing meme - but people made edits of it anyway. I'm glad they had fun with it. Animals with swords... Rapier Tapir, Falchion Falcon... They're all in. ...even animals filled with swords. And that's only but a small fraction of the overall content. Enjoy a slice of my swords comics! En Garde!


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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I want to know more. Seems like we are missing lot of back story here.