When we created a post with 25 unusual animal markings on Bored Panda, we had no idea that we'd get so many awesome submissions from our readers! Everybody loves cute animals, and they only get better when they have cute or unusual fur markings that make them stand out.

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Whether it's your pet or a cool photo you have, we'd love to see your submission in our list. Add your photos and then vote for your favorites, too! We want to see them all, whether they're adorable, weird, hilarious or something in between.

#3 The OMG Cat

The OMG Cat

The OMG Cat

Duitang Report

#4 Heart Marking On A Cow

Heart Marking On A Cow

thedailybeast.com Report

BowDangKanchanacholatee 2 years ago

he looks so sad, especially with the rope around his neck.

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#5 Haley Girl Kulisiewicz

Haley Girl Kulisiewicz


SiNGerPANDA 2 years ago

This cat ROCKS! :) Two-faced!

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#6 Turtle Heart

Turtle Heart


EvelynFields 2 years ago

I didn't even notice the heart, I was looking at the Peace sign on it's shell. lol

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#8 Angel On Dog's Face

Angel On Dog's Face

yaunikum.ru Report

XèniaSallanGombau 2 years ago

Amm... Yeah... An angel... xD

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#9 Chaplin From Estonia ;-)

Chaplin From Estonia ;-)


VinczeMiklós 2 years ago

No, that's a Batman sign!

#10 Bjorn



LindaOsborne 2 years ago

Mr. Peabody lives!

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#12 Miss Thailand

Miss Thailand

instagram.com Report

SiNGerPANDA 2 years ago

looks like eyebrows were painted :D

#13 Little Tail Heart

Little Tail Heart


MånsÅkesson 2 years ago

once again, that's a dick

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#14 Oh Dear...

Oh Dear...

bedlingtondogs.blogspot.com Report

JoreenGreene 2 years ago

Do you think his name is Richard?

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#15 Batman Cat By Regine Heuser

Batman Cat By Regine Heuser

500px.com Report

EleanorTotten 2 years ago

It is the same cat from number 9#......

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#16 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn


DonnaHankMorgan 2 years ago

Most beautiful cat I have ever seen!!!!

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#18 Dzindzi :)

Dzindzi :)


Acelia Fornaris 2 years ago

So cute.

#19 Pisi



Alora Campbell 11 months ago

The first think I noticed was the candy. Lol I was thinking this cat must like candy.

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#20 Chuckellet



PhyllisOllari 2 years ago

The Eugene Levy cat.

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#21 Willem With Question Mark

Willem With Question Mark


ElizabethDavilaVidaurre 1 year ago

what do you see ahh???

#23 Mickey Mouse Dog

Mickey Mouse Dog

disneyparks Report

YenNguyen 2 years ago

Yeah,we found hiden Mickey

#26 Meet Lucifer. Never Wins. :)

Meet Lucifer. Never Wins. :)


HeatherGallay 2 years ago

He's a cutie but what am I supposed to see in that mark?

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