Your old photos won't go away. And even if you delete all of them from your hard drive, your mom still treasures an album where all your awkward phases are documented. So suck it up and own your vintage self. To show you how it's done, a-list actors, musicians, and other celebrities are posting their headshots from their early days.

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Funny hairstyles? Check. Questionable wardrobe choices? Double check. The hashtag #OldHeadshotDay brings out the forgotten sides of the people we are so used to seeing, and we can't get enough. Hopefully, more will follow in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds, Emma Watson, and other beloved faces, surprising us with more ridiculously cute headshots. Scroll down to check out the images and upvote your favorites.

#1 Chris Pratt ‏

Chris Pratt ‏

prattprattpratt Report

Matthew A 6 months ago

I thought it was starlord!

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#2 Melissa Mccarthy

Melissa Mccarthy

melissamccarthy Report

HeatherJ 6 months ago

The Boot earrings!!!!

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#3 Misha Collins

Misha Collins

mishacollins Report

C 6 months ago


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#4 Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

HamillHimself Report

Rory August 6 months ago

The force was strong with this one!

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#5 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

vancityreynolds Report

Moo Jar 6 months ago

He used to style his hair with a blowtorch, a dabble of pixie dust, and some gold powder

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#6 Matt Damon

Matt Damon

benaffleck Report

Daniel Sipes 6 months ago

When your best bud roasts you behind your back...

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#7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‏

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‏

hitRECordJoe Report

glowworm2 6 months ago


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#8 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

reesewitherspoon Report

Moo Jar 6 months ago

So cute

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#9 Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

benstiller Report

Moo Jar 6 months ago

Sooo adorable

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#10 Zach Braff

Zach Braff

zachbraff Report

mearz 6 months ago

wish i saw that one. shame they don,t make them anymore.

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