Soon-to-be parents have a lot to think about before their little bundle of joy arrives. Sleepless nights. Tantrums. Diaper changes. Vomit. Excrement. Sometimes vomit and excrement at the same time. The list goes on. One thing they don't have to worry about however is what sort of hairstyle to give their little one. After all, babies don't have much hair...right? Well, try telling that to the parents of the babies featured in the pictures below!

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Recently we featured a post about Isabelle Kaplan, a little girl born with a full head of hair. Now Bored Panda has compiled a list of other furry little newborns, but we need your help to complete it! So go ahead Pandas, share your pictures and don't forget to vote for the hairiest! Or cutest. Or both.

#4 The Scott Baio

The Scott Baio

yessumbeesunshine Report

KellyRane 1 year ago

Seriously Adorable!!

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#6 Rick James?

Rick James?

evelynosso Report

SemAyy 1 year ago

You now nothing jhon snow:))

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#8 Like A Sir

Like A Sir

jppilates1 Report

AmandaPanda 1 year ago

This baby is already a belieber

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#9 Awwww


iamhairboss Report

JeanneSchnabel 1 year ago

Looks like a porcelain doll!

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#11 The Donald Trump In A Windstorm

The Donald Trump In A Windstorm

Mommy Shorts Report

PamelaBeuret 1 year ago

Why isn't this pic at the top?? XDDDD

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#15 Hairy Baby

Hairy Baby


KathleenRyan 1 year ago

I hope to someday see a post by this kid recreating this picture! lol

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