Hey, uh, human, whatcha doing? Something fun? Something interesting? Are treats involved? Maybe you're hiding a squirrel! Whatever you're doing, I'm interested! I'm your faithful friend, the dog, and I'm automatically interested in it. So, what are you doing here, boss?

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As you might have gathered, this list is about nosy dogs. They're all up in your face, but that's because they love you so much, they believe that whatever you're doing is really cool. So act like it, human, and do cool stuff with a dog. Because you know that the cat doesn't care either way, and she's warming her butt on your laptop.

#3 Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

yummie4mytummie Report

faiththestoryteller 2 years ago

The dog looks like they're saying OH HURRY UP ALREADY!!!

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#4 Timmy Lovely Hot Dog

Timmy Lovely Hot Dog

badnames Report

woody norman 1 year ago

nosy doggy

#5 Whatcha Doin?

Whatcha Doin?

imgur.com Report

23yu_luke 2 years ago

They won't notice me...

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#7 Chuppy Is Always Too Close To The Camera

Chuppy Is Always Too Close To The Camera

sprinkle happiness Report

JacqlynCWeir 2 years ago

Wow this pup definitely looks like the dog in the movie UP.

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