Everyone gets a little anxious from time to time, it’s a completely normal human emotion in many life situations. However for those who suffer from anxiety disorders, feelings of fear and distress occur with a debilitating frequency that can seriously hamper a person’s quality of life.

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Types of anxiety disorders range from social phobia and extreme self-consciousness, to panic attacks, OCD and more specific phobias of things like heights and bugs. Episodes come and go often at random; one day you could feel on top of the world while the next you are unable to leave the house or answer a phone call. Writing and deleting messages over and again to make sure you get just the right tone and select the appropriate emoji.

While anxiety is certainly no laughing matter, sometimes the best medicine IS laughter. Bored Panda has compiled a list of posts that anxiety sufferers can totally relate to, check them out below and have a chuckle at your own neurosis. If nothing else, they will help you realize that anxiety is way more common than you think, and you’re certainly not alone!



theneurotypicals Report

Kiahna 1 week ago

I do this way more than I should.

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wayansjr Report

earringnut 1 week ago

the faster i go the behinder i get

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thursday Report

Ayla Bella 1 week ago

And then you get stressed at the end of the weekend because that exam is on Tuesday and crap you were supposed to study and you're going to fail and die a painful death without ever living your life Quite literally my life at this moment

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taur Report

Claire Elizia 1 week ago

I wish I could up vote this like 100 times !



LackOfShame Report

Pamela 1 week ago

That's why I have my bored panda at night :))

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tabir Report

Mikleo 1 week ago

He is sometimes replaced by "that thing you didn't do 5 years ago"

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Pi... 1 week ago

Aw that picture's adorable!

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