Unbeknownst to us, our household pets have been evolving expert camouflage in order to subvert their human rulers. This list features rare photographs of these masters of stealth caught in the act of using their pet camouflage to hide from their owners.

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If you've captured any photos of this worrying phenomenon, do not hesitate to report their actions to the proper authorities by adding those photos to this list and upvoting the worst offenders.


Angel Eddy

instagram.com Report

RachelSwica 2 years ago

Eddy is the best! RIP Eddy, love you Buddy

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Pet Camouflage


Carla Crowla 1 year ago

What? Calico Cat???

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Animal Camouflage

dicentes Report

LauraBarmettler 2 years ago

I almost gave up - and I thought I was good...

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Animal Camouflage

unknown Report

blurplebee 2 years ago



Animal Camouflage

passion-animaux.com Report

Jason H. 2 years ago

Lmao! if he would only close his eyes

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Animal Camouflage

outerspace.terra.com Report

GwiazdkaNadia 3 months ago

I thought it's about the dog on the tiles! But then...

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